Southern Constellations

Romany Fitzgerald wishes one day to lead a frivolous and harmonic life pursuing her dreams, but first, she must complete the exhausting challenge of being an actual teenager. Romany believes her vicinity is filled with people who just do not understand, in fact, nobody understands. Most of all, there's a person she would give her left arm to avoid.

Austin Orion.

Hell-bent on bringing beautiful chaos into Romany's life, can Austin and Romany build a steady friendship on the ruins of a lifetime of hatred? This seems far too surreal for Romany, but she is unknowing of the hell and torment waiting for her around the corner; she was yet to lose possibly the most important thing she had in the world; music.
But she still has the constellations for guidance; looking for answers in a world that doesn't know the question, can Romany delve deeper into what is meant to be and follow her heart?

Did fate fall short this time?

A/N: Rated red for bad language and trauma.


1. One


Of course, to say I was a happy, normal teenage girl would be a lie. I’d be kidding you, I’d be kidding my family, and most of all, I’d be kidding myself. Although to be fair, the only company I really need is that of the night sky stars and the wonder of music.

To any other person of which I have to interact with on a daily basis, I’m outcast from what you’d presume was a tightly-packed, friendly, normal high school. I’m not popular, granted, but I’m not “shut the fuck up, give me your lunch money” unpopular. I fall into the category of “hey, you, give me the answer to question four. Oh, and nice jacket, where did you get it, 2005?”

Of course, I’m not complaining, I would loathe being popular. Watching from the sidelines you pick up a lot of things about a lot of people. You think quiet and distant, I think mysterious and artful. While you’re bitching to your friend about how your ex-best friend slept with your ex-boyfriend in your sister’s bedroom because she is such a slut, I can absorb all the gossip and report back to my friends, who tell their friends and, oops, the entire school knows about everything. Bitch, I hear you say, wrong, I say, it’s called being resourceful.

Today was a normal Monday, I had optimistic visions of waking up and suddenly being an attractive teenager, I’ll then pick out a pretty vintage dress out of my walk-in closet, slip it on my beautiful figure. I’ll then stroll into the kitchen whilst my mother has finished baking a fresh batch of blueberry muffins, I’ll then give her a quick kiss on the cheek as I fling my brown leather satchel over my shoulder. I make my way into the front yard, and hop on my red, vintage 1970-style bicycle and pedal to school, waving at the old lady across the street and earning an innocent smile from Jonathon, the little boy who lives next door. With the wind in my hair and the sun high in the sky, everything would be perfect on this beautiful Monday.


For a start it was raining, and secondly, I was still me. Today it took me abnormally long to get ready. Today I wasn’t in the mood, but then again, when am I in the mood? About the bicycle thing too, unfortunately that didn’t happen either, and I had to walk. Let’s be honest, my whole life is an anticlimax.

I pulled up my hood over my head to defend myself from the harsh rain, but my ashen blonde hair was already pretty damp. Soon, my pace matched the pounding of the bass drum in my ears and my life had regained its rhythm once again and I made my way at a steady pace towards school.

“Romany!” I heard somebody exclaim behind me. I whipped around and my expression loosened when I noticed Jade standing there. I pulled out an earphone and smiled at her.

“Oh, hi Jade.” She had impossibly blue eyes that were almost grey, and her hair was ebony black, falling just short of her elbows. I was very envious of Jade. She gave me a beaming smile before inviting me to walk with her.

“So, I was talking to Miss Loveless and she was telling me how we have a chemistry project coming up, and I was wondering if you wanted to pair up?” I smiled at her attentiveness.

“Sure, sure, why not?”

“Great, I’ll see you then.”

I was left to myself again, and I tried to seek out my friends in the crowds of people. Today was Monday, so they’d most likely be by the fountain, swooning over Felicity’s brother who was probably hanging around with some fake girls over by the bike shelters.

I spotted Grace and Kaye from where I was standing, and made no effort to rush over to them, I wanted to waste as much time as possible before entering the gates of Hell.

Eventually, I got spotted, and I hurried over to them.

“Wow, you look happy this morning.” Grace said sarcastically, passing me a handful of strawberry laces.

I shrugged dismissively. “Tired,” is simply all I say.

I nibble at the strawberry laces for a while. The long awaited – or not so awaited – bell rang and students began filtering inside.

“Hey, what’s up with you?” Kaye asked me, a hint of concern in her voice. If there was anyone that could get anything out of me, it was Kaye.

“Seriously, I’m fine, it’s Monday, and I have math first period, I will be fine, okay?”

“Okay.” She confirmed, I hope she bought it. I'm not sure fine was the right word.

I made my way to math. I weaved in between students, trying desperately not to get in anybody’s way. I just wanted to get through the day in one piece. Which is easier said than done when every corridor is trying to be a mosh pit at a heavy metal show.

Mr. Cooper walked into the classroom five minutes late. Not that anybody cared. Least of people me. I hated math. The person that sat next to me arrived late too. His name was Vic. And he was really popular. And I mean really. Although surprisingly, he actually spoke to me, and he spoke to me as if I were an actual human being, not some freaky girl that nobody likes. That was nice for a change.

Anyway, Vic turned up late, which Mr. Cooper didn’t really punish him for seeing as he himself was late. He began explaining about these simultaneous equations, in which I had no interest whatsoever. I could do all of this with my eyes closed anyway. And by this time, Vic had nearly fallen asleep.

I spent most of the lesson drawing aimlessly on my hand, until my pen ran out of ink, at which point I rested my head in my arms and closed my eyes. I was only zoned in just enough to hear the words ‘partner’ and ‘assignment’, this time I sat up and began to listen. I nudged Vic with my elbow and he sat up, looking disorientated.

“What?” He asked sleepily, it was evident in his voice he had no enthusiasm in being in this class whatsoever.


“It will be due in three weeks’ time, and I want your investigation to be into your chosen topic on the sheet of options I have given you. You’ll write up a full presentation on it and then after the due date you will all present them to the rest of the class.”

“Shit,” Vic groaned.

I sighed inwardly and rolled my eyes. Great, just what I need, yet another piece of goddamned work to fill up my already overflowing schedule.

“Many of you cannot be trusted to work in your own choice of pairing,” Mr. Cooper stopped and glared at a boy called Logan, who was the master of mischief, and was always getting into trouble. “So therefore you will work with the person sat next to you.”

Now, this could be worse I suppose, Vic was nice, although he was unnervingly popular, and I felt bad knowing he had to work with me and there was nothing I could do about it. He was pretty attractive too, he was extremely tanned (I think he was of Mexican descent, his gorgeously tanned skin only made me think this more), with shoulder-length brown hair that he swept across his face. And his eyes were so brown they were almost black.

“So Romany, I guess you’re my partner.” He said, I guess he was stuck for conversation. Yes, well done, he did just say work with the person next to you. But I decided against a sarcastic comment. That never made anyone any friends.

“Yeah, how’s this going to work?”

“Well, uh, we could work at lunch I guess, and maybe on Tuesdays you could come over to my house to work on it.” He sounded genuine, and I was slightly taken aback by his generosity and kindness, I was generally shocked that he’d want to spend any of his free time with me at all.

“Sure, if that’s okay?”

“Yeah.” He smiled, and I smiled back.

I think friends would be stretching it, but we were most definitely acquaintances.

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