Southern Constellations

Romany Fitzgerald wishes one day to lead a frivolous and harmonic life pursuing her dreams, but first, she must complete the exhausting challenge of being an actual teenager. Romany believes her vicinity is filled with people who just do not understand, in fact, nobody understands. Most of all, there's a person she would give her left arm to avoid.

Austin Orion.

Hell-bent on bringing beautiful chaos into Romany's life, can Austin and Romany build a steady friendship on the ruins of a lifetime of hatred? This seems far too surreal for Romany, but she is unknowing of the hell and torment waiting for her around the corner; she was yet to lose possibly the most important thing she had in the world; music.
But she still has the constellations for guidance; looking for answers in a world that doesn't know the question, can Romany delve deeper into what is meant to be and follow her heart?

Did fate fall short this time?

A/N: Rated red for bad language and trauma.


4. Four


I woke up late. Just my luck. If I’d woken up five minutes later I would have been late for school, no detour for me this morning.

I dressed as I usually did, typical Romany attire, my friends would call it. Denim jeans were a must in my wardrobe; you wouldn’t catch me dead in a skirt - besides when my overly-girly friends force me into wearing outfits they pick out for me. I grabbed my bag and went on my way.


“Ah, Romany, how nice of you to turn up,” Mrs. Fletcher sighed as I walked into art studies late. There were twice as many students in the room than normal, and I felt overly insecure as all the eyes peered at me, subconsciously fixing my hair.

“Sorry.” I replied pathetically as she directed me to my seat. Only to notice there was someone occupying the seat next to me. A familiar head of black hair and that same bored expression on his face and those eyes that could melt me into a puddle, it could only be one person.

“Somebody oversleep?" He said, his voice accompanied with a condescending smirk.

“Go away.” I replied bluntly, getting my stuff out of my bag.

“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine today.”



The teacher went on for a while about the assignment, neither of us were listening. She began appointing pairs to different rooms to start work on the project.

“Austin and Romany, room twenty-three.” I grabbed my bag, and flung it over my shoulder. I didn’t even bother waiting for Austin.

I made my way to room twenty-three and opened the door. It was a small music room. Very small, in fact. You could barely fit two people in it. This was going to be interesting.

I sat myself down on the chair and lifted my feet up onto the platform shelf opposite me, already wishing to be somewhere else.

Austin came in, looking slightly unnerved. I only looked him in the eye for a brief second before turning to look at my feet. I was still angry at him.

He sat down on the chair opposite and we just sat in a strange silence for a while. His unfathomable brown eyes didn’t leave mine once. This was an unprecedented opportunity to admire just how lovely they really were. But I didn't, I channeled the personality of a typical school bitch; cold and calculating.

I decided to make use of the time we had. “Do you have any ideas?” I asked, referring to the project.

He shrugged, “there is this one idea.”

He went on to tell me about this idea, it was quite emotional actually, and he’d obviously been thinking about it for a while. To be frank, I didn’t know he had it in him. Besides from everything that’s happened in the past, I felt his sincerity. He was really passionate about his idea, and it made me forget all the bad things he’s said, and all the bad things he’s done. I know he can be a different person than that. Sometimes.

Out of the blue, I felt some curiosity burning inside of me. “Why did you say all those things?” I looked at him wide-eyed, “all those things about me. Why?”

He rolled his eyes and stood up.

"It doesn't matter."

"No, Austin, I'd like to know."

"I said," he began to look frustrated; his fists were clenched and his body began to shake with rage. "It doesn't matter. Just mind your own fucking business."

I remained silently terrified; there was a reason for him to be so angry, surely?

Maybe he was having a bad day. I rolled my eyes and brought my eyes back to staring pointlessly at my feet. I just wanted this week to be over.

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