Southern Constellations

Romany Fitzgerald wishes one day to lead a frivolous and harmonic life pursuing her dreams, but first, she must complete the exhausting challenge of being an actual teenager. Romany believes her vicinity is filled with people who just do not understand, in fact, nobody understands. Most of all, there's a person she would give her left arm to avoid.

Austin Orion.

Hell-bent on bringing beautiful chaos into Romany's life, can Austin and Romany build a steady friendship on the ruins of a lifetime of hatred? This seems far too surreal for Romany, but she is unknowing of the hell and torment waiting for her around the corner; she was yet to lose possibly the most important thing she had in the world; music.
But she still has the constellations for guidance; looking for answers in a world that doesn't know the question, can Romany delve deeper into what is meant to be and follow her heart?

Did fate fall short this time?

A/N: Rated red for bad language and trauma.


19. Eighteen

Austin pulled up outside my house. I stared straight through the windscreen and took a deep breath. "Wish me luck." I wasn't looking forward to facing my mother in the slightest.

"Here, let me walk you to the door." Austin didn't let me object. We stood on my porch in the beaming sunlight and I just smiled at him.

"Thanks Austin, for everything." He leant down and kissed me. The door opened. Talk about great timing. I pulled away and braced myself for my mother's face.

Contrary to all previous thoughts, she didn't look angry, not even in the slightest. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shocked.

"Y—you're not angry?" I said, Austin still stood by my side, faint grass stains on his shirt from where we slept.

"I should have been. But I wasn't, because I knew you were with Austin, and I knew you'd be safe." I looked up and smiled at Austin, grabbing his hand in my own. "How about some breakfast, Austin?" My mother asked, and I smiled at Austin again.

We sat down at the table and ate our weight in pancakes, I'd never been so hungry in my entire life.

"So where were you last night?" My mother asked casually, placing some dishes in the sink.

"The hill," I said, in between mouthfuls of breakfast. "We slept there, it was really clear, the clearest I'd ever seen it, you could even see Ursa Minor." My mother tutted and shook her head.

"Romany, try not to bore Austin with your talk of the stars, not everybody is as enthusiastic as you are about astronomy." I looked at my mother rather offended. Austin immediately noticed my hurt expression.

"Oh no, Mrs. Fitzgerald, she could never bore me, it's actually really fascinating, she's taught me all about the constellations." I couldn't help but smile at him. He grabbed my hand under the table and gave me a warm smile. She smiled at him, really, genuinely smiled at him. 

"Call me, Angela, dear, and well, I'm glad to hear that."

If you told me a year ago that day I'd be sat in my kitchen eating pancakes with Austin Orion thinking how ridiculously perfect he was I would have laughed in your face for about a million years. And that was what made everything so wonderful, the fact it was new, exciting, and completely unexpected.


Later that day, Austin and I went on a walk around town. Simply because it was the nicest day in a long time and we had all the time in the world to waste.

"We should go away," Austin said, completely out of the blue.

"W—what?" I said, I stopped walking and faced him.

"Like, I don't know, a break. We should go somewhere, a road trip maybe, for a week or so." The more I thought it over in my head, the more I thought that it wasn't such a bad idea.

"That sounds perfect." I smiled at him, thinking about all the possibilities and exciting things that were to come in the foreseeable future.

"Two days, let's go in two days. Wherever you want to go, I got some money in the will. She'd want us to use it having fun." He said, and I felt bad, knowing it was Lillian's money.

"Are you sure?" I said, skeptical.

"Positive." He attached his lips to my forehead and we walked back to his house hand in hand. I stopped between us and laughed slightly, "Look at us, hey, would you believe it? You and me, of all people, together."

Austin smiled back, his dimples crinkling his face.

"And I wouldn't change it for the world."

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