She's Not Afraid - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction

21-year old Louis Tomlinson is a normal college student studying at London University: He’s living a good social life with his four best friends, partying and making plans for his very near future. But then something new and unpredictable got pushed into the picture: Love. Before Louis knows it, he’s fallen for a girl that he barely knows - and she is basically the definition of a "wild child". As their relationship sprouts, he will have to face problems he had never dreamt of handeling before and feel the backside of the gold medal known as love: Betrayal, hatred, loss and misery. *Check out the trailer in the sidebar! :)*


4. Chapter Three



I didn’t bother knocking on the door to Harry’s flat, because he always left it open for me when he knew I was coming over. I opened the door, or more likely, I let it fly open, and stepped into the flat. “HAROLD!” I screamed out loud when I didn’t see the face of my best friend in his living room. A very noisy sound from the bedroom told me Harry was on his way. I saw him coming running out of the bedroom and towards me … this was not going to turn out good. “BOO BEAR!” he yelled and almost slammed me to the ground when he pulled me in for a hug. I hugged him back and we stayed like that for a time, but then we pulled apart.

“So where have you been all day?” he smiled at me.

“Oh, you know, places …”

He cheekily wiggled his eyebrows at me. “A girl?”  I immediately started to protest, but he cut me off. “We’re going to talk about this later.”

I guess he was right—I had to tell him and the lads at some point. And about the lads … “Where’s the others? I thought they’d be here, too,” I said and looked behind Harry to see if any of the boys was on their way out to us in the living room.

“They went down to pick up some pizzas.” I nodded and threw myself down in his black leather sofa, which strangely enough was really comfortable. I put one of the hard pillows under my head and closed my eyes. I knew I wasn’t going to fall asleep, but I was just massively exhausted after standing up against a stonewall for more than two hours in a row. I could hear Harry turn on the TV and sit down in one of the armchairs beside the sofa. In a couple of minutes the only thing I heard was the music of MTV play over the speakers, but then the door smashed open and what sounded like three teenage boys stepped over Harry’s doorstep. I flickered my eyes open and saw my three friends Liam, Zayn and Niall stand in the middle of the living room (actually I couldn’t see Niall, but I knew he was somewhere behind the lads). They all cried, “Lou!” and held out their arms for hugs, but I didn’t get up—I was way too lazy.

Zayn was defiantly in a great mood today. No one was going to get him down, not even my mood. “Vas’ happenin’?” he shrieked and grabbed the TV remote from Harry’s hand. He turned the music of Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” up until the point it got unbearable loud. I rose from the sofa a little bit so I could throw my pillow at Zayn. He strangely enough laughed when I hit him perfectly in the face and I pointed a finger at him. “Turn that down,” I yelled. He only turned the volume even higher. Harry snatched the TV remote back from Zayn and turned off the TV.

“Nooo, Hazza,” he pouted in response. “How could you of all people do this to me?” Harry shrugged his shoulders and smiled dumbly at him.

“What, are you sleeping?” Liam said when he saw me laying on the sofa. I groaned and took a new pillow under my head. “Come on, Lou!” I didn’t react on their shouts. That was until Niall yelled, “We’ve got pizza!” and I sat straight up in the sofa. My head flicked around as I exclaimed: “Where?!”

I saw Niall and the others in the kitchen with five steaming hot pizza boxes. I wasn’t long on running over to them and chop a slice of my favorite pizza: Hawaii. I sat down at the mahogany kitchen table, already chewing fast on my pizza. “Oh my god,” I said as my eyes grew big. “Where did you get this? It’s heaven.” Niall answered me with his mouth full of pepperoni pizza, “I have no idea. I just needed my pizza.” I made an appreciative grimace.

Harry shot me a brief glance before he looked at the lads. “Louis is seeing a girl,” he said and sassily raised his eyebrows. Zayn and Niall gave each other a cheeky look and Liam’s mouth dropped open in excitement as he heard Harry’s words. “Who?” he asked Harry. “Ask him yourself,” he answered him. “I don’t know who it is either.” Every single pair of eyes in the room turned to me. I threw my hands up in front of me. “I have only just met her. We haven’t even been on our first date.”

“But you have asked her out, right?” Harry said. I nodded. “Then you’re seeing her.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are Lou,” Niall said certainly. When I thought about it twice, they were probably right; in a day or so I would be taking her out for the first time. “And now tell us what this girl is called. There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Liam said. I sat for a while and looked at the lads, which were all smiling at me … how was it that we always got so excited when one of us was having a crush? It really wasn’t that big of a deal.

“She’s called Jessica Clarke.”

As soon as her name escaped my lips all of their big smiles disappeared—and I couldn’t help but feel bothered when I noticed. “What?” I offendily asked. The lads exchanged a few panicked looks at each other before Liam at last said: “It’s nothing.”

It wasn’t hard to see through his lie; he had never really been a good liar. "You’re lying right up in my face, Liam. All of you should stay closer to the truth and just tell me what’s wrong,” I said with a voice as cool as ice. We usually didn’t keep secrets to each other … I really hoped I was about to witness one getting revealed instead of kept.

Harry’s forehead was toughly wrinkled when he looked at me. Many wouldn’t be able to see it, but I knew him well enough to easily spot the worry hiding beneath his eyes. “It’s just that …” he started out slowly, “we know Jessica Clarke already. Or … we don’t, actually. We know her rumour.”

I didn’t get it. This was all very … strange.

“She’s a wild one, Louis,” Niall said. I knew he was serious about something when he called me by my full name—and this didn’t happen very often. “I wouldn’t call her trust-worthy. The only thing she will give you is trouble.” I was shocked by their meanings of her. Didn’t they just say that they hadn’t ever met her? Because if they hadn’t they couldn’t allow themselves to say this. “You haven’t even met her, guys. You can’t label her as a troublemaker already,” I said to them in an attempt of brushing their thoughts of her off. “Let’s not talk about this right now,” I said to them, trying to move on from the subject. “Be careful, Lou,” Zayn said. “She will break your heart in the blink of an eye. You don’t know what she’s capable of.”

I threw my half-eaten pizza slice on a plate and looked down at the light wooden floor. I wasn’t feeling hungry anymore. I wouldn’t let the boys’ comments get to me, because I liked this girl a lot. Maybe after tomorrow I would be able to see her through and decide if she were really as bad as they had told me, but for now I would choose ignore them.



A million thoughts were running through my mind when I turned the last corner to Sutton Lane. It was almost 7 o’clock; a few minutes away I would be picking Jessica up at the coffee shop. Just thinking about her made me go crazy.

Sarah’s Coffee Location came into sight a small distance away, the lights from the café’s windows lighting up the half-dark street outside. And in these lights I saw a beautiful being standing alone in the night. She was wearing a simple beige dress that hugged her curves in all the right places with a black leather jacket. She had her dark, wavy hair hanging loose down her back and it was every now and then lifted slightly in the breeze. It was the first time I saw her out of her uniform, and she was truly looking stunning without it; she was more than gorgeous tonight. It was like her beauty grew even bigger every time I saw her. She had her back turned to me, and I couldn’t hesitate but smile a bit because she didn’t know I was standing right behind her.

“You look amazing.” Jessica’s hair flicked as she turned around by the sound of my voice. “Hey you,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Hey. Do you wanna go?” I asked her. She shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah, we better get going sometime. But if you don’t mind me asking, where are you taking me?” I told her that we were going to the movies and a smile showed in the corner of her mouth.

“So … you’re servicing in a coffee shop?” I asked as we walked down the street, like I didn’t know the answer already. “Yep. I’ve been for a while now and I’m planning on staying for a time.” She shot a quick look at me. “Don’t take this the wrong way. I know I should be in college by now.”

“Then why aren’t you?”

She smiled that wonderful smile of hers. “I’m saving up so I can go travelling sometime in the future. I want to see the whole world.” I couldn’t blame her—someday I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, visit the Forbidden City and go up the Eiffel tower, too. But I was stuck in England in college, just as pretty much every other normal teenager in Great Brittan.

“What about you?” Jessica asked me. “What are you doing for a living?”

“Nah, I’m not exactly working. I’m just a normal student at London University.”

“What are you studying?”

“Drama. I’m going to teach it once I finish my studies.”

The small talk went on whilst we walked through the streets of the city in our search for a movie theater. I liked the sound of her voice and the way she was energetic about everything she did. She was nice talking to—it felt easy and natural. And if she could put up with all of my talking, it could only be a good sign. I thought I talked too much, but when I told her, she encouraged me to move on. She only wanted to get to know me.



We ended up going into an old-fashioned cinema in the heart of the city. It showed a couple of movies each night and the one and only hall it had, had red and comfortable vintage seats and a wide screen. We bought a little popcorn—more or so I did, because I wouldn’t let her pay—and walked into the hall without really knowing what the film we were going to see was about. It didn’t really matter, either. I was together with her, and that was the most important thing to me that night.

The movie started and I perceived that it was an action-horror film about some stupid spy who fell in love with its most dangerous enemy. And that’s a thing that isn’t too smart to do … of course you can never choose who you fall in love with, but heartache mostly arises between two people who aren’t good for each other. The movie was fine, but nothing special. It was playing right before my eyes, but I couldn’t get myself to pay full attention to it. Not when a beautiful girl was sitting by my side and her hand was lying so temptingly close to mine. My eyes were like glued to her.

I decided to take a chance, as I watched the climax of the movie go over the screen. A warm feeling went through my body as I slowly slipped my fingers in between hers. Jessica looked away from the screen and locked her eyes at our intertwined fingers on the armrest. “I’m not afraid of scary movies,” she said and tried to hide a smile from showing upon her lips. But I kept my hand in hers even though she wasn’t scared. I wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. “I like it here,” I told her. The smile she had been hiding showed and she turned her head back to screen. The warm feeling reappeared a moment later when I she gave my hand a light squeeze.


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