She's Not Afraid - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction

21-year old Louis Tomlinson is a normal college student studying at London University: He’s living a good social life with his four best friends, partying and making plans for his very near future. But then something new and unpredictable got pushed into the picture: Love. Before Louis knows it, he’s fallen for a girl that he barely knows - and she is basically the definition of a "wild child". As their relationship sprouts, he will have to face problems he had never dreamt of handeling before and feel the backside of the gold medal known as love: Betrayal, hatred, loss and misery. *Check out the trailer in the sidebar! :)*


10. Chapter Nine





When I Thursday morning woke up, the sunlight was streaming through my window and the sky was as blue and clear as I hadn’t seen it in months. I immediately knew the day was going to be something special and a rare kind of extraordinary. I looked at my phone’s screen and saw that it was 8 am; just the amount of time I needed to get out of the door and be at the college for my first class at 9. I also saw that today was May the 21st—the days had past quicker than ever and I had forgotten all about the dates.

I smiled when I realized that the date must be the reason of why I felt so great and non-morning-grumpy today. It was the 21st May, which meant that it had been exactly a month ago I had gone on my first date with Jessica; a month had passed since I had gotten to know a girl so lovely in all the possible ways.

My smile stiffened when I thought about the fact that none of our friends knew about us, or our dating. All we had told them was a lie—and I knew I was living on it. They thought we hadn’t seen each other since that first date and that things hadn’t gotten serious, but in reality it was the exact other way around.

Today I was going to do something special for her … and the ideas of what were already flying fast through my mind.

I grabbed my phone from the small bedside table and sent her a short text.


To: Jess

Hey babe, meet me at 8 o’clock tonight in the amusement park? :)  I’ve got a surprise for you … and don’t you dare eat before!


I pressed the “send”-button and hoped that it wasn’t too early for me to text her. I would hate it if I woke her up from her sleep.

Hoping to get an answer back soon, I jumped out of bed and quickly put on my basic clothes—colored chinos and a striped shirt—before I slipped on my favorite toms. I felt like today, and even more tonight, was going to be a successful experience. 





The lights of the amusement park lit up the dark like a flashlight; not even for one moment did you doubt on which way to go to find the entrance, which, by the way, was the place I had told Jessica to meet me. The night was warm, and bloodthirsty mosquitos were swarming around all of the different kinds of people in the place; I really hoped that they would choose not to go after me for once.

When I got to the entrance I stopped, and my head cocked around as I looked for her in the crowd. I bit my lip after a sense of time in which I hadn’t spotted her—maybe she hadn’t come? She hadn’t answered my text throughout the day, and it suddenly dawned to me that she in that very moment could be sitting at home just as well as she could be anywhere else. I had gone to the amusement park thinking she would be there, but my excitement dropped as I realized she might not even know I was there.

   A couple of arms slipped around my waist, but I didn’t get offended because I already knew whom it was who stood behind me. I turned around and pulled Jessica closer to me, so I could kiss her lightly on her lips, which she tonight had painted in a pale red color.

“I saw your text,” she said. “Sorry I didn’t answer you, but my phone ran out of battery. I know I should have called.” I shook my head at her and smiled a little as I tucked in some of her loose brown hair behind her ear. She was here now and that was all that mattered to me.

“I’ve missed you,” I mumbled softly into her ear. She giggled, but raised an eyebrow when it dawned to her that I was serious.

“It’s been a day since you saw me the last time, fool.”

“Well, I missed you anyway, idiot.”

“I missed you too, dumbass.” We both broke out into smiles and I took her by the hand, as we walked through the doors to the park.

She was dressed in some high-waisted dark blue shorts and a fine white silk blouse, and had matched her outfit with a couple of low, black Converse and a simple necklace with a sweet red anchor pendant. Not that I cared, but it was like her clothing always fell in my taste.

“You talked about a surprise,” Jessica said and wriggled her eyebrows at me. “And you know how I love surprises. So pretty, pretty please? Tell me what you have in mind!”

“I’m not going to!” I teased her and she pouted big-time.

She suddenly stopped our walking, and I was close to falling when I almost tripped over my own feet. She stepped closer to me and slowly ran a finger down my chest, as she seductively started to whisper in my ear, “Please, Louis? I really, really want you to tell me...”

It was hard for me to do, but I resisted the desire of kissing her and tangled myself out of our position. “Nope!” I said, popping the p. In stead I took her hand again and lead her towards the light-filled and old school-looking Ferris wheel to our right.

“Oh!” Jessica squealed. “I haven’t tried this since I was a little kid! We are trying it—rather you’d like it or not.”

“Great, then I won’t have to drag you up there either,” I said with a grin on my face.

We walked up to the entrance of the Ferris wheel, which if you asked me, looked like it was pretty empty. The liftman was leaning on the fence that was placed around the ride and his black bowler hat was big enough to hide his eyes. You should have thought that he had been asleep, because when I tried to get his attention by snapping my fingers in front of him, he almost fell to the floor of bare surprise. He mumbled some blurred out words as he clumsily recovered his balance and looked at me.

“Yes, uh … two tickets?” he asked me in a confused tone, like he didn’t know what to do with himself. I nodded in agreement and paid him a few pounds for the tickets. He opened the door for us both, but only Jessica went through; I stayed outside and pursued her to move on and get us a wagon.

“I will be there in a moment,” I assured her and smiled. I handed her the basket I’d had in my one hand throughout the last half hour and she gladly took it, though looking a bit confused. “Thank you, babe,” I said. She smiled that lovely smile of hers and walked over to the Ferris wheel’s first wagon at the lower level.

As I had told her, I would return to her soon, but right now I had some important things to discuss with the liftman.

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