The way out of nowhere

“Finding peace to escape the hate
But with peace there will be loneliness
As she tries to prevent her fate
She only creates a bigger mess

The trees they whisper, so does the wind
But He has created fear in dreams
She has loved and she has sinned
And now she must follow her own screams”

A girl, who has been trapped in some kind of empty world, tries to find her way out, or simply find some people. While doing this, she meets Noah and finds weird letters who may be her way to home.


1. Prologue




Being all alone makes you wonder about many things.

What am I doing with my life?

What’s happening after dying?

How would it be if I ever met myself?

Is there any god?

The main question that I like to think about is; what is the meaning of life?

I’ve been wondering about that my whole existent even before I met him and ended up here.

The first time, I thought about it was when I – as a little kid – was introduced to death. I was simply walking on the street, when someone near me fell because of a heart-attack.

Some people reacted with panicking and desperately trying to save the already dying man but my mom and many others just walked away from all the chaos

. Later my mother told me that the man had “given up on life” and that there was “no way to save him”.

But after that, I couldn’t help but starting wondering about life’s unanswered questions.

In the beginning I came up with the answer; Life is about living it.

But it’s really hard and exhausting to live a life, which you hate, like I do because of him.

 Oh well, I had to continue being human and being a citizen, so this important but underrated question had to wait many years before it could get its answer.

It’s actually very ironic how I didn’t find the meaning of life before I ended up losing it.

Now, I’ve already said too much. I don’t wanna ruin the story for you, would I?

Hah, let’s begin the adventure.

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