A young woman, setting life up on her own, she meets someone who may possibly change her life forever.


4. chapter 4

With my breakfast finished, he took my hand and led me out of my apartment, picking up my bag containing my purse and phone on the way. "so where are we going?" i asked as we made our way down the stairs. He just looked at me and smiled, so i shrugged it off and followed. I trusted him especially after last night.

We arrived at a large old brick house.It had almost an antique flair, with lots of large windows, draped with thick curtains probably to keep the sun from coming through.The door was large and oak and a large rusty knocker was placed at the center of it. Jarvis reached up and knocked, silence remained but the large door swung open. I looked down to see a little girl standing there, all smiles.She was pale and long thick, curled blonde hair framed her face perfectly. She was beautiful with soft pink lips. She was wearing a short white dress, with a thin brown belt around her small waist and brown brogues . i smiled when she ran forward and jumped up into Jarvis' arms.  "Jarvis" she squealed. i noticed how he grinned and held her tight "hey smelly, wheres dad" she shrugged "probably sleeping" he put the little girl back onto her feet and turned to me. "Lilly this is Eliza" Lilly strolled purposefully towards me and sniffed the air looking up at me smiling "Shes human" Jarvis nodded "Yeah" he placed his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. I was shaking she was a little girl but she was probably twice as strong as me. Lilly stepped closer in one quick step and i jumped. But it was not what i expected she wrapped her arms around me. She was hugging me and i hugged her back. Glad she liked me, and i could hear Jarvis laughing softly beside me. Lilly pulled away and smiled up at me, then she took my hand in hers and pulled me into the house. Jarvis followed until we were inside the house and then he spoke. "Lily will you entertain Eliza while i go and speak to dad" Lilly nodded "sure" and skipped off pulling me down the hall. I turned and called back "Jarvis" i think he noticed the worried look on my face and called Lilly back she stopped and turned in one swift move. Jarvis waggled his finger motioning for Lilly to come back and she dragged me back along with her, with a tight grip still on my hand. When we arrived back in front of him, Jarvis kneeled down in front of Lilly "You promise your going to take care of Eliza, and be nice. I like her okay? Have you eaten?" Lilly sighed "Jarvis don't worry i wont bite your girlfriend, shes nice and yes Ive eaten" she smiled brightly,innocently and Jarvis nodded, stood and walked towards me. "She wont do anything so don't worry, okay. I wont be long i promise i just have to go and speak to my dad okay?"  i wasn't too sure but i wanted to please him so i nodded and he leaned in and placed his lips on mine. He kissed me slowly at first but he began more forcefully and placed his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him. We heard Lily giggling behind and both pulled away. "I'll see you in a bit. Have fun girls" Lilly took my hand again and led me up the stairs and into one of the rooms.

Lilly's room was less of a little girls room and more that of a teenager. The walls were a pale pink and a big double bed was placed into the center of the room, with pale pink bedding and large pillows mounted together in the center with a tatty brown teddy atop. Thick white curtains covered the large floor to ceiling window. A chest of drawers were in one corner, with various pictures in old frames were scattered along the top. Lilly walked towards a large trunk at the end of the bed it was wooden, plain and old. She lifted the latch and pulled out some various dolls. Each one looked Antique and delicate.She handed me one of the dolls and i knelt on the floor beside her and brushed the dolls hair from her face. "These are beautiful" Lilly just smiled."How long have you had these?" Lily kept quiet until i turned to her "I've had them years, too many" she smiled thoughtfully as though she was thinking back to the past. i hugged her "Are you okay?" she nodded and turned fully to face me "Jarvis loves you, you know" i giggled "We haven't even known each other that long" she placed her hand on mine "It can take minutes to fall in love...seconds" she seemed in a daze "Don't you love him?" she frowned at me and i froze i hadn't actually thought about it "I Don't know how i feel, I've never actually felt like this before" she grinned at this "Then you love him" i just shrugged.

The door to Lilly's bedroom swung open. A girl with the same long blonde hair as Lilly walked in, her bright blue eyes turned to me. She looked confused the sniffed the air and grinned as she walked in and knelt on the floor beside me. She leaned in and Lilly jumped in front of her "No Celeste" oh it's Celeste hes other sister .she pulled back "This a friend of yours Lilly?"                "No she's with Jarvis, he loves her you know" Celeste sunk back further sitting on the floor."Jarvis never said anything, he usual tells me everything" Lilly placed her hand in hers "He is, he's just telling dad, He hasn't known her long" Celeste sighed and leaned into Lilly "Does she know" she whispered, even though i heard her."Yes i do, your vampires" i shrugged like it was nothing "Aren't you scared?" i shook my head and she frowned, obviously she wasn't used to a human not being afraid of her. The bedroom door opened and Jarvis ran in and knelt beside me . "Are you okay?" he grabbed me chin and turned my head side to side, as though checking my neck. "yes I'm fine" i sighed he let out a shaky breath "good, Celeste, this is my...girlfriend Eliza" Celeste said nothing and grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him towards her "You've tasted her"

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