A young woman, setting life up on her own, she meets someone who may possibly change her life forever.


3. chapter 3

 It was now nearing lunch time and i was waiting for Jarvis outside his apartment.He finally came out a basket and a picnic blanket in hand "Ready?" i called he nodded and reached for my hand as we made out way down the stairs. As soon as we excited the building we walked over the graveled front yard to the park just ahead. the entrance was an overhead of trees, greenery filled the beautiful wood like scenes and flowers representing the summer blossomed beautifully. we strolled further in and he walked me over by a lake near a discrete end of the park were we would sit for lunch we reached the lake bank and he threw the blanket onto the freshly cut grass. he gestured for me to take a seat and i did in the most lady like manner i could muster. He took out some sandwiches, tiny chocolate swirls, fruit and small chicken bites he handed me a paper plate and i gratefully took it as we began to dig in. Time passes quickly and i had grown to learn he had two brothers and two sisters Damian, Jacob, Celeste and Lilly and that he's lived here for just over a year and i had told him about my brother Jordan and my protective dad and my mom who always used to moan at me for not dressing girly enough he laughed at this.We were both lying down and in beautiful silence when i lent up on my elbow resting my chin on the heel of my hand and stared down at him he was lying on his back, eyes closed, his head resting on his arms which were held together at the back of his head. i was so so tempted to kiss him i considered it i even began to inch closer. i was about to kiss him, i was close when his eyes shot open "Eliza you don't want to do that" he spoke in the softest tone my heart raced at the sound of his voice, at the way he lay there his beautiful eyes looking up into mine beautiful pools of blue, i can easily lose my self in, leaned in. just kiss him Eliza if he pushes you away, then you can just avoid him for the rest of your life. i slowly placed my lips on his and without warning he grabbed me pulling me on top of him as we lost ourselves in each other at last he didn't push me away. 

I lay breathless wrapped up in his arms i tried to register what had just happened but i was in too much shock. Jarvis finally pulled away leaving me lost without the heat of his body wrapped around me he stood jumping into his trousers, then throwing my dress at me. "you should get  dressed it's getting dark, you shouldn't be out here when it's dark" i frowned at this and shimmied into my dress "I'm sure you'll protect me" he took this more serious then i expected "Eliza, Go!" i stood up and walked up to him placing my head on his chest "i don't want to without you" i protested. "it's me you should be running from" i frowned and looked up into those mysterious eyes of his "what do you mean?" he ran a hand through those luscious curls of his and sighed "Eliza i cant explain, just please listen to me and go" i stood unmoving wriggling my toes in the damp grass he pulled my sandals from the blanket and placed them in my hand i took them reluctantly putting them on. "why should i be running from you?"

"I can't explain, just leave before you regret ever meeting me" a lone tear rolled down my cheek "i don't understand he growled and took a swift step towards me i hardly noticed him move before his hands were wrapped around my waist.A look of sadness washed over his face then his eyes turned red and the sharpest teeth i have ever seen surfaced on this beautiful mans face i took a step back pulling from his grasp as i stuttered out "w-what are you?" he again ran a hand through his hair and sighed in exasperation "I'm a vampire" a fit of giggles erupted from chest it surprised me and i stopped when the serious look was still plastered on his face "your not joking are you" i questioned him. he shook his head "No, you should leave" knowing i would regret it i took a step towards him and placed my hand on his cheek he stared at me a confused look  on his face "why aren't you scared" he stepped away his eyes still locked with mine i smiled slightly "i don't know, i guess i know there's nothing to be scared of, i trust you" he shook his head "Never trust a vampire"                                                             "but you was out in the day" he laughed "you watch too much Tv" i nodded my head "Are you hungry?" he stepped back fast "What! Eliza No, i mean yes but No not you" i regained comfort near him stepping closer wrapping my arms around his neck bringing my mouth closer to his and took his mouth kissing him with all i had as he pulled me into his arms, i wrapped my legs tight around my waist he took a deep breath in kissing my neck i felt the sharpness of his teeth and pressed him harder to my neck i wanted him to have this he opened his mouth and paused "Please" i murmured i could feel him trembling under neath me as he whispered "i love you" his warm breath against my skin as his bit down and his teeth broke through the tender skin on my neck i shuddered in ecstasy as my blood flowed into him with a rush of pleasure so great, that i could have died there and the and it wouldn't of mattered i gripped his shoulders digging my nails into his back but my grip loosened as my head began to spin he ripped his mouth away at last and i opened my eyes to see his beautiful face a drop of my blood on his mouth i wiped it with my finger and slipped it into my mouth he let out a shaky breath "God you tasted so good" i giggled as he regained hold of my mouth kissing me ferociously.Before i blacked out.

I woke the next morning in my bed the smell of coffee and bacon filling the air the memories of last night rushing back to me i lifted the covers to see i was in my underwear and blushed red knowing he had taken my dress off and put me into bed after i passed out. i climbed out of bed making my way to the kitchen where he was standing cooking i wrapped my arms around his waist and he didn't even flinch but he let go of the pan on the stove and wrapped his big hands around mine.He finally turned around bent his head placing a soft kiss on my lips before turning my head and nodding i looked up at him confused but shook it away "im going to go have a shower" he nodded and returned back to the stove. i entered the bathroom then remembering the way he looked at my neck i ran to the mirror turning to see there was no mark. i ran back into the kitchen skidding into him. "My-My neck there's no mark, you- that wasn't a dream was it" he shook his head "no it was erm-very much real" he grinned "it healed" i stuttered "Bu-But how" he wrapped his arms around me "last night i told you i was a vampire and you let me bite you now your asking how it healed" i sighed "okay stupid question he kissed the top of my head and let go of me as i sauntered back into the bathroom and flicking on the shower i stripped my underwear off and climbed in. i entered the kitchen my long blonde hair in a messy bun and another one of my summer dresses on he smiled and bit his lip and took me in i had to admit the dress was a little short and i was thinking about him when i picked it out of my wardrobe this morning. i sat down at the table and he placed a plate in front of me bacon and egg yum i took my fork and dug in after a few mouthfuls i answered the question that had been on my mind since last night "so do you eat?" he grinned "we can do but it doesn't fill our kind of hunger" i nodded digging back into my food and taking interval sips of my coffee.

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