A young woman, setting life up on her own, she meets someone who may possibly change her life forever.


2. Chapter 2

i swallowed back the last bite of my sandwhich and took one swig of the last of my luke warm coffee, the rest of the breakfast passed slowly in silence.Javis turned to me "So what you planning on doing now?"   i sighed and looked out towards the busy street "was going to take a look around" he smiled brightly and stood up "well, allow me to be your guide" i giggled and stood up from chair we walked over to the counter and i pulled my purse out of my bag. But before i could pull any money out, Javis was already handing the cashier a twenty pound note. I opened my mouth to protest but he took the change from her and grabbing me by the arm he pulled me out of the cafe, while i struggled to shove my purse back into my bag. when we got outside i turned to him "you didn't have to do that" he winked at me "I know" and took me swiftly by the arm and directed me along the busy cobbled street.

He led me to a row of boutiques, "These are expensive boutiques along this side for some shopping sprees" my handsome guide informed me, i peeked inside the window "How expensive?" he pulled me towards the door "Lets have a look" i didnt bother to protest as he gently pulled me towards the door. we stepped inside and was instantly greeted by a woman in pink floral skirt and a pink shirt."Good morning, welcome to lilly's boutique, may all your shopping needs be required" she turned and walked away, as i turned to Javis "Are all the shops around here named after people?" he let out a breathy laugh "Na, most but not all" i pulled from his grasp of my arm as i set my eyes on the most beautiful gown i had ever laid eyes on it was glittery and halted at the back, the bottom had a swishy look to it and i imagined myself in it i closed my eyes and peeling back the price tag then my mouth opened in shock "It's on Sale" i squealed and picked my size making my way into the dressing rooms the woman who first spoke to us when we entered the store came up to us and handed me a black plackard with the number one on it i tugged it free from her pink long nailed fingers and entered the dressing room pulling the beige curtain swiftly across. i slipped the amazing gown over my body and squealed in delight. i turned to the mirror  when Javis entered the tiny space and i watched him and his eyes woundered up and down my body "Beautiful" he whispered breathrlessly against my neck i pulled away before i let my self get carried away again and throw myself into his arms. i turned to him "Im getting it... right out i need to change" he grinned as he excited reluctantly all giddy i too reluctantly took the gown off  throwing my dress back on and placing the gown back on  the hanger. i excited and walked over to the counter where Javis was chatting to the woman in the shop, a rage of jelously surged througb me but i desperatley pushed it away i had only just met this man i needed to play it cool i smiled politley and handed the woman the gown and the placard she pulled it from me and placed it into a bag i pulled out my credit card from my purse and looked up to see Javis had alrady handed the woman his card i sighed "JAVIS?" He grinned "Eliza?" i sighed again angrily to get my point across but yet again beore i could argue he pulled me from the shop i finally got my chance "you shouldnt have done that, the breakfast okay i could let that slide but this, Javis it's too much, we only met yesterday and i should be buying you things after what you done for me last night" he handed me the bag "Eliza please i want to do this i will be offened if you dont just take the dress and let this go, trust me i can afford it" i frowned and walked off in front of him huffing and puffing he ran up beside me and held out the bag "thought you were being mr genorosity today" he laughed "okay" and grabbed me pushing me down an alley way i screamed but he shoved his large hand over my mouth and whispered leaning close to me "It's oaky i wont hurt you i just wanted to do this..." he pushed his mouth hard and pasionate onto mine and we were lost in each other. i wraped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and running my hands through his honey blonde curls he lifted me still psuhed against the wall and i wwraped my legs tightly around his waist, his mouth led to my neck and he was kissing ferousiously i wanted him so bad, though i was confused to what was wrong with me i never usually bahaved like this he stopped abruptly and slipped me down from his body i felt lost without the pressure of his big hard body pushing me against the wall and i was breathless but he had hardly been aaffected as he staalked out of the alley way leaaving me lost in my own thoughts and confused. i ran towards in desperation to hear him explain his actions but he didnt as he walked further down the row of shops calling me to follow behind without bothering to even look at me.i followed him breathlessly i still didnt know how he hadnt been affected by the kiss here i was struggling to keep up behind him and he is still charging ahead. i have to stop i thought to myself i stopped and dropped onto the varnished bench. Javis noticed instantlly as if he had eyes in the back of his head and walked towards me dropping onto the bench in silence. well this man is all mystery. i turned to face him needing answers "what happedned back there, you were all into me and then you just stopped, did i do something wrong" he turned to me frowning taking my hand in his "Eliza im sorry i dont know what came over me i shouldnt have forced you into the alley way like that, i cant explain why i did what i did, just trust me when i say your lucky i stopped" he let go of me and stood up as i mumered to myself "i dont feel very lucky" he turned back to me "dont see it like that" i looked up at him how the hell could he possibly of heard that damit. i pulled myself up from the bench and took his hand he held out to me giving my hand a gentle squeeze he beagn walking to a large fountain.One large ball was at the bottom of the structure and two more balls smaller in size were piled on top then a dove asif floating to the sky lay atop of it. i looked up at in wounder "Its beautiful" he pulled me to the fountain edge and we sat down. i looked into the water to see the bottom was cover in various coins mostly pennies. i took a penny from my purse and turning my back towards the structure i flipped it over my shoulder repeating the wish in my head i had made since yesterday, to be with Javis i turned back to him "Aren't you going to make a wish" a smile i had been missing crept back onto his face "i already have my wish" he leaned in and placed a soft kiss onto my lips i closed my eyes relishing the softness of his lips and opened them still held down to where i was seated by shock, while Javis stood standing holding his hand out to me.

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