A young woman, setting life up on her own, she meets someone who may possibly change her life forever.


1. chapter 1

As i took one of the few remaiing boxes from the truck a bead of sweat dripped from my forehead. i pulled my baby blue tank top up and wiped my face, i was exhausted that was for sure and it was getting dark so i wanted to get in as quickly as possible, so straining against the humididty, i  turned to stumble to my aparment when i tripped, two outsretched hands caught the box. i stepped back to see who owner of the myserious arms were he was a good few inches taller than me, about my age he had honey blonde wavey hair and the most sincere sparkling blue eyes, then broad shoulders and those big muscley arms and a flat stomach (god i dread to think what he looked like under that black t-shirt i would probably turn into one of those giddy air headed girls which would compliment loveley with my blonde hair and would support the 'all blonde girls are dumb' quotation) i paused to look back at his gorgeous face he was smiling from ear to ear and i blushed bright red damit he had caught me starring i didnt know what to say but thankfully he filled the awkward silence and stook hes hand out to me "Hey im javis, i live in this aparment" i laughed all giddy and shook his hand and tried my dam hardest to ignore the tingling sensation of warmth that ran through my body "Im Eliza, its short for Elizabeth im moving in third floor. thanks for catching the box im such a clutz that would of been disaterous." he let out a slight laugh "no problem, need a hand" i was about to refuse i didnt want to abuse his genorosity but i turned to the truck and sighed "erm.. if you really dont mind" he nodded "sure" and rested the fairly light box gently onto my arms then turned to take the largest box out of the truck labelled kitchen then he folllowed in step behind me i felt his gaze on my back and blushed even more as i began to make my way past the broken elevator and up the sets of stairs. i placed the box onto the floor and fished my keys from my pocket and unlocked the door, pushing it open i slid the box in and he done the same then we made our way back down stairs.

we had finally finished and i locked the truck up and headed upstairs we were standing by my aparment door and silence filled the air yet again Say something Eliza he just helped you carry boxes up three flights of stairs just say thankyou iand walk away i tuned to him "Erm.. thanks for helping me and for catching the box if it wasnt for you i would of taken an extra half an hour picking up my shoes from the gravel then it would of taken twice as long to haul the boxes up here by myself" he laughed "its okay" say something say something "how can i thank you" a hint of sly smile played at his lips "you could go on a date with me?" i froze my eyes wide but still blushing ferousiously i dread to think what i look like red face, white shorts, and a blue tank top, flip flops and my long blonde hair is shoved in a pile on the top of my head not to mention im all ssweaty ugh! i sighed "sure " his face lit up and that made me smile "great there's this park not too far from here it has a beauiful lake the scenery is just amazing we can have a picnic?" i nodded then diverted my eyes when i realised i was staring again he nodded "lunch time okay, monday?" i replied quick "yeah thats great" we were staring at each other when all of a sudden he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall his mouth was sudddenly on mine and i began kissing him back and we lost ourselves as our tounges entwined together, his mouth travelled to my neck and he bagan placing soft kisses along  the curve of my neck i moaned in pleasure and didnt want it to end,  when he pulled away abrutly "I-im-im sorry" he dissapeared before i could protest before i could tell him i was enjoying it i sighed and slididng down the wall and dropping to the blue carpeted floor "wow" i murmered to myself still shocked.

i finally pulled myself up and walked into my apartment, locking the door behind me, i had already emtied some of the boxes earlier on because i knew i would be too exhausted and would just want a shower and to go straight to bed, so i strolled into my bathroom and turned on the shower i stripped off my clothes which were almost sticking to me i was sweating so much i climbed in glad of the hot water that cascaded over my tired body, reaching for the shampoo i squeesed it into my damp hair and began rubbing it in and rinsing it off, i went to reach for my conditioner but i realised id left it on the windowledge so rached over to get it when i had the shock of my life there was a face in my window i screamed and dropped to the floor of my shower i tried to assure my self it was just an animal but it looked very mich like a face to me i stood up and stepped back under the water Eliza your on the third floor your just exhausted and its causing you to see things, i reausured myself.After i finally rinsed out my conditioner and i had shaved my legs and under my arms, i turned the shower off and stepped out watching the window as i wraped a towel around my damp body and a smaller towel around my head.

i heded into my bedroom and pulled some pyjama shorts and my large baggy t-shirt and threw them on my now dry body, then i lazily applied my body lotion. pulling the towel from my head, my long blonde hair cascaded down my back and i brushed it through, then picked up my dryer from the box under my bed the place my hairdeyer now called home and dried my blonde locks, i tipped some face cream into my hand and rubbed it over my face then stood to go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I climbed into bed glad of the comfort and slid deep under the covers, i slipped my eye mask onto my head and reached to turn my lamp off then before i knew i had drifted ito a deep sleep dreaming of javis.

The next morning i awoke to my beeping alarm urging me to get up i slipped my eye mask off and climbed out of bed i was in need of coffee, my coffee machine was already set up so i brewed the coffee while i emptied a few of the boxes in the kitchen, putting things in draws and cupboards i poured some coffee into my large mug and necked it down as quick as you can possibly neck down a hot liquid.Once i had finished i was fully caffenated and beagn emtying the last of thee boxes and when i was done in the kitchen i began sorting the rest of the rooms in the apartment.

i looked up at the clock i had not long put up and saw it was already nearing half nine so i decided i would go grab  a some breakfast being i had no food in and take a look around, before coming back here to get ready for luch with javis if that was still on, he acted strange last night when he kissed me and ran off. i walked into my walk in wrdrobe and pulled out my navy blue summer dress and gladitor sandels, then after a quick wash i thew them on, apllied sun cream and sat down at my dressing table. i pulled my makeup from one of the draws and applied my daily make-up soft beige foundation, a little bit of eyeliner on my waterline, some mascara and a little lip gloss, i picked up my pre-heated ghd's and straightened my hair.picking up my bag from my bed i walked to my front foor "keys, phone, purse,sun glasses check" then i locked my front door and made my way down the three flights of stairs.

once i got outside the sun was shining brightly and blinding me,so i sheilded my eyes from the sun by flingign my arm over them while i pulled my sun glassses from my bag and put them on. i didnt know which way to go so i took my chances taking a right strolling as the gravel crunched under my feet. i had been walking for about ten minutes when i spotted a little cafe accross the road. Millies cafe was plastered in pink swirly writing on the window and i strolled in and took in the atmosphere it was painted white but almost everything was pink it was cute. they had heaart shaped tables and pink chairs to match on one side and pink heart seats on the other with little coffee tables between i took a set at one of the tables and a young girl with pale skin and long black hair strolled up to me she was wearing a pink top with Millie's cafe adorned on the front in the same font as the sign but in black writing and a way to short, black skirt and a white apron which was tied neatly around her small waist. "Good afternoon and welcome to Millie's cafe im rachel, heres a menu would you like a few minuetes" i nodded and shee beamed "okie dokie" and strolled off. weird never seen someoe so happy and up beat maybe that was what their boss expected of them. i sighed pushing it aside and looked down at the laminated menu in fornt of me.The brass bell on the top of the door rang and curiosity got the better of me and  i looked up to see javis entereing the cute petite cafe.God he's beautiful he pulled off his dark sunglasses and strolled towards me taking the seat opposite from me and sighed "look if you want me to go i understand" i giggled "why would i want you to go?" he looked at me then back down at his hands which were fiddling with his sunglasses "Erm..After last night, i dont know what came over me," im sorry" i burst out laughing and he looked at me a confused look on his face "Javis i kissed you back if you remember, are we still on for lunch, the park" finally his smile returned "defintley" rachel came over "Hey sorry i didnt know you had company would you like something sir?" she turned to face javis, all dreamy eyed he smiled politley at her "just a coffee please" she wrote his order down and tunred to me "so did you decided what you would like to order?" i nodded "I'll have a bacon sandwhich and a coffee" she nodded "great" and walked away scribbling my order down on the note pad. javis turned to me "so what have you been doing this morning" i smiled brightly he wanted to know what i had been doing "Oh not much just beagn unpacking. what about you?" he paused as if thinking of something to say "sleeping" i giggled "lazy" he nudged me "need my beauty sleep?"  we both laughed. before we could make more conversation rachel came back over balancing my sandwhich and two cups of coffee she set them down "will that be all?" i nodded "Thanks" and she walked away. I turned to javis and leaned in "that girls crushing on you hard" he leaned in close to me i could feel his warm, minty fresh breath on me and i just wanted to grab his face and kiss him but i ressisted the urge "well-" he stopped and looked around then back at me "-I kind of have a crush on soemone else" he winked at me and leaned back in his chair i swear i was blushing again i really needed to stop doing that i didnt reply though i just picked up sandwhich and took a large bite watching him as he took a sip of coffee.


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