It's Possible

*For the Young Movellist of the Year Competition*

Autumn is a normal girl, yet she's been travelling the world with her Dad ever since her Mother died of a car crash years ago. On the night of New Year’s Eve, they settle down in the town of Tileford in a battered down flat, ready to turn a new leaf. Starting school again for Autumn is hard - it always has been - but there's a terrible rumour going around about a girl who got hit in the town square. Can Autumn stay out of it, hiding away and pretending she doesn't care, or can she not help but want to take the side of the guy...the guy, the suspect, the potential killer? She wants to stay out of trouble, but is that really an option? Everything is possible.


4. *Just a little note*

I'm coming to the end of this book now, just in time for the deadline of the competition. So I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has liked, faved and left amazing feedback on here! :) I'm really excited to be part of the competition, and I wish good luck to the rest of you participating. :D

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