Saved By The Enemy

It all happened in America. It happened to us. Charity and Joice. Our father beats us. We ran. Then, we got kidnapped.


6. Their Names


We walked back to the house slumped over. Before anyone could grab me I went into my room and locked the door, then into my bathroom and locked the door, and then into a cabinet and closed the door. I found a blade and my mind flashed to cutting myself. I grabbed it and cut on my wrist, careful to miss the vein. I was bleeding and it was definitely going to leave a scar. I heard the door break down and prayed that they wouldn't find me. The bathroom door did the same. Oh no. They looked everywhere and they finally opened the cabinet door. Curly quickly took my blade away and cleaned my cuts. They were really deep, but I was fine. 

"FUCK YOU!" I screamed. They all looked at me and I scowled at Liam.

"Yes, I said the F word. Problem?" I cockily said.

"Food?" Curly said. I had't eaten since Nando's, and loosing that amount of blood really makes you need food.

"No." I said. "Until you let me go, I will not eat!" I said, closing my eyes and crossing my arms.

"Charity, you know that won't happen. Just eat!" The one with the black hair said. I was angry.

"Tell me your names." I demanded.

"Harry." Curly said.

"Niall." Said Blondie.

"Zayn." The mysterious one said.

"Liam." Said Mr. Protective.

"Boo Bear." The funny one said.

"Your real name?" I asked.

"Boo Bear Mc Carrots." He said. I knew his name. It was to obvious.I pointed to the name tag he had obviously forgotten to take off.

"Okay Lewis." I said. He stared at me and cried.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"You called him Lewis. It's Louis." Harry said. I looked at them in disbelief and said, "I'm not apologizing. You kidnapped me, LEWIS!" I said and left the room. Wow. He's special.

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