Saved By The Enemy

It all happened in America. It happened to us. Charity and Joice. Our father beats us. We ran. Then, we got kidnapped.


10. Moments


I was about to loose my virginity to my kidnapper. He had taken all of my clothes off, but he hadn't been touched yet. 

"I see you were desperate." He said almost tauntingly. My area was soaked. Curse my weakness. He left a trail of kisses down my stomach and stopped at my area.

"Harry" I said, breathing heavily.

"Yes?" He said looking up.

"Do something about your clothes! And by god, use some protection!" I screamed. He took a packet of condoms out of his pocket.

"Perv." I whispered. He smiled cheekily and removed his shirt. I stared at his perfectly toned abs and he said, "Close your mouth. You'll catch flies!" I scowled and he kissed me on the neck

"This is possibly the most conversational sex I have ever had." He whispered into my ear. 

"But so far it's been the best."

Those words set me off. I bucked my hips and he raised his eyebrows.

"Whoa." He said.

"Harry, if you are going to do something, do it NOW!" I screamed through gritted teeth. Now I was frustrated.

"I love you." Was all he said, and he entered me. I screamed in pleasure, my collar bone sweaty. He went slow at first, then he went faster. 

"I'M ABOUT TO CUM HARRY!" I shouted. He felt me tighten, but before I could do anything he quickly pulled out. Never in my life had I EVER hated someone so much in my life.


"Maybe you'll think about that tomorrow, when you say you don't want sex?" He grinned and I put my clothes back on. He had just realized what he did to me and how much I had lied to him when I said I didn't want any part of him as I left.

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