Saved By The Enemy

It all happened in America. It happened to us. Charity and Joice. Our father beats us. We ran. Then, we got kidnapped.


11. Last Chapter

So I am such a lazy bum, but this is the last chapter because I had a wonderful idea for a new one! I am one of those lot who can't multi task, if you get my drift. I'll try and make this chapter wicked, though!



The breath hitched in my throat as the intoxicating liquid took over. My body did as it pleased, rebelling against my mind. A striped shirt and red suspenders came over to me. We were grinding, and without even thinking about the rest of the boys I went with him to his flat, barely making it into the room without tearing each other's clothes off. We were naked and he started kissing me in various different places. The moans left my mouth unwillingly, along with bursts of pleasure. He hit my spot every time, making it even more enjoyable. He never stopped until we both hit our breaking points. Our sweaty bodies collapsed onto each other.  In the morning, I threw up. It wasn't because of the alcohol. I remembered the mystery man, and screamed. It was Louis. I checked the white stick. I was pregnant with Louis Tomlinson's child.

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