Saved By The Enemy

It all happened in America. It happened to us. Charity and Joice. Our father beats us. We ran. Then, we got kidnapped.


8. Broken


Harry came into my room after being out with the boys. He smelled strongly of alcohol. 

"Hey babe. I'm horny..." he slurred, walking closer to me.

"No Harry, you're drunk!" I said, worried. I heard Liam, who was most definitely sober, debating with Louis. Something about carrot babies... 

"Come on babe, share!" He whined. I grimaced as he basically fell on top of me.

"Listen to me!" I yelled. He stared at my face. I grabbed the ice tea I was drinking and threw it in his face. He blinked and ran to the bathroom. 

"What the hell?" He said, finishing. Cold substances. Great cure for drunkness, or so I heard on myth busters. 

"You tried to fuck me!" I yelled at him through the door. 

He popped his head out and said, "I did?!"

"Yup." I remarked. He shook his head and said, "I'm sorry..."

"It's fine. I know you want me..." I said, getting close to his ear. He lost balance for a second but caught himself. I laughed and said, "You are such a kid!" He scowled.

"It's not my fault an incredibly sexy girl comes and turns me on!" He said, slapping my ass. I turned around and slapped him across the face.

"I may flirt with you, but I am NOT a slut, or whatever you want to call it. Slap my ass again and it will be bad news!" I said calmly, yet quite intimidating. I will admit, he is hot and turns me on a little. Just enough for me to get a little wet, but he never sexually frustrates me or anything.

"Hmph. I was going for an ocean!" He said, concentrating.

"OH MY GOD! DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?" I yelled. He smirked and said, "Yes, and I enjoyed every minute of it!" 

"You'll never get me." I said, leaning towards him.

"Let's play a game..." He said. It was tempting, so I accepted.

"If I win, we date. If you win, we don't date. But also, if I win, we have-"

"Sex." I said. He nodded and said, "First one to get turned on looses..." I couldn't back out of it now.

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