Saved By The Enemy

It all happened in America. It happened to us. Charity and Joice. Our father beats us. We ran. Then, we got kidnapped.


4. A Whole New Level


"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way." The curly one said.

"Well, I like my reputation as bad ass, so I'd like the hard way." I said firmly.

"I'll just go along with it. I can't stand this. I'm only fifteen! My father beat us every day of our lives!" Joice wept. "Go ahead and kill me or rape me or whatever! I don't care anymore!" She got out of the car and walked into the front door. I followed her. The boys followed us, but I turned around and gave them the finger.

"Fuck off!" I said.

"It's our house!" They said.

"Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah." I pivoted and sat on the love seat with Joice.

"Tell us your names now!" Blondie said.

"Or what? Is curly fries gonna curl us to death?" I said, chuckling.

"Joice." Joice said, obviously done.

"And yours?" He said.

"And mine is dis closed information!" I said.

"It's Charity." Joice said.

"Yep." I said, annoyed.

"Well, okay." He said.

"What, got a problem with our names, SCOTTISH!?" I yelled.

"GO TO YOUR ROOMS!" Curly said. Oiy, this is terrible.

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