Lights. Camera. Action.

Rickie Valentine is one of the best girl drummers in the world. Her dad was a very famous and well known singer while her mom was an actress. She got a good mix of their genes growing up and being around the music but she didn't want their help getting her and her band famous, she wanted to do it on her own. For the summer, she goes off to a music camp her dad funds where no one would know who she was. It was her way to get big without her dads help but when she runs into an old "friend" who's in a well known band, One Direction whom she hates, things get more complicated then it need to be. Can he and his band keep her secret? Can she focus on her music? Or will she find something she has been lacking for a long time...

**This story has mature content in it and I'm not so sure if will have a lot in it so please don't read if you can't handle that kind of stuff. Thanks**


1. The Camp

It was people didn't look at me for being the daughter of a rock god or the daughter of a melodramatic actress who was one of the best people to cry on film. They all saw me for... An ordinary girl with unnatural orange hair and grey eyes that held no emotion what's so ever. The girl I wanted everyone to see. That's why I came here. To prove just because of Mason's daughter, I wasn't going to get famous because of him. I was here to get famous with my talent and my talent only. It's not like people knew who I was anyway.


All people ever knew about me was that I was now sixteen years old and that my parent slanted to keep me out of the lame light until I was ready to face it. I wasn't facing it until I was famous. Until I got famous on my own.


I carried my bag into the doorway of the camp. It was full of kids hugging their parents or jamming out to music with a new group of friends. A smile crossed my face as I walked deeper through the crowds. This was my dream. Kids playing their instruments while other kids played or sang along like something that belonged in a musical but real. I dropped my bag down and carefully put my guitar down. I wasn't very good at playing it, I was a drummer but my dad wanted me to learn how to play better while I was here. I unzipped my bag and pulled out my hot pink drum sticks sighed by Rickie Rogers, the women I was named after.


She was the drummer in my dads band. She was basically my idol growing up until she died when I seven. I kissed the sticks then out then out them back in my bag. This is the camp that started it all for Rickie Rogers and for my dad as well. He now funded the camp along but this year since I was attending, he hired a group of judges to evaluate us so it wouldn't seem like I was chosen for the record deal because I was his daughter. I was about to walk out of the crowd when a group of girls started to scream, "IT'S THEM! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" My whole body went still.


One Direction? Here? Harry? My mind went crazy then I could feel the pushing of the girls and down I went. I hit he ground with a thump. Thankfully, no one stepped on my bag or my guitar or I would have had a cow. The sun pressed onto my skin as I laid on the ground. I had no will to get up. One Direction is here. No wonder my dad was so secretive on who would be the judges this year. He knew I hated them. Mostly Harry.


"Do you need some help?" A girl asked above me.


The girl had pink hair that was rather big and crazy curly with a little patch missing as well. It reminded me of cotton candy. She was wearing a dark blue shirt that was very thin and cut up into shreds. She wore a oink tutu that was a coupe, shades darker than her hair. Under the tutu was fish net tights that were rainbow colored. Lastly, she wore black combat boots on her fit with a blue zipper on the side. On the tips of her shoes, she wrote in sliver: RIGHT, LEFT. The strange thing was, she wrote right on her left foot and left on her right foot. I looked up at her face. She wore neon pink lipstick and bight pink blush. She eyes were an Aztec blue color with crazy glued on eyelashes. Her eyeliner was very thick, probably done with liquid rather then pencil. She smiled at me showing the bright pink braces she had on her teeth.


"Uh sure.." I slowly said giving her my hand.


She helped me up then dusted off her tutu.


She smiled at me again. "Camilla Simone-Lynn Rivers!" She laughed holding out her hand. Her finger nails were bright pink and green with little details on them I couldn't make out. I was about to tell her my name when she said, "I'm looking for a Rickie No Last Name. The people here messed up and put me in a cabin with a dude!"


"Uhh... I'm Rickie No Last Name." I said slowly.


Camilla's face went still, "I'm so sorry!"


I shook my head, "No worries, I get that all the time besides the No Last Name part." I could feel myself laugh then she started to laugh too.


"Well, I guess we are roomies! I already set my stuff in there. I took the bed by the door." Camilla hooked arms with me and we walked away from the crowds of girls oozing over the band. I didn't even want to look in that direction. We walked to a group of guys. Camilla chatted while I halted listened. I could feel my head slightly moving over to see the band.


That's when I saw him. Harry. His hair was cut a little shorter but he still had the crazy curls that matched his wicked smile. The dimples he had just made me melt inside. Well, the use to anyway. His eyes met mine. He probably couldn't recognize me. Back when we first met, I had long blonde hair and I dressed like a girly girl. Now here I am, with the orange colored hair that sat on my shoulders in a choppy manner white shorts with a black and red stripped tank. I didn't look like I use to but neither did he. He smiled at me. I turned my head away.


Camilla stopped, "Please tell me you are not a One Directioner!"


I looked at her and snorted, "No! I'm just thinking of all the people Valentine can get, he chose these guys! I was hoping for Adam Levin or Kelly Clarkson or anyone but these losers!"


Camilla flashed me a wicked grin, "We are going to get along just fine!"


I smiled back at her, I thought so as well. Besides her crazy get up and makeup that could spread out on five people, she seemed okay. I was ready to find out what she did. I guessed that she was a singing or a guitarist. Something that would fit her personality well. Camp was going to be a blast. Despite the Harry part but I couldn't waste my time here and worry about him. It was my chance to shine now.

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