Lights. Camera. Action.

Rickie Valentine is one of the best girl drummers in the world. Her dad was a very famous and well known singer while her mom was an actress. She got a good mix of their genes growing up and being around the music but she didn't want their help getting her and her band famous, she wanted to do it on her own. For the summer, she goes off to a music camp her dad funds where no one would know who she was. It was her way to get big without her dads help but when she runs into an old "friend" who's in a well known band, One Direction whom she hates, things get more complicated then it need to be. Can he and his band keep her secret? Can she focus on her music? Or will she find something she has been lacking for a long time...

**This story has mature content in it and I'm not so sure if will have a lot in it so please don't read if you can't handle that kind of stuff. Thanks**


2. I Knew

"The rules at camp are simple," Some guy my dad hired who wasn't famous at all said. "You come to your assigned classes everyday. You do the work your mentors, One Direction members, say. There is no curfew here at camp but if you miss one class, then you are out. Make good choices everyone." He bowed his head then walked off the stage.


I turned my head to hear the giggles belonging to Camilla as she buried her face into the palms of her hands trying not to let her laughter out. I could feel a laugh locked in my throat as I watched her pink cotton candy bounce up and down in between laughter fits. The girl in front of us turned around and gave us a death stare. It only made it worse. Camilla and I burst into laughter. We held each others heads as we laughed only making the Chinese girl in front of us even more mad. When one of the adults flashed us a look, we stopped laughing. Just in time for Harry to jump on stage.


"Hello all you beautiful babes!" He said sweetly making all the girls giggle about his accent besides Camilla and me. She stuck her tongue out at him then gave him one of her grins. He saw and matched her smile.


"Dick." She muttered under her breath.


I let out a laugh then my eyes met Harry's. He gave me a weird look then shook his head. He looked around the room. He smiled again, "And you too, guys. Welcome to camp this year! This is the first year Valentine decided not to be at camp because he has a big tour coming up. I am so grateful he chose us to be the judges here this year!" Everyone cheered, even the guys. Harry held his arms up like he was important making me roll my eyes. "With that being said, things will be different this year. You all will learn more about it later but for now... LETS PARTY!"



"Whatcha think?" Camilla asked. We walked back to the cabin to get changed. She wanted to make a big impression on the guys this year because last year she had a boyfriend who tied her down, this year she was going buck wild.


She wore a skin tight, hot pink tube top looking dress with a fish net dress over it that was black. She pinned back half of her curls and left the other side with the most hair hanging out in wild curls. She wiped her makeup off to add a even more on to her face but it looked really pretty on her soft pale skin. She wore her boots on her feet even though they didn't match the outfit that well but she still seemed to pull it off.


"I'm guessing you like fish net." I laughed pulling my red skinny jeans on.


I went for a more simple look. Red skinnies with a simple black and grey top that hug loosely on my body. I let Camilla toss my hair into simple curls around my neck and thick eyeliner on my eyes. I looked perfect. I was ready for the start of camp. Bombfire Monday's. It was going to be amazing.


"I wear fish nets on Mondays. Can't wait for you to see my system!" She laughed evilly then skipped out with me on her heels.


I ended up losing Camilla down to the fire. We lived on the east side of camp, farthest from everything. I didn't think I could lose her with her hair and clothes being so bright. I cussed under my breathe. I warped my arms around myself and followed the path as best as I could. All of a sudden I could feel someone's arms warp around me.


I tried to scream but they covered my mouth. I didn't struggle. You never struggle or they will kill you. Or at least I thought. I watched a lot of Law in Order but my mind was going rather blank right now.


The guy pushed me onto a tree. He readjusted his hand over my mouth and I bit him. He let out a growl, "Calm down Rickie, its just me!"


Harry! Damnit! He did recognize me. What was I suppose to do? No one was suppose to know it was me! It would all change. I would be known as the girl who won the record deal because her daddy owned the camp.


"I'm not Rickie!" I said pushing his hand away from my mouth. I leaned on the tree and crossed my arms.


He pushed his face closer to mine, "Yes you are. Scar about your right eyebrow. You got that when we were kids. Fell off the swing and hit your head on the deck."


I bit my lip. Harry and I grew up together. Our families we just really close so I guess they wanted us to be as well. We were best friends until about two years ago. He got super famous and stole my song I wrote, the one I was going to use for my audition. Ever since then, I've hated his lying cheating ass.


"Get out of my way Harry." I snapped. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm. He pinned me onto the tree and smile.


"I know you little secret darling, I wouldn't be so rude to me or everyone is going to find out who your daddy is."


I sighed, "What do you want Harry?"


He smiled again, sending chills down my spine. "You will see." He rubbed his thumb across my jaw line then turned away. "Have fun at the party, I know I will."


I watched him leave. I couldn't believe this was happening. Why of all the people did my dad pick them to come? Why would he do this to me? First thing in the morning, I was calling him and getting this all cleared up. I couldn't stay here with the threat of Harry. No way in hell. 

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