Lights. Camera. Action.

Rickie Valentine is one of the best girl drummers in the world. Her dad was a very famous and well known singer while her mom was an actress. She got a good mix of their genes growing up and being around the music but she didn't want their help getting her and her band famous, she wanted to do it on her own. For the summer, she goes off to a music camp her dad funds where no one would know who she was. It was her way to get big without her dads help but when she runs into an old "friend" who's in a well known band, One Direction whom she hates, things get more complicated then it need to be. Can he and his band keep her secret? Can she focus on her music? Or will she find something she has been lacking for a long time...

**This story has mature content in it and I'm not so sure if will have a lot in it so please don't read if you can't handle that kind of stuff. Thanks**


3. Classes

My dad was no help. He wouldn't answer his phone that night or in the morning when I tried to call him at least thirty times. I knew he would do this to me. I tossed my phone on the bed the called for Camilla who was probably taking up all the hot water.


Camilla came out of the bathroom. Her hair was poker straight today. The tips of her hair were a bright purple color. Today she was wearing a colorful cheetah print tee that fit her body like a glove but was cut in half showing off her belly button ring but she wore normal blue jean shorts that seemed to be hacked off to a very short length. She put on a pair of toms then pulled her hair up in a pony tail which she then added a matching bow. Her make up was actually really cool today. The eye shadow she had on actually looked like cheetah print spots. Her lips were almost a gold glossy color that was very pretty on her.


"So Tuesday is print I'm guessing." I said looking at her.


"Print, tummy, and legs. Less is more darling!" She giggled. She hooked her arm around mine then we marched to breakfast.


Not a lot of people were in the dinning hall. Mostly because of Tuesday early morning classes, mostly dance classes. Camilla and I put a ton of food on plates then sat at an empty table. As we were digging in Harry and Niall walked in.


I rolled my eyes then Harry saw me. He gave me a wink while I gave him the bird. I shook my head. I stuffed half a pancake in my mouth. Camilla raised her eyebrows at me but I just shook my head. I couldn't tell her my hate or Harry without telling her who I really was.


"What time is your first class?" I asked her.


"Ten. You?"


"I got ten minutes till I got to leave. What are you taking?"


Camilla was about to answer when Harry sat his ass down next to her. He gave us that smile then Niall took a seat next to me. He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. I always liked Niall. But I could tell that he didn't recognize me which was a good thing.


"Hello lovely babes!" Harry said.


"Harry, shut up. Hi, I'm Niall. What's your name?" He was staring at Camilla. His eyes were glowing as he looked at her. She looked at him like a dear in head lights. I couldn't help but laugh.


"This is Camilla. I'm Rickie." I said still laughing.


"Hey, Rickie. It looks like you are in my next class. Lets walk on down there, why don't we?" Harry suggested. The way he said it, I could tell her wanted to talk. This was my moment.


I nodded, "Sounds like a good idea." I got out of my seat then looked at Camilla. I added, "I will catch up with you at the cabin."


Harry and I walked out of the dinning room. We walked along the trails in silence for a couples minutes then he said, "I haven't been able to get ahold of you."


I stopped dead in my tracks, "Are you fucking serious Harry? You stole my song then told people you wrote it!"


"Technically we wrote it together."


My mouth dropped, "You changing some of the words around to make it sound like a guy wrote it does not count as helping me write it!"


"Then lets call it improving it." He held up his finger and pressed it to my lips. "I wouldn't be so snippy, Rickie darling, because I know who you are and the second people find out, you are out of this camp with no chance of making it on your own. You will need your daddies help so I suggest that you shut the hell up and listen. We have five minutes before class starts."


He removed his finger and I didn't say anything. I crossed my arms and waited for him to start talking again. That stupid smirk crossed his lips making me want to throat punch his ass.


"Good Rickie. Now, I have something I want and you are the only person who can give it to me." He said.


"And that is?" I asked.


"A song. I need a song to sing for the finals. It's part of our payment working here. The guys said since I wrote such a good song the last time we were in a jam that I should do it again."


"You mean the song you stole." I said.


Harry gave me a look, "Look, just write me a damn song and we can get by here at camp. Deal?"


"No deal."


His mouth dropped this time, "I can tell everyone about you! Don't you forget that!"


"Yeah well. I could tell everyone about how you stole my song and how you are a fake." I smiled at him then got closer. I whispered lastly in his ear before skipping off to class, "You're my bitch now. Bye sweetie!"

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