Faded Truth

Harry and Hannah have been dating for a while but when Hannah starts keeping secrets from Harry she loses his trust she makes him furious. Will Harry and Hannah last?


1. Free falling

Hannah POV
As I waited for Harry to come pick me up I watched Dance moms . I was a junior at blurberry high school and Harry was a senior at the same school
I heard a knock at my door I went to open it and met the face of my curly haired boy we've been dating since homecoming of this year.
"Hello beautiful." Harry said
"Hey babe." I said.
"Shall we get in the car?"Harry asked I grabbed my backpack and we headed outside Harry walked in front of me and opened the car door for me and I got inside he shut the door behind me then he walked around the car and got in. I turned on kiss fm and the a team was playing and that was mine and Harry's song, so we started to sing it after it was over Harry kissed my cheek and held my hand.
We got to school and he walked me to my class.
"Have a good day babe." Harry said
"You to babe."
Harry kissed my lips I kissed back.
"Bye I love you!" Harry called as he headed toward he class.
I shouted,"Love you to!"
I walked in my class and sat down.
I pulled my phone out and started texting Harry.
What's up
Nothing Mr. Anderson is just saying how cells separate.
Who cares how cells seperate they just do.
Ha your weird Hannah
Well we should stop texting before we get in trouble bye babe love you
Love you to bye I replied.
School was out I was waiting for Harry by his car.
And my friend came up to me his name is Aideon.
"Hey Hannah need a ride."
"No, Harry's giving me a ride."
"Oh...him." He said like he was angry.
Harry started walking over and Aideon said " I'd better go bye Han."
Aideon walked away as Harry came.
Harry opened the car for me. I hopped in.
Harry went around the car and got in.
"What were you and Aideon talking about?"
"He just asked if I needed a ride home."
" why? He knows I pick you up and drop you off at your house unless you spend the night."
"I don't know I'm not Aideon."
"I know."
"You don't need to worry Harry."
"I know I'm just afraid I might lose you."
"That won't happen."
I kissed Harry's cheek. The ride to my house was pretty quiet because nothing interesting happened that day.
We arrived at my house around 5pm because we get out at 4:45 pm.
Harry and I walked inside.
"Hello Mrs.Chavez." Harry said.
"Hello Harold."
We walked to my room.
Harry picked up a movie called 50 first dates.
"Wanna watch it."
He put it on and pressed play then lied down with my hugging my waist my hands on top of his while we watched the movie.
It was about 8pm when Harry decided he should go I hugged him and we said our goodbyes around 10 I texted him goodnight and when to bed.
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