Imagine... [One Direction Style]

Give your name and boy and I'll write one for you. :)

Directioners only please.


2. Niall and Taylor_Mavica

 You and your small group of friends are on Spring Break and decide to spend it on vacation at Great Adventure. You hear shrill screams and see people pointing. You figure that it's from a ride, but soon find out you are wrong when you see a mob of girls chasing after five running figures. Your friend nudges you as the crowd gets closer. "Do you know who they are?!?!?" You squint your eyes trying to identify them in the bright sunlight. "Oh. My. God." "One Direction!" You say together. You both look at eachother and make a silent agreement to act normal and try to keep calm. You quickly run ahead of the crowd and towards where the cloud of screaming girls behind you are headed. Staying slightly ahead of the crowd, you slip into an empty and enclosed party room. As the boys start to get ahead of the mob of girls you open the door and motion them in closing the door quickly and quietly so the screaming crowd doesn't see or hear you. You put the lights on and take in your surroundings, you and your friend are trying to hold in your excitement and the five boys of One Direction are lying on the floor out of breath in front of you. Closest to you is Niall and you stick out a hand to help him up. He hesitates but grabs your hand. "Thanks." he mumbles. "Welcome." You see the rest of the boys have gooten up and are standing in front of you. "Uhh.... Any reason why you let us in here?" Liam asks. "Just helping." you say with a shrug. "Well, thank you." "You're welcome." "Are you fans or just trying to help?" Harry asks. "Fans, but of course nowhere near as crazed as those girls." You say jerking your head towards the door, earning a chorus of laughs.


You all end up exchanging numbers and you and your friend swear to not give their number away at random. And you become friends. And as you get to know everyone better, you realise you and Niall have a lot in common and you start dating.


 A/N  This is for my friend Taylor, and obviously I am the friend and I did NOT enjoy witing this because Niall is MINE!!

~~Emmie-Jo xx


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