Imagine... [One Direction Style]

Give your name and boy and I'll write one for you. :)

Directioners only please.


1. Niall and Niall'sPotatoPrincess (ME!!)


 You are sitting in math class listening to your teacher drone on and on about fraction and decimals but either way you weren't paying her any attention. "Psst. Psst. Emily." your friend whispers. "what?" you snap. "i'm bored." you shake your head and turn around. "psst!" you turn around again. "you're gonna get us in trouble." she shrugs. Finally the bell rings and you and your friend walk towards the cafeteria. "okay now we can talk." you say. "i still can't believe you know One Direction. who am i kidding? it's obvious you're trying to trick me." "suit yourself." just then a teacher tells you that you are needed at the security desk. you take a pass and walk to the front of the building. seeing someone waiting there other than the security guard. you get closer and realise it's Niall. your eyes widen. "what're you doing here?!" "you said your friend wouldn't believe you so, i figured i could get you both early from school, and don't worry i've told your mom, and you can prove it to her." "fair enough." you sprint back to the cafeteria and grab your things and tell your friend to do so as well. you both walk back to the security desk and perfect timing she was taking a drink from her water bottle. Niall turns around and your friend chokes on her water. you smirk, "told you so."

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