Imagine... [One Direction Style]

Give your name and boy and I'll write one for you. :)

Directioners only please.


6. Niall and justgowithit

You're dating Niall Horan of One Direction, but not for the fame, or the fortune, but because of his carefree, fun-loving personality. He always told you you could sing, and you had always wanted to audition for X-Factor. Turns out, Niall got you an audition, and if you get lucky, you'll become famous like him and then you could tour with them, so you would always be together.

You're on the stage with the panel of judges staring at you. You're snapped out of your trance when Simon says, "Uh, hello. What's your name?" "Oh, Em." "And what song will you be singing?" "Like A Star by Britt Nicole."

As you begin the song, you keep sneaking glances at Niall, who's backstage, and he gives you a thumbs-up. You finish, out of breath, and you end up getting three yes's. But before you could exit, Simon asks you this, "Do I know you from somewhere? You look oddly familiar." "Probably from magazine covers and Twitter." And then Niall comes out on stage with you to say hello to Uncle Simon (tehe).

When you get off the stage Niall asks, "What made you pick that song?"

"Well... I like the song.... and the chorus was kinda for you." you say blushing.

He laughs, "Cute." and kisses you on the forehead.

You both walk out hand in hand, awaiting bootcamp and what you're in for.


A/N If you listen to the chorus of the song, you'll understand.

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