Imagine... [One Direction Style]

Give your name and boy and I'll write one for you. :)

Directioners only please.


5. Harry and May May*2

You are at an amusement park with Harry and the boys. Them being the adventurous boys they are Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn get on line for one of the fastest rollercoasters in the park, which also happens to be your favorite ride. Harry hesitates. "Harry, are you coming?" "I don't do rollercoasters, remember?" I used my puppy eyes, "Pwetty pwease?" He sighs, "Fine. But if I die, I'm blaming you."

You finally get to the front of the line and you put your hair up into a quick ponytail so it doesn't whip you in the face. The ride begins with a sudden lurch and Harry grabs your hand. You can see the fear in his eyes and you hear him mumble, "There's no turning back now." You give his hand a reassuring squeeze and smile at him. The ride begins to inch its way up the first hill. It reaches the top and you see Harry shut his eyes tight.

You go down the hill, increasing speed as you go. Bump after bump after bump and Harry's grip gets steadily tighter, but you don't say anything because you made him go in the first place.

As you go over the final hill you nudge Harry and tell him the ride is over. "You did it." He looks at you with an evil smirk. "You are gonna get it Rachel!!"

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