My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


4. The train

Well in Diagon ally was awful we lost Harry and ran into Katie. She was flirting with the boys. She acted like I wasn't there but she knew I was. She kept shoving me until I fell over. The twins helped me up and told her to go away but she refused and asked them why they was hanging out with a freak like me? I also saw Angelina and Ariel it was good to see them but something was up with them both I don't know what yet but I will find out. We eventually found harry but he ended up getting noticed by some obnoxious man called Gilderoy Lockheart who has supposedly written a lot of great books. After that a boy Harry and Ron's age came and started picking on harry and the Weasley's. Me and Ariel just stood there wondering who this stuck up immature child was? He looked a bit like Ariel but I am sure I was just Imagining things? After that his father came and again Ariel, Father and son looked a like. Whats going on? Maybe they are cousin's or related some how?

We all had just ran through the barrier and I almost screamed when I said who was stood at the over side. My Farther. I was stood with Fred and George. He spotted me and smirked. He stepped onto the train and gave me a little wave. Why's he on the train? I was panicking. My breathing got heavier as I freaked out. Oh my god he's going to kill me was all I could think. George tapped my shoulder and asked softly

"Are you alright Love?"

I just nodded answering as calm as I could

"I am fine"

They looked at me strangely. What should I do? I can't tell them anything else they already know he abuses me I cant let them know anything else. They will ditch me or maybe something worse? So I shouted enthusiastically 

"Come on lets get our buts on this train and go to Hogwarts's"

They smiled and forgot about the subject. We boarded the red train but while the twins were busy chatting about what the would do this year I was keeping a eye out for my dad so I could run if I saw him. I may be a Gryffindor but he doesn't look drunk or angry he looks like he wants revenge. A very bloody and nasty revenge. Plus hes a fully trained wizard I am only just going in to my fourth year. We found a compartment and I was sat next to George. I felt really tired because I stayed up all night reading a few books.I yawned and put my head on Georges shoulder. I felt the train start moving. I was expecting Lee to come find the boys soon. Well Lee doesn't like me too much. He doesn't pick on me a lot but he still hates me. If he doesn't come find us he will go flirt with Katie, Angelina or Alicia. I normally don't fight back when it comes to bullies. Actually I don't speak to them when they pick on me. 

I heard Katie come in here acting so sweet and innocent. Then she saw me with my head on Georges shoulder and then I heard her scream

"Why is she in here? And what does she have her head on your shoulder George? Quick get her out of here shes a right freak and loser."

I heard her scream different names at me. I had enough I stood up about to leave. She was smirking she had won. I heard Fred say quickly 

"No Katie if you don't like Arianna then you can leave so you pick."

I smiled at him and sat down next to him because Katie had taken my seat. She scowled and huffed. I could hear her muttering offensive and then I heard her say

"Shes so ugly, fat and a freak probably just like her mother"

I stood up and stood to face her. The rage bubbled up inside me. I screamed at her

"get out of here! I don't want to see your face in this compartment. My mum died when we was escaping a sinking ship when I was ten. She drowned because a stuck up and selfish man shoved her off and she wasn't wearing a life jacket because she was too busy trying to find me because someone took me away from her. Get out of here you stuck up cow."

She sat there shocked. She didn't move a inch. I screamed louder

"I said get out. Didn't you hear me? Ok I will say I louder. Get out you stuck up cow or your leaving this train with a jinx."

She bolted out the compartment and ran down the train. I could hear clapping. I looked down at the seats to see Fred and George. I smiled. George then said to me

"Well done love. Oh by the way its time for you to take your last potion."

I needed this last one to heal properly.I took the bottle from my bag and opened it. I could smell everything I loved. It smells like that so you want to drink it. I downed it straight away and tried not to gag. It tastes disgusting. I felt sleep take over me, My eyes shut and I fell into the darkness. Before I went to sleep I felt some warm, strong arms scoop me up.

Fred's Point Of View

I held her in my arms as she slept. She looked to cute. I heard George laugh at me so I looked up and gave him a confused look.He laughed loudly

"You really love her don't you?"

I looked down at her and watched her move slightly. I hissed at him

"Shut up you will wake her up plus I don't even know what your talking about."

He gave me a look that said yeah right. He whispered to me

"You know exactly what I am on about."

I sighed 

"Fine your right I love her. Don't tell anyone."

He laughed loudly. He then realized he was being loud and then whispered to me

"I knew it!"

Arianna's Point Of View

I heard a voice whisper 

"Fine your right I love her. Don't tell anyone."

What?! Then someone laughed loudly and whispered

"I Knew it!"

What's going on? I must still be dreaming. I will have to face living hell in a bit so I better just forget about it.

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