My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


5. The great castle

I woke up to Fred gently shaking my shoulders. I moaned a bit because I was too tired to wake up. I rubbed my eyes then Fred whispered in my ear

" Come on we are here" 

I stood up slowly while trying to wake my self up. I grabbed my small bag and walked off the train while my feet scraped the floor slightly with each step. I felt my self trip over someone else's foot. I heard people laughing behind me then someone shouted

"Wow what a loser. Cant even stay balanced on her own two feet."

I sighed and got up slowly. I kept my head down trying not to look at them. I wiped away some of the mud from my trousers and hands. I had small cuts, scraps and marks on my hands. I sighed then started to walk away from the embarrassing scene. I sat quietly in the carriage looking outside. When we arrived and walked into the great hall I could hear peoples whispering things like

" Great the freak has returned"

"Wow she has got fatter"

"Nice to see her ugly face again."

Each comment stung but I kept a trying not to show that the comments hurt. I carried on walking then sat next to Fred and George with my mouth shut and head down. I could hear a familiar voice behind me say nastily 

"Aw is the stupid cow going to cry?"

I didn't bother to look. I knew who it was. I heard Fred's rough voice say

"Katie go away. We don''t want to listen to your stupid comments."

She giggled and started flirting. 

"Aw Freddie I know you love me. You are so cute and handsome. Will you go out with me?"

I heard Fred growl slightly. He sounded really annoyed with her. George muttered quietly to him

"Just ignore her Fred. She must be stupid to think you will date her."

They ignored her then after a while she stomped of saying things to her friends about me even though I hadn't done anything. Fred and George joked around like they always did. I ate a bit of salad then just sat and looked at my tiny, small hands. I felt someones arm wrap round my shoulder then they whispered in my ear

"Don't let some useless words get you down. Be happy. Your perfect the way you are so don't change for them. Stay the way you are for us."

I looked up to see a smiling George. I smiled slightly and gave him a hug. After we had all finished eating and we listened to Dumbledore's speech we walked out the massive, heavy double doors. I saw Ariel there waiting for me. I ran up to her and hugged her. We was like sisters. Even though shes in Slytherin this year we convinced the teachers to let me and Ariel have a dorm room together. She is pretty much the Slytherin princess but she loves me so she ignored everyone and looks after me. We walked up to the Gryffindor common room together. When we got in the people in there boo'd and hissed at us but we carried on walking with our heads held high trying to ignore the fact they all hated us. We found our dorm room. When we entered we looked at each other silently then we burst out laughing and started jumping on the bed. For the rest of the night we stayed up catching up, eating sweets, listening to music, doing each others make up and other girly things. Finally after a while we both fell asleep exhausted. 

I woke up late in the night to a scratching sound on the window. Ariel was fast asleep and I was scared to look. I quietly got up, crept to the windows then took a look. It was a owl? I opened the window then it flew in quickly. There was a note attached to it. I took the note after I read it I felt sick. The note said in its bold neat writing 

You think you escaped me don't you? Well think again you stupid little girl. You better watch your back because I am coming. Your school walls can't keep you safe. I know secrets you and your pathetic teachers don't know. Don't bother trying to show anyone else this note all they will see is a blank piece of paper. If I cant get to you I know something else will. You will be dead by the end of this year love. You wont be coming home this year so that's a relief.   From Jack Dust.

I slowly teared up the piece of paper. My dad was coming to kill me. If he doesn't something else will. 

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