My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


11. Shocking news

I put the photos down beside me with out looking at them and began to read the letter. In my mums neat writing it said

Dear Arianna,

I have left you this letter in case something happens to me before I could tell you. Well remember when you was little and I would tell you stories about my past at Hogwarts? I missed a few stories out. Well when I went to Hogwarts I was in Gryffindor right? Well my family was ashamed of me. All my family had been in Slytherin and that's where I was meant to go too. So after that I would get abused by my family. That was until I met a few friends. Let me tell you about some of your family you have met but you probably don't remember them.

Your Auntie Lily. Lily Evans is not really related to us but she always treated you better than my sister. She was also your god mother. Well your probably attending Hogwarts right now. Well you was once at Hogwarts. I had you in the beginning of my last year. The year before I was home schooled but Dumbledore let me come back for my final year. He also let me bring you. You was about a month old when I went back. You used to love Lily. She was there when you learnt to walk, talk and all that.

Next is your uncle James. Once again not your real Uncle but you never met my brothers and I didn't want you to. You spent a lot of time with your James and you was over the moon when him and Lily started going out. Also further on in life they had a son. His name was Harry potter. You was about two or three when they had him. 

Then there is you uncle Remus. You loved him when you was little and he would always take you to walk around the lake. You liked him as well because he was the tallest and you felt tall when he gave you piggy back rides. If you ever need help darling go and find him. You probably haven't seen him it years but if you have he probably doesn't want to tell you about your childhood because he knows about this letter.

Also the person you lived with all these years. You thought he was your farther right? Well I'm sorry darling he's not. He is a evil man. He used to be a death eater and was most loyal to Voldemort. I hope your not afraid of the name darling but if you are don't be afraid to use his name. I dated him for a while and I thought he changed but then he used to abuse me. He said its because he loved me. If you still live with him now. Escape. Escape quick and go live with one of your friends or Remus. I bet your wondering who your dad is right? Well I am going to tell you. Your dad is Sirus Black. We dated a while in out 6th year and then at the beginning of my 7th year I had you. Your dad's in azkaban. He is there for murder but Arianna he is not the murder. Peter Petigrew is. I tried to help him but no one would listen to me. If your dad ever gets out do not be afraid. He loves you and he will try and find you.

Also I should tell you this. A gift has been passed down to you sweetheart.You are the most powerful witch of all time but the thing is there is a few prophecies about you. One is you will fight and help Harry Potter in his battles. The second one is you will help Voldemort and wipe out the muggle race. The third one is you will die in battle but you will die for the good of the earth. Darling there is more of them but you must help Harry. When you enter your 5th year teachers will start to train you to use your gift. It is going to be frustrating but you must put all your effort into it. Try to protect Harry all you can darling and never ever give up. 

I love you darling hopefully your dad will get out and you can be happy like you deserve. I'm sorry I can't be there for you right now. 

Love your Mum.

My jaw dropped. I dropped the letter. My dad is Sirius Black? I guess he is innocent because I would be believe my mum over anyone. I guess I could go find this Remus soon? I could go straight after Ariel's to the Weasley's from there. What gift do I have and why am I so important to Harry and the final battle? I quickly took the letter back in the envelope. I took a look at the photos. One was a pretty red headed girl with bright green eyes holding a baby girl that looked about one. The little girls was clapping her hands a giggling. I realised the little girl was me. The pretty girl must be Lily. Next up was a tall guy with sandy colored hair with a baby girl on his shoulders. She had on hand on his hair and another was in his big hand. She was laughing and he was smiling. I take it that's Remus. The next photo I almost screamed. It was someone who looked exactly like Harry holding me. I was asleep in his arms. It must be his dad James. They aren't joking when they say he looks exactly like his dad. I took a look at a few more when I came across one. It was my mum and a boy with curly black hair and grey eyes looking down at me while I play on the floor. That must be my dad. I smiled. Wish I could have had a happy family. Voldemort has ruined my life now and when he rises I am not going down with out a fight. He will not bring me down. I will never join him. I will kill him once and for good.I stuffed it all back in the envelope and put everything back in my bag. I made my way to Ariel's.

When I got to Ariel's she opened it with a massive smile on her face. She then screamed with delight and hugged me. I laughed. She shouted happily

"I haven't seen or heard from you in a while."

I smiled at her then said happily

"I'm only staying tonight sorry it's not as long as we hoped. You see I found a letter from my mum. It turns out I used to know Harry Potter when I was like two and my mum had some friends that are pretty much like my aunties and uncles. Unluckily my Aunt Lily and Uncle James were Harry's Mum and Dad. Then there is also the fact a guy called Remus was like my Uncle so I am going to go find him and see if he remembers me. I have loads to tell you but I can't tell you know. I want to tell you with Fred and George too."

She took in every word I said then just nodded. We went to her room and watched movies. Her parents who are pureblood maniacs are on holiday. They don't think of her as family. More of a traitor. Its because she loves muggle things and she socializes with Half-bloods and Muggle-borns. She hates her family but when we are older and we have out own house she can come live with me until she has money for a house of her own. We partied to some loud music, did each others hair, make up and nails and also we chatted for a bit. It was about three in the morning when we got to sleep. 

The next morning I woke up and groaned. I took a look at the clock and it said twelve o' clock. I shot out of bed freaking out. I needed to be setting off. I grabbed a nice looking dress out of my bag then I slipped it on. I brushed my teeth and hair. Afterwards I made sure I looked nice enough because I wanted to make a good first impression. I shook Ariel awake. She screamed

"Oh my god Arianna is the house on fire? My parents are going to kill me."

I laughed and whispered to her

"No Ariel Its twelve o' clock. I need to leave now. Just go back to sleep."

She looked at me with one of her eye brows raised. She groaned and jumped back in bed. I quickly made my way downstairs to the fireplace. I don't know where to go? Maybe Molly can help me? I took some floo powder stepped into the fireplace. I shouted out 

"The Weasley's Burrow"

Next thing I know I'm engulfed in bright green and blue flames. It blocks my eye sight then when they die down I am standing in the Weasley's living room. I shout for Molly and she comes running in and smiles and me. She squeezes me into a tight, bone crushing hug. She then shouted happily

"Arianna love its nice to see you. I wasn't expecting you for a few more days. Is something wrong?"

I shook my head then replied

"No everything is fine. It's just I found a letter my mum left me and she told me about a few things and someone called Remus. Is he still alive and if so where can I find him?"

She pales as soon as I mentioned the letter. She must have known about it. She wrote something down for me and then whispered

"I know what the letters about. Everything will be fine and everything might have not made sense but it will do soon. Use some floo powder and say the address on this. That's where Remus lives. See you soon dear. I hope your still coming to stay."

I nodded and smiled. I walked back to the fire place. I stood in the fire place then shouted 

"Thank you. I will be back soon I will send you a letter the day before telling you when I am coming to stay."

She smiled and waved. I dropped the floo powder and shouted out the address. Once again the green flames engulfed me. Next thing I knew I was tumbling out of a fireplace onto some soft carpet. I heard someone shout

"What was that?"

I stood up and cleaned my self up. A few minutes later a man with sandy coloured hair and scars going across his face entered the room. He looked at me and then gave me a confused look. The asked nicely

"Are you lost love?"

I shook my head then smiled at him. I asked him 

"No but are you Remus?"

He nodded then muttered

"Why are you asking? I haven't done anything wrong."

I then asked quietly 

"Did you know Emily Isabella Eleanor Arabella Berry? Well she got married to a evil guy who's last name is Dust unless you know her by Emily Dust?"

He paled a bit. He then whispered out so quiet I could hardly hear him.

"Yes how do you know Emily? I haven't heard from her in years. The last time I heard from her was when we had a fight."

I smiled at him and said a bit louder

" I know Emily because she was my Mamma."

His eyes widened and he gasped. He ran towards me and grabbed my shoulders. He bent down to my level and stared into my eyes. He then asked

"Arianna is that you?"

I nodded then he picked me up and spun me around. He then asked 

"Wheres your mum?"

We sat down and I sighed. I told him sadly the story of my mum, how I'm walking round the streets to escape my step dad and everything that is going off. I then whispered close to tears

"Your the only family I have left other than harry. I thought I would come and see you."

He looked close to tears. He then asked

"What about your step dad? Why are you running from him?"

I sighed. I didn't tell him that bit. I said quietly

"I don't think of him as my step dad. More of the devil. He used to abuse me so much I would just lie on the floor in pain. I used to cry myself to sleep. I was afraid of him for so many years and I am not going back."

He sighed. He then said sadly

"You must be having a hard  time?"

I just nodded.He then asked

"Seeing as you are on the streets you can live with me if you want to? Well you can still go to your friends and that but you would be living with me."

I smiled. I just nodded then said happily 

"Thank you so much. I would love to. If its alright?"

He just nodded then said calmly

"Come on I have a spare room and we will start setting it up."

We walked up stairs while I unpacked we talked about my mum and my real dad. We had a laugh after I had unpacked but then there was a loud knock downstairs. We both walked downstairs but guess who is stood on the front door step?

The devil. In other words my step dad with a massive smirk on his face when his evil grey eyes land on me.



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