My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


15. Shadows

I cuddled into Fred as the shadowy, dark figure stopped at our door. It carried on moving. I let out a sigh of relief. I moved away from Fred a little. The train was still freezing.We were all still shivering like we was sat in the snow in the middle of the coldest winter. I was about to speak when the door began to creak open. Bony, long fingers with long, pale finger nails came through the gap. The hand slowly closed around the edge of the door. It pushed the door aside. There stood at the entrance of the compartment was a figure floating in the air with a long black cloak around them. The face of the creature was covered by the long, black hood of the cloak. Everybody was shocked at the sight of it. I felt sick to my stomach. It was a dementor looking for dad. Recently dad escaped from azkaban. He was been on a lot of wanted posters and in the news papers. The muggles have been told he murdered many people and hes on the loose. The dementor looked through the compartment then turned to me. Next thing I know the creature is sucking the happiness out of me. I was a black so it either thought I was dad or it was attacking me to get revenge on dad. I could hear the faint  screams  but once a dementor starts it cant be distracted except for a spell Uncle Remus told me about. Suddenly there was a bright sliver light. The dementor let out a screeching sound and disappeared out of the compartment and off the train. As soon as the dementor dropped me the room spun around me and then everything when black.

I heard cries and screams through the darkness. Little memories flashed through the darkness like my mum falling into the Sea, the bullies, my friends and other small memories until I was left in the black. I heard someone shout repeatedly 

" Arianna. Arianna! Wake up please."

I slowly opened my eyes to see I had been carefully laid out across the seat. Fred, George and Ariel was sat on the seats in the compartment across from me. In front Remus was crouching down in front of me. I groaned and moved about a bit. Fred shot forward a bit and smiled

"Shes awake guys."

Uncle Remus pulled out a chocolate bar and handed it me. He then told me

"Arianna your already attracting disaster I see. Eat this it will help. Just had to help Harry too. Wonder what the Dementors wanted?"

I then whispered

"Uncle Remus I need to talk to you in a bit. Alone."

He nodded then announced

"Well I am going to leave you all alone now. See you all at Hogwarts."

He left us all munching on our chocolate. Fred then spoke up 

"We are almost there to Hogwarts maybe we should change into our robes?"

We all nodded and walked in silence to the bathrooms to get changed. Me and Ariel walked to the girls bathroom. We got changed into our robes in silence. Me and Ariel was stood in the mirrors fixing our selves up and checking we looked ok. Ariel then whispered to me

"Arianna are you ok? We all wanted to help you but we didn't know what it was or what to do. Luckily that man came in."

I then replied louder

"Ariel its ok. I'm fine don't worry about it. The were dementors looking for Sirius Black. I must have got in their way.By the way that man was my Uncle Remus."

Ariel just nodded and we started to walk back to the compartment when I got there we sat in our seats in silence. I then spoke up 

"Well what just came in was a dementor. They are the guards of azkaban. They are cold creatures. They are searching for Sirius Black but I don't know why it attacked me. The only way to protect your self against one is a patronus. That is what Uncle Remus did to stop them."

They just nodded. After a while more and more conversation was added. I looked up out of the window at the beautiful scenery. I thought to my self

Whats going to happen this year? Dads on the loose but will he be able to out run the dementors forever? I wonder if I will get to meet him one day? I'd love to meet my real Daddy. One that might treat me like their daughter.  A lots going to happen this year like every year. Just hope the bullies back off for once.

I then heard someone in the back ground shout

"Arianna are you listening?"

I snapped out of it then gave them a confused look. Fred sighed then repeated

"We might not get to see each other as much this year so we should find a place to meet for our free time. I said what about the black lake."

I nodded in agreement then muttered

"Yeah I'm cool with that. Just as long as we all meet up."

The all nodded and the carried on with their conversation. I looked out the window. I leaned my head on the window and slowly my eyes fluttered shut and I feel into a dark sleep.

I was shook awake when I slowly opened my eyes I saw Fred in front of me. Fred then smiled and said kindly

"Arianna we are a couple of minutes away. I woke you up because you was crying in your sleep. Was it a bad dream?"

I didn't remember I could remember anything from my sleep. I shrugged my shoulders and whispered

"I don't remember. Probably."

Fred nodded. I noticed Ariel and George wasn't hear. Fred noticed my confused look then explained

"They left. They had to go find something. They asked me to come but I didn't want to leave you but I didn't want to wake you up either."

I nodded taking in what he said. I was still really sleepy. Once we got out on the platform we made our way up to the carriages. I looked about and I saw a shadow of a person staring right at me. What's going on? Who is that? Fred took my hand and we walked off towards the big, black carriages. When I looked back the shadow had gone.

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