My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


12. Screams, Cries and Explosions

I gasp loudly. Remus turns round with a confused look on his face. My step dad pushes his way through. Then with his big hand he grabs the back of my dress. Finally I got some air when Remus pulled me away from him then pushing him out the door then slamming it shut and locking it. We start to walk to the living room when the door is blown off its hinges. We both fly backwards. My dad and a few of his fellow friends walk in. I recognised a few of them especially Draco's dad. They march in so we shoot up and run up the stairs. Remus shoots a few spells at them to keep them from catching up. My step dad catches up and jumps on me. I scream loudly. He grabs a knife and cuts up my arms. He made a cut on my face which starts to gush out blood. Remus kicks him off me and helps me up. We start to run while spells are whizzing past us making loud crashes and bangs as the explode behind us. One hits me and knocks me flying. I cry out in pain as I hit the wall. We need to get to the living room. Wait mums things! I ran to my room and grabbed my back pack with my things that I hadn't unpacked. I jumped over the banister on the stairs dodging all the the spells and landed on my feet. My ankle hurt slightly but I needed to escape. I saw Remus in the living room ready in the fire place with the floo powder. They all charge in hitting me with spells. I cried out in pain. My dad shot one straight at me. As soon as it hit me I flew back and hit the wall with a loud thud. I hit the floor afterwards. Quickly I hurried to my feet. No time to waste. I jumped into the fire place with Remus. Next thing I know I'm at the Weasley's but as soon as I walk through the fire place I black out. 

I hear lots of different voices. One cries

"I hope shes ok. I mean look at her. Shes covered in head to toe in bruises, cuts and burns."

There voice sounded high pitched. I think it is Ginny or Hermione. Next another voice sobbed

"She needs to be ok. What will we do with out her?"

I think that was Fred or George.I think its George. Someone grabbed my hand softly. Who is it? Slowly my eyes fluttered open to see Ginny, Ron, Mrs weasley, Mr Weasley, Remus, Harry, Hermione, Fred and George. The person holding my hand was Fred. I smiled slightly at this. I sat up but it didn't work at well because pain shot through my body and the room was spinning. Fred quickly held me up so I didn't fall. He slowly helped me lay back down so I didn't hit my head. They got me a blanket and we all talked for a bit. Me and Remus told them what happened with my dad. The weasley's found out I had been on the streets since we left school and that my dad was chasing me the whole time. They don't know who my real dad is yet and I am not ready to tell them yet.

I was slowly falling asleep. My eyes were struggling to stay open. Finally I fell into a deep sleep.

Mum was shaking my shoulders. She was shouting at me

"Quick Arianna wake up! Wake up!"

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I muttered

"Momma whats going off"

She cried out in panic 

"Darling the ships sinking. Get dressed in some warm things put your life jacket on."

I nodded. I got dressed in my warmest clothes I could find, slipped my shoes on and then my life jacket. I took my mums hand as we ran through the hallways and up the stairs. We pushed past screaming and crying people. Children we pulling on their parents coats asking what was going on. I noticed my friend Bella running crying. Her long red wavy hair floating behind her. I tried to shout after her but she didn't hear me. Bella is extremely afraid of water and the ships sinking. I hope someone finds her. We finally made it to the  deck where people we swarming around the life boats. I noticed some of the ship was underwater.  Mum carried on running. Then someone ran into me. I lost the grip on my mums hand and I fell to the floor. I screamed while trying to move out of the way of peoples feet. I kept screaming at the top of my lungs for my mum when she finally found me. She picked me up and held me tight. We ran to a life boat but there was water everywhere. I could feel it at my ankles. I saw a lady with a baby holding on to her neck. The baby was Isabella. A Little girl she looked after. Mum offered to take her but her mum refused saying they would catch up to her after they found Elizabeth her their other daughter who was lost somewhere in the crowd with her Dad. Mum took my hand again and we ran to the life boat. Luckily they let us on. We waited to see if Isabella, Elizabeth, Bella or any of the others would get on with one of their mums but they didn't. I felt tears dropping onto my hands. If they didn't find a life boat they would die so young. I felt them lowering us to the sea. The girl next to me saw I looked nervous so she put her arms around me. I squinted through the dark to notice it was Hailey. She was about fifteen and liked to look after me. It was a long ride but we watched the rest of the terror from a distance. The ship had finally sunk. There was still the screams in the air of the people drowning. Every piercing scream was torture. Mum started to fight for us to go back. The man kept fighting against her to not. She fell out of the boat. I sat there and watched the water but she didn't resurface. Hailey held me in her arms while I cried for my mum. All my friends that was drowning out there. All the strangers too. Finally they transferred some people into different boats and went back. We could hear the silence in the air and we knew they wouldn't find many. When they  came back they had five people in the boat. I held onto Hailey and cried.

Fred and George was by my side. They held me up and they whispered

"Arianna what was you dreaming about?"

Fred then whispered

"You was crying in your sleep and we could hear you screaming peoples names like you mum, Bella, Elizabeth, Isabella and others."

They both looked concerned. I whimpered 

"It was the boat. Where my mum died. I had that nightmare since the accident but then it stopped. Mum died there so did Bella, Elizabeth, Isabella and so many others. Isabella was just a baby she should have come with me and my mum. So many people died there and I witnessed it."

I cried louder. Fred stroked my hair trying to calm me down. George whispered back

"Arianna its ok. We understand. We are here for you and we won't leave."

Fred pulled me onto his knee and whispered 

"Everything is going to be ok."

He rocked me back and forth like you do with a baby so it would calm me down. I just cuddled up to him. George whispered to Fred

"Maybe she needs to stay in our room tonight Fred I think she is seriously upset."

I felt Fred nod his head. He picked me up carefully so I put my arms round his neck so I would fall. I hid my head in his shoulder as we walked up the stairs. Finally we reached Fred and Georges room. Gently he put me down on his bed and cuddled up to him. He kissed my forehead and whispered to me

"Night sweetheart."

I smiled and fell into a deep sleep. I had dreams of the cold, freezing sea once again. This time it wasn't what happened. Instead I followed Bella. Down the stairs and through the corridors. Trying to get away from the icy cold water.

I screamed her name loudly but she didn't turn around. The water was getting higher but I still followed. The freezing cold water was quite a bit above my ankles. She ran up some stairs so I followed but instead of running up the stairs we ran straight into a gate. She screamed at me

"Arianna we can't get out! What are we going to do?"

She curled up in a ball crying. I shook at the gate. It was defiantly locked and there was no way to budge it. I ran back down the stairs where I fell. Straight into the water. The coldness attacked my skin making me want to scream. I pushed myself up. The water was just above my knees. We had to get out now other wise we was going to die. I ran back up to Bella. I screamed at her

"Bella we need to get out of here now! If we don't we are going to drown. Bella please we are too young to die."

She carried on crying and shaking. She shook her head and whispered

"Arianna you don't understand. I can't do it. I can't swim and I'm terrified of water."

I dragged her to her feet. I shouted to her

"We need to run other wise we wont be able to get out Bella. We need to find an exit and get to the deck."

She nodded. We ran down the stairs. We held each others hands tightly as we walked through the icy cold water slowly. It was getting higher and higher. I heard Bella's dad shouting our names. We turned around to see him there trying to make his way to us. It was just bellow mine and Bella's hips now. We wasn't going to get out. Bella's dad picked her up and then took my hand. He shouted over the sound of rushing water

"Bella, Arianna there is an exit not too far from here we just need to make it."

We nodded. I was finding it had to walk now so I had to swim to move quicker. We finally made it to the stairs. The water was now up to my tummy. He put Bella on the step above the water then picked me up and put me on the step too. He told us to start walking up so he could get up. So we did. A few steps up was a gate. We shook on the gate. What this was supposed to be an exit?!  Bella's dad ran up to the gate. Bella started to cry again. I looked at the water which was rising pretty quickly. I sighed and sat down. We are going to die. Bella's dad hugged us both whispering stuff to us to try and keep us calm but I couldn't hear him. Just the sound of the water rising. We stand up so we have a bit more time.  The water is soon up to mine and Bella's stomach. I shouted

"Bella your my best friend you know that right?"

She nodded then shouted back

"Love you sister"

I shouted again

"Love you too sister"

We took each others hands.  Her dad put his arms around us both as the water reaches mine and Bella's neck. We stretch our necks to and stay above by  it soon becomes higher than us. I float to the top but Bella doesn't I go under to find her. I find her struggling to get up to the top.I grab her arm and pull her up. Her dad keeps her up. A bit later there is only a little gap for us. Just I go under and close my eyes.

Someone was shaking at my shoulders and then they shouted

"Arianna wake up! Its just a nightmare."

I shot up and gasped for air. I saw Fred had hold of my shoulders. He the asked

"I take it you had another nightmare right?"

I nodded he sighed and hugged me. Ron then ran in and shouted

"Fred, Arianna we are going to diagon alley today. Hurry up and get ready."

I smiled at Fred grabbed some clothes out of my bag then went to the bathroom to get changed.


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