My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


17. Letting Go

I woke up the next morning with the echos of my friends coming through the bathroom. I opened my eyes slowly so be greeted by the bright sun. I squint a little as I sit up. Slowly I run my hands through my hair.Once I felt like it I climbed out of my bed then walked to my dresser. You could hear my feet pad slowly against the wooden floor. I hum a little song as I get ready into my school robes. Today was the first day of school and I was pretty nervous. I wanted to look awake and prepared to learn. I used to like to mess about with Fred and George but this year I want to concentrate this year because I will be leaving in two years. Well I'd like to help out at Fred and Georges shop but I'd also like to be an Aura. I guess its because for so long I've been fighting against the dark. It split my family apart and I want me revenge. Also this year I start my power training. I need to learn to control them now they have kicked in. Well the other day I burnt another girls hair off with my bare hands I think they need to be controlled. I put a bit of make up on then I imagines my self with my normal  red hair but it was in long loose curls. Slowly my hair morphed into long red curls. I took a look at my self in the mirror. I didn't look great but it would have to do. I grabbed my things then quickly headed down to the great halls to meet my friends.

Susan was throwing grapes at me as I giggled and threw blueberries back at her. I screamed

"Blueberry power!"

They all laughed at me. Fred came up behind me, hugged from behind then attacked me in tiny kisses. I was giggling until I saw Alice glaring at me. She mouthed

I will have him

I scowled at her then kissed Freddie on the lips. After a small peck I asked Fred and George

"Hey you two do we have any lessons together this year?"

They both snatched away my my time table then they compared it with their own. We had been given our time tables when we walked into the great hall. They then looked up and shouted happily together

"Well your lucky aren't you? You have all lesson with us except for history of magic and potions."

Quickly I took back my time table to see what I had first. Advanced potions. Great. Fred and George have had a few accidents in potions so that's why they couldn't get into advanced. Only a few students at our age can get into advanced anyway. More students can get into advanced in their sixth and seventh year. I was very lucky to get into advanced. Honestly I didn't want to take it but I needed to start it if I wanted to get into the training I wanted to. Ashtree's aura training is the best aura training school out there. I spoke up 

"Guys I have potions now otherwise I'm going to be late."

Fred stood up. He hugged me then pulled away but when I tried to walk away he pulled me back to him and kissed my face until they landed on my lips. I giggled and pecked his lips. George grumbles

"get a room please!" 

Fred laughed and shouted at him

"you're just jealous."

George huffed and muttered something I couldn't hear. I muttered to Fred

"I'm sorry I really do have to go now. I will see you after my double potions class."

I heard Fred huff and puff as he sat down with the others. He seemed annoyed at me for leaving for my lesson but I don't know if he is or isn't? I quietly said 

"Bye guys"

I then scurried off to potions but the thing that bugged me was that they all seemed annoyed with me. They all kept snapping at me and leaving me. Then there was Fred. He left me a lot and I act like I don't care but then I leave and he get annoyed with me. 

When I got to potions I found out my partner was Angelina. We sat and talked about everything that had been going on lately. We even pulled a few pranks on the people in our class. Alice was a victim of one. Her potion blew up in her face and burned her eyebrows off.

Finally potions was finished. Angelina gave me a piggyback ride when we got near the common room. We got into the common room and she dropped me. I yelped in pain but I got up and rubbed to soar spots. I looked at Angelina. She looked shocked, angry and worried. I asked

"whats wrong Angeline."

She whispered

"You don't want to be here lets spend our free period in the kitchen."

I paused and thought about it. Slowly I nodded my head and replied

"Sure let me just go get some things from my dorm first though."

The common was empty. I froze when I saw a couple making out on the couch. My tummy felt funny and like I was going to be sick. When I looked closer my heart shattered. It was Fred and Alice. Sobs started to escape from my mouth and the tears trickled down my check.  I put my hand over my mouth to try and stop the sound of my cries coming out but it didn't help. Fred shot up and looked at me. His eyes stared at me. I already knew what he was going to say as he opened his mouth. I stopped him and sobbed out

"No Fred don't say it. Hope you are happy with her!"

My sobs grew louder as I ran upstairs to my dorm. Quickly I ran into the bathroom before anyone else could ask me questions. Quiet whispers was coming from outside the doors. They were things like

"Whats happened?" "Do you think the Slytherins had something to do with it?" "Maybe it was Fred?" "If it was Fred I'll kill him."

At the mention of Fred's name the sobs grew heavier and louder. The bangs on the door became louder and so did the shouting. Suddenly it stopped. Where did they go? Are they still there? Slowly I turned my head towards the mirror to see a girl I didn't recognize. She had dark blue hair that had started to cover her dark blotchy red eyes. Down her pale cheeks was dark black makeup that had ran from the tears that was still pouring. She looked broken. She looked ill, pale and rundown. You could tell she was suffering from her broken heart.  

Quickly I dropped to the floor and cried with my arms around my head. It was like my arms was protecting me from the cruel, dangerous world out there. The girl in the mirror was me. Fred did this to me. He made me believe he loved me. That he really wanted to be with me forever. When really all he wanted was Alice. I heard another knock on the door and a soft voice spoke up 

"Arianna its me. Its Angelina let me in I want to talk to you please."

Slowly I got up and made my way to the door.I unlocked the door. They couldn't get through because the teachers put on charms on some of the doors like bathrooms in the dormitories so people couldn't spy on other student in inappropriate places. Of course only the teachers can get through if the need to like if a student is threatening to take their life and no one can get in. When I opened the door Angelina was stood there looking at me with sympathy. She lead my out of the bathroom and sat me on one of the other beds. Quickly I looked around to see who was here other than Angelina to see me in this state. Luckily the room was empty other than me and Angelina. She walked into the bathroom and brought out my make up and other cosmetic items. She started to wipe off my make up that had been ruined by the tears. When she had wiped off the ruined make up she started to talk. 

"I'm sorry sweetheart  I tried to protect you from them when I first saw them but it didn't work."

I whimpered slightly as the image of them making out on the couch in the common room replayed in my head. I whispered

"It's fine I should have seen this coming. She came to my dorm room yesterday saying things like she was going to steal Fred away from me. I guess it happened."

She looked at me and started to apply make up to my face. Then a confused look appeared on Angelina's face. She crouched down in front of me to carry on with my make up. Then she looked into my eyes and then I could see she was keeping something from me. I spoke up a little louder and asked

"Angelina what is it? I know your keeping something from me."

She looked behind her as if to see if someone was there. She looked up and said whispered so only I could hear. 

"I think she did something to him. He was so happy with you Arianna and I cant see him wanting to throw all that away.I think we should find out whats going on. It was strange how you walked in and the dull, empty look disappeared from his face and it was replaced with a different look. Like he was heart broken or something?"

I sighed. Talking or thinking about him made me feel like people were walking over the remains of my heart. I whispered back 

"I'm giving up Angelina. She wins. I need to let go and let him do what he wants."

She finishes off my makes up and stands up and shouts

"Fine then but I'm not letting this happen to you!."

I look at her shocked at how loud she shouted. She then softens her voice

"Come on lets strut your stuff. You look beautiful by the way. Let make all the guys jealous that they can't have you including Fred."

She pulls me up and we walk down to the great hall together. As I walk into the great hall everyone stops talking and stares at me. Angelina shouts

"What you all looking at? Go back to your talking and food."

 Her voice pierced through the silence and echoed through the hall. They all went back to talking as we walked through the hall but I could feel some stare of their stares still burning on my skin. As me and Angelina sat with the girls as I turned my head slightly I noticed Fred, George and Lee staring at me in awe. They had never seen me as such a girly girl and I normally sit with them all the time. I think at times Lee and George think of me as one of the guys. Not anymore. I will not be pranking with them anymore and I will not be hanging out with them as much. The girls were giggling and gossiping. What do I do? Normally I don't do this because I'm normally with the boys. Then I noticed they stopped talking and they were all looking at me with sympathy. I sighed. Wish people would stop looking at me like that. Abby, Mary and Lexie open their mouths to say something but I see Angelina mouthing stuff at them. When she looks at me and smiles. Lexie then speaks up 

"Arianna would you like to come to a sleepover in our dorm room? I asked Susan, Angelina and Ariel already and they said yes. It's tonight of course because it's Friday and it's not a school night."

I thought about it. I could really do with getting to know these girls. Soon after I nodded. All the girls squealed with happiness. A ghost of smile appeared on my face. It felt good to smile after crying so much earlier. Once I had eaten a bit of fruit I told girls  I would meet them in the common room and I started to walk. I heard people shouting me when I left the great hall. I recognised the voices and I started to run. When I finally reached the fat lady I was about to tell her the password when someone grabbed my shoulder. I screamed but the fat lady just chuckled. They turned me around and there was Fred, George and Lee looking at me. I looked down avoiding eye contact with them all. George shouted at me 

" One why have you broke up with my brother? Is it for another guy? Is it that Cedric Diggory that all the girls are talking about? Two why have you changed the way you look just to fit in with them? You looked fine before Arianna. Three why are you avoiding us? We are supposed to be your best friends and you have just gone and left us for popularity. Weren't we good enough for you Arianna? To say you was like my sister!"

I looked down at the ground and glimmering tears fell like tiny drops of rain. George spat at me

"If you was my sister you would be a disgrace to us. To be honest your a disgrace to our group anymore. Don't come near us anymore Arianna because all you have done is cause us trouble. To say we took you in when you needed us and helped you with your dad and the bullies. You can find someone else to help you now Arianna."

I looked up to see them walking off.  They were probably going to do that prank on the slytherins we had been planning for weeks. We were meant to do it together but now its just them. Fred was looking at me as he walked away with them. His eyes told me he was sorry but I just glared at him. Slowly I trudged into the common room and sat down and stared at the fire. Tears slowly started to fall. I then heard a scream. It sounded like the fat lady! I ran to the door and started trying to push it open but it was no use it wouldn't budge. No one would miss me so there is no use trying to shout and get out. I heard people gather around the painting but they couldn't get in. I could hear Angelina shouting at people. She shouted

"Someone go and get a professor quick!"

I heard someone closer to the portrait. It was Lexie. She shouted

"Arianna are you in there?"

I shouted back to here through the painting

"Yeah Lexie. Don't rush to get me out of here though I am not worth it."

Then I heard Ariel shout

"Shut your mouth Arianna. You are worth it."

 I walked towards the fire and near it trying to warm my self up. The students were screaming and shouting outside the room and they were getting impatient. The sound died down. I guess a professor was there. I heard a howling come from outside really near to the castle. It sounded like a dog not a werewolf? What am I talking about it's probably just the wind. Suddenly there is a loud bang and Professor Dumbledore walks in along with some other professors and the girls. Angelina runs up to me and hugs me. The other girls hug me too but I don't feel like me. I feel like I'm drowning. Today I lost Fred and then I lost George and Lee and they had a go at me and that made me feel worse.  Professor Dumbledore then speaks up 

"All students must go to the hall immediately. You may go to your dorm rooms to collect a few items like clothes and personal belongings but then you must immediately go to the hall."

We hurried up the stairs. I grabbed some clothes, Make up and somethings that my mum either bought me or had left it to me when she died. I also grabbed an odd few things and out it in a pale blue bag that was almost white and it had hot pink and baby pink flowers going up the bag. I made my way to the common room. I waited for the girls there but then the people who I defiantly didn't want to see walked down the boys stairs. Fred, George and Lee. They all gave me a dirty look. George spat

"Look who it is. The dirty pathetic freak. Who you been kissing today? Where are they now? Did they realise you are a disgrace?"

I never realised George could be so cruel. I couldn't take it anymore though. I felt like the was pushing me and pushing me trying to get me to fall. I exploded. I stood up and stormed over to him. I pushed him and pushed him again. I screamed

"How do you feel now George?! This is how I feel. Your trying to push me and push me so I fall because I hurt your brother you but you don't know a thing about whats happened George so shut up! You always do this George you hear something you assume its true. You notice something and you make assumptions. Just stop! Come back to me when you know the story."

They all looked at me gob smacked. The girls had been there watching the entire time. They smirked at the boys and we walked to the hall. I noticed instead of the hall with its usual tables it was empty. Dumbledore told us everything about Sirius black and we had to take a sleeping and go to somewhere in the hall. He told us not to worry because it would be like a massive sleepover. Everybody rushed over to the sleeping bags but I didn't. Angelina managed to get me one though. We put them in a corner where no one else went. We sat and talked until Angelina wanted to go see her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is called Jason he dark brown hair, vibrant green eyes and he has a muscular build. She loved him more than anybody and if you ask me they will get married in the future and have kids. Abby wanted to go and see harry because for once he wasn't with Hailey. I hope she ends up with him she defiantly deserves him. Hailey wouldn't be too bad for a Slytherin if she stopped obsessing over Harry. Susan had gone with Lexie to see Dean, Seamus, Neville, Ginny and Luna. After a while Hermione and Ron joined them so they could have alone time. They had gotten pretty close lately but I think Susan goes because shes with Lexie, Ginny and Luna. She doesn't seem as close with Seamus, Dean and Neville. Next thing I knew I was all alone. Ariel had gone to talk to George they had been going out a while but Ariel said they was fighting a lot lately. I saw them arguing in the corner. I sighed

My eyes searched the room. Everyone else is happy with out me so why am I still here? Ariel came back over with tearing glassing over her eyes. There was also a look of anger on her face. She shouted 

"Arianna I am fed up of you. You've ruined my relationship with George. He loves you I can tell! Do you love him too?!"

I looked shocked. I shouted 

"No Ariel he loves you and if he didn't he wouldn't love me and I wouldn't love him."

She grabbed her hair looked at the floor then looked back up. She sighed and cried

"Arianna I can't be your friend anymore. I never was your friend. I got to know you because I felt sorry for you. Also someone wanted information on you and I got it"

Tears came to my eyes. I screamed

"Get away from me Ariel. I don't want you here."

She cried

"Arianna I'm sorry I didn't realise who it was but I can't be friends with you anymore. I have to stay away. I'm going to tell you the truth because I don't want to leave you this broken but my job was to get information on you but as time went along we became really close and I really was your friend but now its my time to leave. I told you all the stuff before to make it easier but obviously I couldn't leave you thinking of me like that."

Tears dropped to the floor creating a small puddle. My only true best friend is a traitor to me. I whispered

"Just get away from me."

She sighed and walked over to Hailey and Malfoy. I ran out of the hall to the great lake. No one is supposed to leave but I just couldn't stay in there. My body collapsed onto the cold, damp floor. Tears slowly slipped down my face and they land on my  hands. Suddenly there was the snapping sound of branches. I jumped up to face where the sudden noise had come from. Slowly something moved in the shadow and it come towards me. Fear bubbled up inside me quickly. What is it? From out the shadows came a shaggy, black dog with its head held high as it walked towards me. Slowly I approached the dog in case it decided to attack. Luckily it didn't. I crouched down in front of the dog and started to stroke it but it barked. Out of shock I jumped back and landed on the ground. The dog sat down and morphed into a person. I screamed. The person whispered

"Arianna don't be scared. Please don't scream."

Then my eyes adjusted and there I see my dad. Sirius Orion Black. I jumped up and hugged him.  I whispered to him 

"Dad I'm so glad to see you and you have another daughter did you know that? She goes to this school. She is in Gryffindor too."

He smiled and nodded

"Arianna I knew you were all here because I have been watching you carefully to make sure you are all ok."

He then added

"So hows your beautiful mum Arianna? I can't wait to see her."

The smile faded from my face. I looked down at the floor and muttered

"Dad shes dead."

His smile faded too. He held me tight to him and whispered

"I'm sorry sweetheart."

I could hear people shouting my name in the distant. I whispered to him

"Dad you need to go now."

He mouthed to me

I love you

He then morphed back into his shaggy black dog and he disappeared into the shadows of the night. I stood up quickly and walked as fast as I could back to the castle. Only then to walk into someone. When I look up I realise its George. I muttered 

"What do you want? Do you have more  accusations against me?"

He avoided eye contact with me and he said quickly

"I'm so sorry. I know the full story now and I shouldn't have said them things. I just wanted to protect my brother."

Tears dropped from my eyes I whispered 

"so you join the bullies and try to bring me down? I have enough going on at the moment George and you made it worse."

He stepped closer to me but I tried to move around him and try to walk up to the castle. Instead he grabs me and breaks down into tears. He sobs

"Arianna I'm having a hard time too. My girlfriend just broke up with me telling she never loved me. She also accused me of loving you which I told her was wrong and she carried on to fight then she left me saying she was moving back to Slytherin dorms to be with her friends and she wasn't going to see me anymore. Just please forgive me Arianna."

He held his arms out like a little child wanting be picked up but he wanted a hug. I thought bout. I sighed. Should I forgive him? Who cares?Quickly I ran over to him then tackled him into a a big hug. George hugged me as tight as possible. He whispered in my ear

"I'm sorry from now on i will listen to you and I'm here to listen at all times."

I whispered back

"George I just think we need to let go of them now and move on to new people."

It hurt me to say it but it was true. Fred was bad for me. Now I need to work on moving on from him and recover from heart break. I heard a cough. Fred was stood the with a handful of red roses. He whispers

"Arianna before you move on and reject me now please hear me out on what happened earlier."

I sighed. Either listen to him and find out the trust or protect yourself and run now. What should I do? 

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