My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


10. In summer life's supposed to get better but does it?

We left school in happiness because Ginny hadn't got killed. Me and Fred had decided we should wait a bit before we get together. Just be friends for now. Then there is the fact Ariel and George got together. They are well cute but its not the prettiest sight when you walk into a room and see them kissing. 

So schools out and I bet your wondering where I am now? Am I at the Weasley's? No. Am I at Ariel's? No. I will tell you. I am out on the streets. I didn't want to be a burden on them so I told Ariel I was going to the Weasley's and I told Fred and George I was going home then to Ariel's then the three weeks I would come back to them. I am going to Ariel's on Sunday but it is only Friday. I have been out on the streets since the beginning of the holidays. I have been chased a couple of times by my dad and his friends but I have always managed to escape. My skins dirty from falling and sleeping on the floor. My hair is greasy and disgusting. My clothes are ripped and dirty. I am traveling  down a road when I bump into someone. My school trunk goes flying, my back pack fly's off my right shoulder and my hood falls down when I hit the floor. I groan in pain because my body aches from walking but also hit the floor. I look up to see the one and only Harry Potter. I groan. Hes going to tell Fred and George. Harry stands up and starts to pick my stuff up. He mutters sorry over and ever again. I quickly pick my stuff up then shout my thanks to harry. Before I could escape I feel a hand wrap around my wrist. I groan again. Caught. Harry says loudly

"Arianna what do you think your doing out here? You shouldn't be around here. Why do you look.... very dirty? "

I groaned again and whispered

"Harry is there someone other than here where we can talk? I am tired and I need to sit down."

He nods. We walk together to a big house. I guess this is his Aunties and Uncles house. I feel uncomfortable going in seeing as they hate magic. Harry spotted I had stopped. He looked at me and then smiled. He said happily

"Come on my Auntie, Uncle and cousin isn't in. They should be back later on tonight but if we get you cleaned up then maybe my Auntie will like you?"

I smiled and we walked into the house. He put my bags in his room and smiled at me. He hugged me then told me he would be downstairs while I cleaned up. I got in the shower and I felt the hot water hit my skin. It felt great but and first it burned all the cuts on my body. I washed all my hair then scrubbed the dirt off my skin. After I got out I got changed into a pretty pink dress and put a ring and necklace on I found in my mums box. I added a bit of make up but other than my eye it looked natural. My eyes were highlighted with a line of eyeliner, a light coat of mascara and some light pink eye shadow. My hair had dried into its natural curls. I looked pretty fancy because I wanted to impress Harry's evil Auntie and Uncle so they wouldn't kick me out  and get mad but also to show wizards and witches can be nice people.

I walked down the stairs to Harry and his jaw dropped to the floor. I smiled and sat across from him. Then he asked 

"You can now answer my question Arianna. Why did I just find you in the street dirty, unclean, and starved?"

I sighed. Should I just tell him the truth. I looked at the floor and started to speak

"Well it started last year. I started getting threatening note from my dad. He was saying he was going to come and kill me. Then I saw him a few times in the school. I couldn't go home because he would kill me but then I had no where to go. I didn't want to bug the Weasley's or Ariel so I lied. Only Ariel know about this so far don't tell anyone please. The Weasley's have helped me with the abuse but they don't know about the threats please don't tell them"

Harry sighed. He gave me a hug and whispered in my ear


I hugged back. We both then stood up when we hard a car door slam outside. Harry ran to the door. I heard them all shouting then Harry said sounding worried

"This is Arianna. I have been good lately and I was wondering if she could stay the night until she can go to her friends." 

They looked me me up and down. Harry rolled his eyes. He was acting well behaved so I could stay. His Aunt then smiled at me. She said quickly

"Of course you. Then Harry after shes gone I want the house cleaned and spotless."

Harry nodded. We walked upstairs. I laughed loudly. Harry looked at me and started to laugh. He then whispered to me

"They are putting an act on. They don't seem to be rude to you for some weird reason?"

I smiled at him. For the rest of the night we just talked a bit. We both finally fell asleep and I fell straight into a nightmare.

I slowly walked down a dark street. The street lights flickered on and off. I was at the edge of a wood near the street. I put my sleeping bag and pillow under a big tree that stood tall and its branches spread out wide so it sheltered me for the wind and rain. All of a sudden all the lamps on the street across from me went out. I panicked. I couldn't see a thing. Then the lights fluttered back on. I let out a sigh of relief. I hate the dark. I fell asleep in my comfy sleeping bag. Then all of a sudden I felt someone grab my neck and push me into the ground. The let go but something cold was pushed to my neck which caused me more pain. I dared to open my eye. There a saw my dad with a evil smirk upon his face. He pushed the knife further into my neck causing it to bleed more. I screamed so loud I heard the birds flying out of the trees.

I felt someones hand against my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw Harry. I sighed in relief. He whispered to me

"Arianna shush your going to wake everybody. Whats wrong?"

I whispered back

"Sorry just a nightmare."

He frowned slightly then whispered again

"Want to talk about it?"

I shook my head. He gave me a hug and then whispered

"go back to sleep."

I laid back down and went to sleep. The next time I woke up the bight morning sun was shining through the window and into the room. I got dressed into some shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my bag and then crept down the stairs. Harry was up but no one else was. I crept up behind him then I tapped his shoulder. He spun around quickly. He smiled when he saw me. Then he asked

"Where are you going?"

I answered

"I am setting of to Ariel's. Its pretty far away so I will be there by Sunday. Thank you for letting me stay."

He smiled and me then said

"Its fine. I wouldn't leave you out on the streets." 

I gave him a hug then I whispered shouted 

"Well I'm out of here. See you on the train harry!"

I quickly walked out the door. I walked down the empty street. After a long time of walking it was getting dark. I recognised that I was near Ariel's. I walked towards the woods and I was about to set up until I saw someone hiding behind the trees. I looked a little closer. It was my dad. I then realised I was where my dream was set. If I don't run now I am going to die. I spun around quickly and ran for my life. I heard someone chasing me. I ran round a corner. I looked around for somewhere to hide. I jumped over the wall and put my back against the wall. I curled into a small ball trying to disappear from the world. I heard someone run round the corner. They slowed down and shouted

"Arianna. Come out where ever you are. Let me just kill you and it will all be over."

I held my breath waiting for him to pass. He shouted again

"Don't make me angry Arianna. I will find you and in the end I will kill you."

I carried on holding my breath and I didn't move. I heard him mutter to himself

"She must have carried on running."

I looked round the corner to see him running away. I waited a couple of minutes before getting up and running the opposite way. I carried on running until I found a park. It was just down the road from Ariel's house. I set up a sleeping bag and my pillow and slowly I fell asleep. The next morning I woke packed all my stuff away made sure I looked clean. I hung out in the park for a bit. I took out the photo frame of my mum. The back fell off and I stopped my mums photo from flying out. I looked on the floor and noticed a letter. The envelope on the front said my name in my mums neat handwriting. I picked it up and began to open it.  I took out a few photos and a letter.   

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