My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


9. I just wanted to tell you....

Ariel stood in front of me while tapping her foot impatiently waiting for an answer.I sighed. I'm going to have to tell her. My hair turned white with streaks of blue in it. I was scared to tell her but also sad. What if something happens if I tell her? She is my best friend I can't lose her. I whispered 

"Sit down so I can explain I might as well tell you everything."

She sat down and I started to tell her about my mother. Then about how my Farther started to drink and he abused me. I kept my hair and eyes from going blue. I kept a straight face on. It was emotionless.Then there was Ariel she looked so sad like she was about to cry. I then told her about the threatening notes. She seemed a bit offended I didn't tell her but when I finished explaining everything and seeing my dad today she gave me a hug and muttered

"Sorry for putting pressure on you to tell me. Everything will be alright because I won't let him get you. Have you told Fred and George about all this?"

I pulled a funny face while she stared at me. I said nervously 

"They know some of it. I showed up at there house after my Farther pretty much beat me up. So they know about my Farther, my mum and everything except the notes, how hes coming to kill me, the threats and stuff."

She nodded. I felt nervous. What if she tells them? I can't have them knowing. She looked at me then she said to me 

"Arianna your going to have to tell them. I'm not going to tell them but I'm going to help you tell them."

I sighed and said quietly 

"I know I just don't want them to get hurt."

She nodded and gave me a small smile. She shouted happily 

"Now let get this mess cleaned up so we can go find Fred and George."

We tidied up pretty quickly. It wasn't too hard seeing as only the two of us share the room. We ran down the stairs quickly. We saw Fred and George sat down near the fire place. We walked over to sit with them near the burning, warm, bright, fire. When we sat next to them they was still staring into the fire. The silence in the air was so awkward. I finally broke the silence by asking

"Guys whats up? This isn't like you?"

Fred muttered back

"We found out Ginny has been taken to the chamber of secrets and shes going to die there."

Fred looked at me. He had tears in his eye but then a few minutes after that I breaking down into tears. Ginny is like the little sister I never had so I was heart broken. Ginny hasn't done anything why should she die.I stood up quickly. Fred and George stood up afterwards. They muttered together

"Arianna where are you going?"

Tears were running quickly down my face. I shouted 

" I am not going to sit here while she dies. I am going to try and do something."

Fred cried

"Arianna we love you but don't make this worse please. We are losing our little sister we don't want to lose you too."

My hair turned dark blue. I sniffed

"Would you rather have me or your sister you guys? I am willing to find the chamber of secrets and save her just let me go find it please."

George whispered

"Arianna just leave it."

I screamed at the top of my voice

"No I wont leave it. I love Ginny and I'm not going to let her die down there."

I started to storm off when I felt someone grab my waist from behind and pick me up. I screamed and kicked. I needed to save Ginny. The person sat down and placed me on their knee. I then realised it was Fred. He stroked my hair while we both cried. Then I buried my head in his shoulder where we all sat there and cried. I finally ran out of tears and we just sat there. Fred whipped away his tears with his free hand then said quietly

"We should all go up to your dorm room and spend the night together until we hear something"

We all just nodded and we walked up to mine and Ariel's dorm room. Luckily it wasn't a mess so I didn't have to tell them about my dad. I lit the fire in our room and we all sat down on the bed. I whispered to Fred

"Well you and George can get changed then me and Ariel will get changed."

He nodded. So him and George went to get their sleeping stuff. Me and Ariel just changed into comfy shorts and a t-shirt. They came back and I laid on my bed next to Fred and we whispered things to each other like whats been going on in life seeing as we don't see each other as much. I sat up to see George and Ariel cuddled up together asleep. Ariel was laid on Georges chest with her hair in a low pony tail. Both their eyes was red like mind and Fred. I hope Ginny's not been harmed yet. I am going to find her when I can.

I laid back down next to Fred and cuddled up to him. I closed my eyes but just before I fell into a deep sleep I felt someone kiss my head and whisper to me

"Night. I love you. Don't leave me."

Then I felt heavy breathing. I'm either imagining things or it's Fred. It cant be Fred. He likes Katie. I am going to lose Fred one day because Katie hates me and they are going to get married and leave me. I sniffed. I rubbed back the tears in my eyes but a couple feel. He will never know the feelings I feel for him. I felt Fred sit up and move my hair out of the way. 

He whispered in my ear

"Why are you crying love?"

I sniffed and wiped away my tears the whispered back

" Please never leave me. Your going to get married to Katie one day and George will get married to Ariel. I mean come on you can tell they like each other. The younger ones will have there own life and your family will have their own things to do then I will have no one."

I sniffed again. I didn't look at him. I stayed faced away from him. There was silence for a couple of minuted then he whispered

"I would never leave you"

He flipped me over so I had to look at him. I could just see him in the dark. He made a small smile at me but his eyes were red from the crying but his eyes were serious. He gave me a hug and held my tight as I buried my head into his chest. He whispered in my ear

"Go to sleep we need to find out about Ginny tomorrow."

I nodded.I got comfy and cuddled back up to him.That night I fell into a deep sleep in the arms of Fred Weasley. 

The next morning I woke up to a bright light. I saw the window was open letting in a cool breeze. It felt nice against my boiling hot skin. I took the covers off me and sat up. Nobody was here? I saw Ariel's bed was made. I got dressed into a tight black skirt and a pure white top. I went through my draw looking for a necklace when I found a jewelry box I had forgotten about. I had never opened it before because it was mine and my mums. We shared it when I was younger but I had only opened it one to put a couple of bits in when I was packing to get away from my dad but I never looked in it. The box was a cream colour with pearls stuck around the edge. Then on the lid there was stuck on it three pretty pure white roses. I opened the lid carefully and inside was tones of jewelry. Some I had never seen before because it was my mums. Some I've had since I was a little girl and some was some new ones I put in when I was packing.I picked up a locket It was a shiny gold with a small pattern of a rose engraved into it. I opened it up and there was a picture of me and my mum. I smiled. There was tons some with pretty colours on, some had pictures engraved on the front and some was black and white pictures on the front. The pictures inside was always of our family or me with some friends. I picked the prettiest which was a baby pink with red and white flowers on it. inside there was a picture of me and my family and I added a picture of me, Ariel, Fred and George. Then I found three pretty rings. I remember them they was my mums. One was gold with a big baby blue stone in the middle with lots of little shiny, clear stones going round the the edge. The second one was silver but it was like lots of roses put together. The last one was silver with pretty silver patterns and then there was a lot of purple stones going round it.

I put the three of them on then did my hair and make up. There was loads more jewelry but I had to go find the others. I was finally ready so I went to find Fred and George. Once I walked down the stairs I saw Fred, George and Ariel. They grabbed my hand and pulled me out the common room. I asked

"Where are we going?"

They all just shushed me. We was finally in the Hospital wing. I asked

"Why are we here guys?"

I then saw Ginny, Harry, Ron and professor Lockhart. I screamed and ran up to hug them all. We spent ages sat talking to them about went on. After a while we all went for a walk near the black lake. Then I heard Fred ask 

"Arianna can I talk to you?"

I nodded. He pulled me far away from the guys. He then turned to me and said loudly

"Arianna Hope Dust I just wanted to tell you that I love you more than anything in the world. I can never leave you because I love you. I will never marry Katie when we are older because I don't love her.Actually I hate her because she picks on you. Your way on Arianna because I love you. I'm sure you don't love me too but I need to do this."

Then he did something unexpected. He kissed me on the lips. Guess what? I kissed him back.

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