My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


8. Hunted

For the rest of the week I blocked the bullies voices out. Why should I bother with them? Sometimes I can hear them and it hurts but I just ignore the pain. I have had so many threatening notes from my Farther its unbelievable. No ones seen them because he puts a spell on the so only I can see it so I just tear them up and chuck them out of the window then watch the little pieces float away in wind.

 I look in the mirror I just see an emotionless girl. She is almost as pale as a ghost also because she was a metamopmagus her hair was a a bright blue but it was darker towards the bottom. Her eyes were a grey and with the odd bit of black in them that would make the most happiest person feel miserable. 

I don't believe its me but every mirror I look into says its me.Fred, George, Ariel and all the others keep trying to cheer me up but it just doesn't work. One day Fred, George and Ariel was in tears asking me how they could just make me feel a bit happier. I just hugged them all and whispered

"If you can get them all to stop then maybe it would help but you can't get most the school to stop bullying a person."

I turn away from the mirror and walk down the stairs. I saw Fred, George and Ariel so I went to talk to them. Then a ten minutes later two girls walked past looking at me. One whispered to her friend

"Look at her. Shes a right flirt."

The other whispered

"Don't worry none of the guys are into her shes a right loser and she disgusting. I mean look at her what on earth is she wearing? She doesn't even have a tan. She changes her looks because shes one of those metamopmagus freaks."

They both laughed and walked off. Fred hugged me and whispered in my ear

"Don't listen to them. Your not a loser, freak and your not disgusting. Your amazing, sweet and beautiful. Want to go down to the lake?"

I nodded and we all walked to the black lake. Ariel got pushed into the lake by George then she pulled him in while they laughed. I laughed a little bit and my hair went a baby pink. Baby pink meant I was happy so they all got excited one because I laughed and two my hair had gone pink. They was all swimming while I sat near the tree reading my book. I heard someone saying my name but no one else heard it. I looked up and looked toward a few trees. There hidden in the trees was my Farther with a smirk on is face. My hair went white. White meant I was terrified. I jumped into the lake wearing my shorts and small top. While I was under water I managed to change my hair to baby pink again. They laughed at me and we messed about splashing each other.  When I looked back to where my Farther had been he was gone and no where to be seen.

I just carried on having fun trying to worry about it. Afterwards we dried off and headed back to the castle. It wasn't really warm today but of course we went swimming. I walked up to mine and Ariel's room to find it trashed. I tried to tidy it a bit but then I found a note.

So you saw me today? That wont be the last time you see me. I will get closer and closer to you until I kill you myself. You are a pathetic child and you was a mistake. I never wanted you but your mother always wanted a child. To me your a mistake. So I'm going to get rid of the biggest mistake in my life. You. Your going to die Arianna. Enjoy your time living because by the end of this year you will be joining dead. Nothing can stop me. I'm sure no one will miss you anyway. Everyone hates you Arianna. I mean everyone. Your bullied and hated everyday. Why would anyone miss you anyway? Your a disgusting, ugly, fat, loser. I cant wait til the day I kill you.

I sighed and I finished reading the note. I know hes going to kill me but he's right no one will care. I slowly ripped up the note and watched the wind carry away another threat. I wish the wind could carry me away too but there is no point in trying I would just fall. I started to clean up so Ariel wouldn't see the mess. What am I going to do about my  dad? I hope the others don't find out about him coming to kill me. Then Ariel walked into the room. She screamed

"Arianna whats happened? I know somethings up. I saw you look up from your book earlier and you hair turn white before you jumped in. You better tell me the truth Arianna."

What should I tell her? If I tell her whats going on whats she going to do? 



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