My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


19. Georges date

Today me, Fred, Lexie, Abby and Mary was going to try and fix George and Susan up.We was going to split into teams. Fred and Mary was going to talk to George to see if we could get him to go on a blind date and me, Lexie and Abby was going to give Susan a little talk too. We had no school today and tomorrow after what happened with Sirus black.

As always I woke up before Susan. Since Ariel had left the dorm it had been so empty like there was a major chunk of the room that was missing. I had to get over her anyway. I'm acting like we was in a relationship. Well she was like a sister so I guess that counts doesn't it? Silently, I crept towards Susan's bed and pounced on it. I jumped and screamed repeatedly

"Wake up Susan"

She groaned then grabbed my ankle causing me to gasp then fall backwards letting the loud thud echo round the room. Susan sat up and gasped. When she saw me in a pile on the floor she burst out into giggles. I blushed slightly but pushed my self up, rubbing my head, then walked other to my things and said loudly

" Me, you and Lexie are going to have a girly day today if that's okay with you? Mary is going to hang out with George for a bit because they have an assignment apparently." 

 Pure jealousy flashed other Susan's eyes when I mentioned George and Mary but she then covered it up with a small smile and walked to the bathroom while muttering

" Going to take a shower be back in about thirty minutes."

"Okay Hunny" 

I sang back to her while giggling. I pulled out some comfy clothes which felt soft against my skin. My black and white comfy leggings clung to my legs, my fluffy, white, baggy cardigan buried me in amazing warmth. Suddenly Susan popped up next to me in a comfy outfit similar to mine and asked

"What are we doing today?"

I responded by telling her 

"Lexie is coming to our dorm for the day and we are going to do some girly things like makeover and stuff. Not really my type of thing but Lexie thought it would be a good way for us three to bond some more. Well that's what she said anyway."

Susan she nodded and giggle, her hair clumped together in thick,wet strands. I cast a spell and a large gush of wind knocked her back. When she sat up her hair was dry but stuck out in odd direction. I tried to stop my self from laughing but I couldn't hold in my laughter. Susan got up and checked her appearance in the mirror and screamed

"Arianna I will actually kill you!"

I giggled out 

"Chill out, I will fix it when Lexie gets here."

As if on cue she walked and yelled

"Well hey there girls how ya doin'." 

I giggled slightly because she always spoke so proper. I looked up to see the happiness glowing on her face. I walked over to my draws large, smooth, pale draws and started to take out my large nail kit, make up bag that was a pure, clean white with little pink flowers held in the hand of a beautiful mermaid. My make up kit is magical because the mermaid tail moves and causes plashes in the puddles of pink, beautiful flowers. Also I have some expensive stuff in that bag so unless the bag recognises its me it wont let anyone in and if and anyone tries to break it the beautiful mermaid with baby bubble pink hair splashes and then their hands are dyed pink and then they are jinxed with the jelly brain jinx so it slows down their thinking until i get there and then i deal with the trouble makers my self. So unless i leave the zip open no one else can get in. Quickly I carry the box, the bag and my wand over to the girl waiting for a make over.

Finally we had done with the beauty and we made her into a princess. Her dark black hair had been curled into define tiny ringlets that swirled away from her pale, flawless face and framed it. Her grey eyes had been enhanced by her dark midnight black eyeliner that made her eyes shine like the moon and stars in the dark night sky.  Her lips had been painted a pale pink like the soft cotton candy that you would get on a warm day at the beach. On top of that  we had added a shiny gloss that sparkled like little diamonds and crystals that had light gleaming off them. We also dressed her up in a dark blue dress with a low collar and three-quarter selves. The skirt was an A-line that stopped just as her knees. Her shoes are just plain black with a thick black strap around her ankles. She was as beautiful as an angel coming to the rescue or a princess in the happily ever after part. 

After we had blind folded her and guided her safely to lack we had finally made it to the lake where her dream date was about to take place. It looked beautiful from a distance. Susan whisper shouted

"Where are we going guys? Why am I so dressed up and why do I have to be so dressed up?"

We just shushed her then ignored her. Finally we had made it. Underneath a tree there was a picnic blanket with cushions, candles and amazing looking food. I sat her down on a cushion and took the blind fold off. She looked at the food, blanket and cushions. She started to ask

"Why am I..."

When she cut her self off when her eye met with George and she blushed a light shade of pink and her mouth dropped a little bit.



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