My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


2. Escape

I woke up to a loud smash. My eyes shot open quickly, I sat up as quick as I could. Oh no I over slept. Dads up. Fear rushed through me. I quickly got dressed, tied my hair back and ran downstairs. Dad had smashed his bear bottles on the floor and he looked like he was about to explode. He pointed a finger at me and shouted

"YOU! Why isn't my breakfast ready? You lazy girl go do my breakfast now."

I went to the kitchen quickly and made a him a few pancakes. I hurried back to where he was sitting. He looked calmer. I handed him the plate of pancakes. I walked away to tidy up so today he might not hit me but then I heard a loud angry shout


I felt nervous and I slowly walked back to the room. He shouted at me

"This is pathetic. I have just had to eat that!"

I didn't show my fear. He carried on shouting at me.  He stopped and waited for my answer. I whimpered out 

"I'm sorry Ill do better next time."

He looked angry and screamed

"No you stupid girl. Your cooking should be good. Not I'm sorry Ill do better next time. I'm had enough of you. I have to live you with you! The lazy cow who let her mother drown!"

He stood up and stomped towards me.He hit me and kicked me. I fell to the ground. The thud echoed through the house.No one could help me.I had learned to scream because if I scream the people next door come and ask my dad whats going on but he just makes up a excuse. I get it worse if I scream. When he finished I stood up and started to walk back to do rest of my jobs but he then shouted angrily 

"Where do you think your going! I haven't finished yet."

I stood still waiting for him to hit more or do something else but he didn't do anything. Well that's what I thought. I felt something hit my arm and side. Pain flooded through my right side and arm. I looked down and saw a smashed bottle and blood coming my shirt and my arm had more cuts added to it and they were bleeding. I ran up stairs to my room. I heard him chasing me but I got to my room just in time and locked him out of my room.I bandaged my arm and side up. Ill sort it out later. I had my Hogwarts trunk packed already I grabbed my back pack with a extension charm on. I shoved all my clothes in and everything else. I had finished. My father was still banging on the door. He doesn't use magic when hes angry or drunk he forgets bout magic. I sat in my room, leaning against the door waiting for him to give up. I had my blue back pack on my shoulders, trunk in my left hand and my baby cat Faith was curled up on my knee. She was black with white paws but I called her Faith because before me George and Fred was best friends I had no hope. My dad was abusing me, I had no friends and I was really depressed. I bought Faith in Diagon ally. She was curled up in a shop window and at the opposite side was the other cats. She was a lot smaller than the others and looked different. I bought her with out looking at anything else. She has the cutest pink nose. I heard the front door downstairs slam shut. I walked silently out of my room in case it was a trick. Holding my trunk and Faith. My backpack moved slightly as I walked. I crouched down next the top of the stairs so if he was here he wouldn't see me. I got up and walked to the bathroom, I looked out the window. I saw him driving away in his car. He must be going to his friends to drink and stuff. I ran downstairs. I dashed towards the fire place. I stood in the fire place with a hand full of floo powder. I dropped it and said clearly

"The Weasley's"

There was a bright flash and next thing I know I am stood in the Weasley's fire place. I step out and shout


I heard footsteps and to people walked through the door. I saw two ginger twins. I smirked, they looked so confused. George said slowly sounding extremely confused


I smiled and waved. Mrs Weasley came through as gasped. They could obviously see my bruises and the cuts. Mrs Weasley ran of again shouting behind her

"One  Minute Arianna."

I smiled shes probably going to get a first aid kit like she usually does when I show up in a mess. Only Mrs Weasley knows because I normally come when the others are asleep or out and she fixes me up before the overs see me. George rushed over to me taking my left hand leading me to the couch and they both said at the same time 

"Care to explain Arianna"

I smiled and nodded. George was still holding my hand as soon as he realized this he let go quickly and Fred sat in front of me. I said quietly 

"Remember four years ago in our first year and I said Id one day tell you the reason my fear of boats? Well I guess I should tell you know because If I didn't tell you why the rest wouldn't make sense really."

They nodded and I started to tell them my story. They sat quietly listening while I sat looking at my knees. I couldn't look up because just remembering it brought tears to my eyes. I also told them about the abuse from my dad. They hugged me and I gasped in pain. Mrs Weasley came back and sorted out my cuts and bruises with spells and potions. I started to feel sleepy. I knew it was the potion because it happens all the time when its used. I woke up when I was being moved. George was carrying me up to Ginny's room. I love Ginny shes so lovely and adorable. She would be asleep at the moment because I think its almost half ten. George laid me in the spare bed. He put the blanket over my body, kissed my head and whispered 

"Love you Arianna"

I heard foot steps and a door quietly close.

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