My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


3. Diagon ally

Well I guess a lot happens at the Weasley's. Well I was having lots of fun until one morning I wake up to find Ron,Fred and George went in a flying car to rescue Harry Potter. I have nothing against Harry hes lovely even though I don't particularly know him. Its because them three idiots went in a flying car to save their friend. They could have killed all of them. All I could think is thank god they are safe. Tomorrow we are getting on the train to Hogwarts. I am looking forward to going back to the magic just not the bullies. I left the boys down stairs to be shouted at by Mrs Weasley and went upstairs to get changed with Ginny. She was still in bed so I shook her awake gently. She got up and stretched. We could hear Mrs Weasley shouting from downstairs and the three red headed boys. Ginny looked confused so I explained to her what happened while deciding what to wear. She was looking for her jumper and when I finished explaining she muttered 

"stupid boys"

I giggled quietly. Shes adorable. She moved her hair out of her face and looked frustrated. She took a deep breath to calm her self down and said quickly 

"Just going to ask Mummy if shes seen my jumper"

I nodded and got changed into a black top with gold studs on making a skull and cross bones. The eyes were hearts though so they it didn't look that Gothic and I put some skinny ripped jeans on. I was just backcombing my hair when she came up looking a bit panicked.

I shouted to her not looking away from the mirror

"Whats up Ginny?"

She squealed and said quickly sounding excited

"I've just met Harry Potter"

I just laughed. Like I said adorable. I did my make up next while I heard her run off to find her jumper. She had been talking about Harry all summer I guess she has a bit of a crush. Its just one of them crushes you have when your a kid and then you get over it I guess. If its not and Harry finds out in the future he better let her down gently if he doesn't like her over wise he has me to deal with. I just put a bit of eye shadow and lip gloss on Ginny. She loves it but I don't put a lot on her because shes only a little girl maybe in the future I'll teach her how to use more but at the moment I've only given her some eye shadow and lip gloss. I had heard Mr Weasley come home earlier when I went to brush my teeth. I knew they were having breakfast. I don't really eat a lot. Its because dad starves me when I'm at home and I get picked on at school also people say I am fat. Me and Ginny just normally grab a cereal bar before we leave if we are going out. After Ginny was ready we walked down stairs together. I smiled at everyone then I saw harry. I gave him a small wave and said sweetly

"Hi Harry I don't know if you remember me from last year you probably wont because we didn't talk a lot but I am Arianna Dust. I'm in Gryffindor as well but I'm in Fred and Georges year."

He smiled at me and Ginny. Ginny was hiding behind me slightly. She was being a bit shy at the moment she will be fine in a couple of minutes. He said sounding kind of nervous

"Yeah I remember Arianna you helped me find a few of my classes last year when I couldn't find Ron. Also I remember all them older kids saying horrible things to you."

Ginny, Mr Weasley, Ron and Mrs Weasley gave me a confused look while Fred, George and Percy looked angry. I'm friends with all the Weasley's even Percy likes me but only Fred, George, Percy and Charlie knew about the bullying. I knew charlie really well before he left he gave me a lot of inspiration. He kept telling me don't give up and never change for these self centered people. All I ever said back was Charlie I'm a Freak I deserve this. We would always sit on the quidditch pitch together. Just talking and messing around being friends. Charlie, the twins and the Weasley's stuck up for me a lot. There is two other people I haven't mentioned yet and I need to. Well the first person in Angelina Johnson. I met Angelina at our first quidditch try outs. We worked together pretty well. We both tried out for chasers and we got the positions along with Alicia Spinnet. Alicia didn't like me so much because she is scared of Katie Bell who hates me. Shes sweet to a lot of people but me and some people she calls freaks or there's slytherin a lot of people hate them. Angelina doesn't take stuff like that Katie but she doesn't really stick up for me but shes not mean to me either. Katie hates me because she claims I've threatened the captain's each time to get on the quidditch team. So in other words shes saying I have stole her place. Also she fancies Fred and George. Angelina says she said she cant decide. Well Angelina upset because she fancies Fred and Katie knows she does. I have a small crush and George too but I don't show it. He would never like a freak like me. 

There is also Ariella. I just call her Ariel though. Shes in Slytherin. Yes I bet your thinking whats a Gryffindor and Slytherin doing being friends. Well They aren't all evil you know? She doesn't  know her last name because her parent's gave her away when she was three years old because they had a son. She has blonde hair but its so light it almost looks kind of white. But you can tell shes blonde. She has cold grey eyes and shes pretty skinny. All she knows shes a pureblood and her family was really wealthy. She sticks with me because I get bullied and she hates that people do it. At first we started off as enemies because we was Gryffindor and Slytherin but once we got to know each other we became really good friends. She also hates Katie Bell because last year Katie Bell stole her crush and she was furious. She hated her before but not as bad as she does now. 

I was just sat eating a cereal bar in silence when Mr Weasley finally asks 

"What does Harry mean Arianna? Are you being bullied?"

I just shook my head and I said while lying through my teeth.

"No some people can be a bit horrible at times"

I noticed we had our letters as well probably nothing but my list and stuff. I'll check later.

Ginny finished eating then we set off to Diagon ally but only to lose harry. I heard people say horrible things to me when they recognized me. I am just glad Ginny didn't hear them. Then guess who we ran into. Katie Stupid Bell.


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