My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


13. Destroyed

I really like Fred and I hope he asks me out this year. We both like each other and we was going to wait but I think we could be ready for a relationship. After I had gotten ready I walked down stairs in dark red dress with white hearts scattered all over it. My hair was in tight curls and I had a light coat of make up on. I walked into the kitchen and everyone stared at me. I giggled 

"What do I look that bad?"

George shook his head and muttered

"No love you look.."

Then Fred finished off by saying


I blushed and my hair went a light pink. My heart skipped a beat and butterflies filled my tummy when he said I was beautiful. I grabbed a thin slice of toast and nibbled on it. Once I had finished everyone gathered around the fireplace so we could go to Diagon Alley. I took the floo powder straight after Fred and George had gone. I stood in the fire place then shouted loudly 

"The Leaky Cauldron"

Then as soon as I dropped the powder green flames engulfed my body. Next thing I know I'm walking out of a fire place at the Leaky Cauldron. I smiled happily to see Fred and George stood in the corner and they wasn't lost. I ran up to them quickly smiling. Fred chuckled

"Your a happy little lady aren't you today? We will wait for the others then we can go into diagon alley to get our school stuff.

I nodded and then smiled. We waited for them all when they had all showed up we all split up and went our own ways. I went with Fred and George to go get out books, robes and everything else we needed.

When we finally finished we went into the joke shop to take a look about. Fred picked up a nose butting tea cup when it bit his nose. He screamed loudly trying to get it off. Me and George just stood there laughing at him. When he finally got it off he turned to me and George while rubbing his nose he muttered

"You could have helped you know."

Then George laughed louder

"Its funnier to watch though."

I just nodded in agreement. I then wiped the tears from my eyes and said while smiling

"Now we have finished in here want to go get some ice cream?"

They both nodded in agreement. We walked slowly to the ice cream parlor while talking. There we saw Ariel stood outside the ice cream parlor. I ran up to her then I attacked her with a massive bear hug. She hugged me back while laugh. I shouted

"Come on lets go get Ice Cream but I'm paying."

They laugh and they tell me their orders while they go find a seat for us all. I went up to the counter and the told her

" Can I have one pumpkin, one bubblegum and two peanut butter ice creams please."

She nodded and made the ice creams quickly. She got a tray out to put them all on then she asked me

"Would you like any sauces or topping on them?"

I nodded and then said sweetly 

"Yes please."

She started putting a bunch of toppings and sauces on top when she finished they looked so good. I hand her the money she asked for and then I took the tray out to the guys. When I got outside I saw Katie sat in my seat. Everybody looked annoyed with her while she was trying to talk to them. They was obviously ignoring her. I walked up behind her just to hear her say

"So have you guys finally ditched that loser Arianna? I don't blame you guys shes a freak and a loser. Have you seen the way her hair changes now that's just weird. I heard a Mum was a player. That's how she became pregnant with her. Shes probably just like her mum. A slut. I heard her step dad also used to beat her. She deserved it in my opinion. I think she should hit the gym as well shes so fat maybe people would like her better if she lost a bit more weight. As well she should buy some make up to cover up that ugly face of hers don't you agree?"

I felt tears threatening to over spill. How could she say something like that? I knew she was mean but I didn't expect her be that mean. I felt anger bubble up inside of me. Fred, George and Ariel  looked ready to murder. Fred shouted

"How dare you. Arianna is beautiful, skinny and sweet. She is perfect and her mum was never like that she was beautiful and kind just like her from what I've heard from Arianna and my mum. Her dad did used to abuse her but she never deserved it. We haven't ditched her shes gone to go get ice cream."

Fred hadn't noticed me yet but George and Ariel had. Ariel stood up and grabbed Katie by the hair and pulled her up. She looked at Katie with disgust and spat out

"Get out of here before I do something that I will regret. Or will I regret it?"

Katie ran off like she was running from Voldemort himself. Ariel was smirking as she sat down. Ariel and George said at the same time

"Arianna sit down."

Fred looked at me shocked. He then asked

"How long was you stood there?"

I smiled and whispered 

"From when Katie asked if you ditched me."

I put the tray on the table. I got my bubble gum one off Fred and George grabbed the peanut butter flavored ones and Ariel grabbed her pumpkin flavored one. We sat there eating them when we finished Ariel and George took back the tray. Fred hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear

"I'm sorry about Katie. I think she still fancies me I don't know but I don't care because I love you and I will wait forever for you to be ready to go out with me."

I smiled. Angelina and Alicia spotted us. They both smiled at the sight of us. I ran towards them and they both hugged me. Angelina spoke first

"I know I've been a little horrible towards you lately but I am sorry about that. When I found out you liked Fred and not George like you had told me I was gutted. I really liked Fred so I decided to help Katie by being mean to you but I have decided against it. I want you to be happy with Fred. Plus while I was hating you I met this cute guy. He is so sweet. He talked to me about you and Fred and I decided on I should ditch Katie and say sorry. So Arianna I am ever so sorry will you forgive me?"

I hugged her and whispered 

"Of course I do Angelina. Your like the sister I never had and you as well Alicia."

They both smiled at me. The Alicia spoke up

" Arianna you probably think I don't like you but I do I like you a lot. Your one of my best friends but before I was scared of Katie. She could ruin my reputation and spread rumors about me. If my parents thought I was getting into trouble they would kill me. They expect me to be the popular and smart child. Angelina made me realise Katie can't do anything to me. So what if she spreads the rumors I would rather have a true friend instead of a fake one. Forgive me please?"

I nodded and hugged her too. I whispered

"Of course I forgive you as well Alicia. Would you two like to come with us?"

They both nodded and we  headed back to the table. Fred, George and Ariel looked shocked and mad. Ariel shouted

"What are them two traitors doing here?"

I quickly said

"Guys they're fine. They apologized for everything.

They calmed down and we all sat and talked until Remus showed up . He shouted to me over all the people talking 

"Arianna we need to go back to the house to see the remains. Auros say that the place is clear your step dad left with his friends."

I nod they already knew everything so I had nothing to hide. Except for the fact my dad isn't my my dad he is my step dad but they didn't  hear the bit about my dad. I stood up and took Remus's hand. When he apparated it felt like I was being squeezed through a tube. When it stopped I was on the floor taking deep breathes. I breathed out

"Still can't get used to that."

Remus chuckled 

"You will one day don't worry."

We looked up at Remus's old house. Its looked dark and dull. All the windows had been smashed and the front door was still on the floor where they blew it off its hinges. I whispered

"Remus I'm so sorry I did this. I shouldn't have come to you."

He gave me a sad smile and hugged me. He whispered

"Nonsense Arianna your always welcome. You know live with me. I will treat you like my own daughter. You are my god daughter after all. I don't know whether your mum left it in your letter but James and Lily was your god parents but Also I am your god father. Your dad picked me and James to be your God fathers and Your mum Isabella picked Isabella and a person you haven't met yet and you never will meet."

We walked into the house to see it was a total wreck. Everything was either smashed, broken, ruined or was tipped over. I turned to Remus

"I wont meet her but you have to tell me Remus. Who is my other god mother please tell me."

He sighed 

"You do realise the woman is absolutely evil now right?"

I sighed this doesn't sound good but I need to know.  I nodded. 

"Well your mother was in Gryffindor but she was friends with everyone except her sister. She was even friends with Slytherins. Well there was one more black sister.  You have heard of Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa right?"

I nodded. He carried on

"Well the final black sister Florence Grace Elizabeth Black. She was pure blood obviously. She didn't make a big deal of it but she made a deal with her family. She didn't have to be mean to muggle borns, half bloods and blood traitors as long as she didn't fall in love with one or marry one. Her family surprisingly went along with the deal. You see Florence was a rebel. You told her what to do she would do the opposite. They knew either way she was going to interact with them but there worse fear was their beloved daughter would marry someone who didn't have pure blood. Your mother was disowned from her family like your farther was and they was classed as blood traitors. Florence was friends with your mum and your dad. When Isabella found out she was pregnant with you Florence helped her as well as some others. When you was born Florence loved you. She adored you. Your mum made her and Lily god mothers for you."

She doesn't sound evil. I whispered out

"What happened to her?"

He looked at the floor. He spoke up once again

"Florence went crazy. Lily and James was killed everyone was heart broken. Then Sirus got sent to azkaban. Your mum and you lost all connection with me and Florence when you moved in with your step dad. Me and Florence kind of fell in love but she broke her promise. I am a half blood. Her family found her and they cursed her. She know has no emotions. Its like her heart is made of ice. They convinced her to join them in trying to find Voldemort because some death eaters believe he is still alive. She gave up on looking and moved in with Narcissa, Lucius and Draco. She is currently living there. She has no emotion what so ever. They say one person can melt her heart of ice and Florence will go back to the way she was before she was cursed."

Wow that is bad. We walked about the house every thing was wrecked. We had bags to put in items that wasn't broken the rest would be left for the Auros. I picked some of my clothes and items up that hadn't been destroyed. They broke the photo of me, Fred, George and Ariel. I loved that photo. They had broke and destroyed almost everything I had left. Luckily I took all my mums things with me. Remus walked into my old room. He then announced loudly

"Arianna at christmas we are going to the Malfoys house to visit Draco, Lucius, Narcissa and Florence."

I took in what he said. I was going to be stuck Malfoy. I then screamed 


This must be a joke.

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