My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


7. Broken

I was walking down a cold, empty, dark corridor. I went outside and felt the cold air against my pale skin. I thought about everything. Bullies tormenting me everyday of my life, my mum was dead, I was abused by my dad but I still had my friends. I walked to the black lake and there I saw Fred, George, Ariel, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione. I ran to them. They gave me a dirty look. I was confused what was going on? Fred pushed me and shouted 

"Stay away from us Freak."

I whispered

"Whats going on?"

Ariel cackled 

"Do you really think people like us would be friends with someone like you?"

George sneered

"Your a freak. An outcast. No one wants you. Your friendship with us was fake."

Ginny smirked and said cockily

"I mean look at us and look at you. We are beautiful and your just fat and ugly."

I stood there and let each comment ring in ears. 

Fred laughed and shouted

"We felt sorry for you. We tried to be nice but your such a freak we couldn't take it anymore."

Hermione shoved me

" You should stay away from us. Your a nerd, a freak, your also mental."

Harry walked up to me and whispered

"Did you really hear the voices too?"

I nodded keeping my head down. He laughed but then Ron shoved me away from him and shouted

"Stay away from him. Hes the chosen one we know but we don't want a freak stalking him."

They walked away shouting stuff like freak, nerd and everything like that. They were finally out of sight I let the tears splash onto the floor. I thought they was my friends. I looked up and wiped my eyes but after I wiped the tears out my eyes I saw a someone in the distance. I couldn't see there face. I noticed they was walking towards me.  I was about to walk back up to the castle but when turned around to look again the person was stood a few steps in front of me. They had a hood up so I couldn't see their face.  I was about to scream but before I could the person jumped on me and we landed on the floor. They pinned me down and pulled out a shiny silver knife. He put  made a few deep cuts that stung. He pulled down his hood. It was my Father. He smirked evily. He cackled 

"So weak. You are not my daughter. Your pathetic. Say hi to your mum for me and send her my love."

He taped my mouth shut and tied my hands together. Then he chucked me into the lake.  More I struggled to get to the top and the get the rope off the further I sunk. I heard someone screaming my name. It sounded like Fred, George and Ariel. 

I shot up gasping and tears fell down my face. The whole gang was sat round my bed. One minute this wasn't my bed? I was in the hospital wing. I moved away from them. Was it real or fake? I cried and screamed. A few professors ran in. Trying to calm me down. Fred, George and Ariel tried to calm me down but it just made me scream more. They told them to go sit down with the others. Professor Dumbledore walked in and sat next to me. He shooed everyone away. I asked him

"Whats going on?"

He whispered to me 

"Ariel tried to wake you up with Fred because you was crying but after a while they noticed cuts appearing so they carried you to the hospital wing but that's all we know. Will you tell me what your dream was about?"

I nodded. So it was a dream. I told him everything in a whisper. He nodded and shouted for the others to come over. They all ran over but Fred, George and Ariel managed to get to beside my bed. The others stood at the end. Dumbledore began to explain

"Arianna is having a bit of a problem at the moment. She was having a nightmare. Not just any nightmare though.It was being controlled by dark magic. It sounds like her dad that has done it. They take a item that belongs or has belonged to the person and cast dark magic on it. Then when they are asleep they can  project there worst fears into a nightmare or they appear there themselves. Any damage done in their sleep will be there in reality. If they die before they wake up then in reality the person will be dead."

Everyone looked worried. I was going to die. My dads out to get me and he is going to kill me this way. Dumbledore carried on 

"Luckily I know a potion that can prevent the dreams from happening. You will have to take it every two days other wise it runs out and the dreams can get through."

He explained to them what the dream was about. They started to protest saying that they would never do that and stuff. I doubt it. The dream was more likely saying something. I put on a fake smile. They wont notice. Just smile through the pain then cry when I am alone. I took a sip of a potion. Then fell into a dreamless sleep. 

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