My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


14. Back to school

Tomorrow I go back to Hogwarts.  It's really exciting because I am going into my sixth year and in my mum's letter I get some sort of powers this year and I get special training to control them and to help Harry Potter in his battles against the dark. Well me and Remus got a new house its nice and cozy. It's still pretty big there's Remus's room, my room, two guest bed rooms and obviously your rooms like your kitchen, living room and dinning room. It's so pretty and I love the back garden its full of flowers and it had a few benches,a swing and a big tree that you can use for shade. Today I decided to start packing my things for Hogwarts. I got all my new books and everything from when I went with the Weasley's a few days ago. 

Remus came upstairs and sat on my bed. He then asked

"Are you okay? You have been pretty quite lately."

I just nodded and whispered

"Why do we have to go the Malfoys at Christmas? Lucius more than likely hates us, Narcissa doesn't really care as long as her family's okay and Malfoy. I mean Draco cant make his mind up whether her fancies me or hates me and probably wont leave me alone while I'm there." 

He looked at me with sad eyes. He then put a hand on my shoulder and said quickly 

"I know you don't like the Malfoys Arianna but don't you want to meet Florence? Maybe your the one who can break the curse seeing as she loved you as a baby and she didn't see you after she was cursed. I will be there with you to make sure nothing happens."

I sighed, I looked into his eyes and then I said loudly

" I don't think this is a good idea Remus."

He looked sad then he was about to say something else but I cut him off. I then carried on by saying

"I will go with you though but you  have to promise not to leave me there by my self with them self centered monsters and we only stay there for two or three days no more than that."

He nodded and smiled. We looked out my window to see it was dark outside with a lot of stars scattered about in the midnight sky. I think when people die they go to heaven but when your sleeping they show up in the night sky as stars. My mum and most of my family is up there. Remus walked to the door took one look at me and smiled. Before he left he said calmly

"Try and get some sleep your going to Hogwarts tomorrow you don't want to be tired to you?"

I nodded he then left the room. I quickly put some comfy shorts and a t-shirt on and climbed into my comfy bed. Slowly I fell into a  deep sleep while thinking of what adventure would lie in store for me this year.

I heard a yell from in the hall way

"Arianna wake up your going to be late."

I jumped straight out of bed. Hogwarts was going to be so fun this year. I had some real friends behind me and as long as they didn't leave me I would be just fine. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face in the bathroom and then running back to my room. I turned my music on and turned up so the noise bounced off the walls. Remus didn't mind because he put a silencing charm on my room so I could have the music as loud as I wanted and no one would hear me. I danced about while I got dressed. I put on a knee length , baby pink, strapless dress. It was extremely comfy and plain. I walked up to the mirror. In my head I imagined I had long, curly, dirty blonde hair with cotton candy pink dip dye ends. I also Imaged I had ocean blue eyes. Carefully I got my make up bag out and started to add my make up. The liquid liner that I put on defined my eyes and it also made them look like they had a sparkle in them. After I had done I put all my make up away and decided it was time to try and carry my stuff downstairs. I took down the lightest bag first which wasn't too hard when I got back upstairs I tried to lug my heavy bag down the stairs. After five minutes of trying to carry my bag down the stairs to the living room I finally made it. Remus came in looking amused. He the asked

"Arianna why didn't you just shout my for help instead of taking all that time just to try and carry a bag down the stairs?"

I then muttered back

"I don't know. How much time do we have left until we have to go to platform nine and three-quarters?"

Remus looked at the watch on his wrist then answered 

"We have another half an hour before I have to apparate you and your things to kings cross."

I nod then sat down before looking up at Remus. Remus then asked

"Aren't you going to have something to eat? It's not healthy to skip meals Arianna."

I shook my head then I answered

"I'm fine. I'm not Hungary."

Not really I was starving but I decided I needed to loose some weight and cut back on how much I eat. Remus frowned a little bit before wondering out the door. I grabbed my book and started to read until I felt something on my lap. I looked down to see it was a cereal bar sat there. I looked up to see Remus had come back into the room. He then demanded

"Eat it. Eat it now so I know you've eaten"

I sighed before opening the packet and slowly eating the cereal bar. Once I had finished I asked him

" There. I have eaten it. Are you happy now?"

He nodded with a smile on his face before saying

"Yes I am. Come on we are going to Kings Cross now."

He then picked up my heavy bag and his bag then I picked my light bag up and Faith. I took his arm and then it felt like I was being squeezed through a tube. After I landed I landed on my feet but I kept my eyes closed until I stopped feeling sick but I heard laughing. I finally opened them to see Remus laughing at me so I gave him a scowl and he stopped. We put our bags in a luggage trolley but I kept my light bag because it was my back pack. Remus turned to me and said kindly 

"Arianna you can go get on the train and find your friends I will sort the luggage out."

I nodded. I was ready to run through but before I did I turned around and said quietly 

"Thanks Remus I will see you around Hogwarts."

I then ran straight through the wall to where the big scarlet train waited for us. Every time I look at the train it always takes my breath away because of how beautiful it looks especially when the sun reflects off the glossy red surface of the train. After a few seconds of looking at the beautiful train I ran inside to find either a empty compartment or Fred and Georges compartment. When I looked through almost all the compartments I finally found Fred and George in the last one. They was talking to Ariel who had also gotten there before me. I walked in and they all looked up and smiled at me. I took a seat next to Ariel so I was also across from Fred. We sat and talked for a while until I looked  the corridor and saw Katie walking towards our compartment. I growled quietly. Only Ariel heard so she whispered

"Arianna whats wrong?"

I answered so only she could hear

"Well the devil is walking down the corridor to our compartment."

Ariel whispered back sounding shocked

"Really the devils come from hell?"

I looked at her. I was astonished she actually said that. I shook my head and whispered

"Ariel are you being serious? I am talking about Katie."

She stared at me for a second then replied 

"Sorry I had one of my stupid moments.  Why is she coming down here? Doesn't she get the picture she isn't welcome."

I just shrugged as Katie wiggled her way into our compartment. We all looked at each other as if to say 

What on earths she doing in here?

She was giggling a lot then her eyes set on me and they slowly narrowed. She then shouted angrily 

"Whats she doing in here and why is she sat in my seat?!"

She shouted my a lot louder and clearer to emphasize the fact she thought where I sat was apparently her seat and I needed to move. I glared at her then spat

"What are you on about? Your name is not on this seat. You don't like Ariel and I sat here and I always sit here in this compartment with these people so technically its my seat."

I was shocked that I had just spoke up. I felt proud of my self but shocked. From the look on Ariel's, Fred's and George's faces they were also shocked. Katie gasped. She span around to Fred and then boomed

"Freddie are you going to let this ugly loser talk to me like that? "

I noticed people from other compartments poked they're heads out of the door to listen and others tried to peak through the glass of the compartment door to see what was going on. Fred growled back

"Katie your the one who's Ugly not Arianna. She also has a point you have never sat in that seat only Arianna. You only want to sit there so you are in front of me. Katie get the message. I do not like you. None of us like you. Get the picture already. You pick on our best friend so what makes you think I will like you or George? Get out of here you pathetic cow."

Katie gasped. Tears start to brim in her eye and sobs escaped from her throats. Fred looked guilty a bit. He hates to upset people. Next thing we know Katie's sobbing on the floor near out feet. Two of Katie's friends walked into the compartment and looked down at her. They aren't exactly they are like servants they do as she says and she makes them popular but not as popular as her of course. The first one was Phoebe Wonder. She had perfect, smooth, tanned skin with long black hair. She had the most perfect Grey eyes people was jealous of. Of course Katie never admitted she was jealous because she wanted to be the best. Phoebe is a Pureblood that's in Gryffindor. Her parents aren't too pleased but glad she wasn't in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. To them those houses were useless which was extremely unfair. Then there was Ava Jackson. Ava was a shy girl but could also be proud, loud and brave. She was also a Gryffindor and her family was Similar to Phoebe's. Ava had perfect natural red hair. More ginger than red. It was between wavy and straight but it suited her perfectly. She had perfect pale skin with no spots what so ever. Ice cold blue eyes with natural long eyelashes and then pale pink lips that guys would do anything to kiss. Ava and Phoebe was ok but they was a little bit too proud to be purebloods. 

Ava and Phoebe gave us their famous ice cold glare that they give most people. They picked Katie up then comforted while leaving the compartment. Everybody looked shocked. Awkward silence smothered the sound in the compartment. George then broke the silence by asking

"What on earth just happened?"

Fred croaked

"I didn't mean to make her cry I just wanted her to get the picture."

He shook his head, cleared his throat and then said normally 

"Well she deserved it anyway. Who does she think she is coming in here and talking to Arianna like that?"

Everybody nodded in agreement except me. I kept my head down until the train came to a sudden halt. I screamed as I flew into Fred. He held me tight as the temperature dropped. We all shivered and you could hear teeth chattering. Next thing I know a shadowy figure with long bony hands is gliding past our door.

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