My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


16. A new bully?

We entered the castle but as soon as we did I was pushed to the ground. I looked up to see a girl with platinum, curly hair. Her evil, grey eyes were fixed on mine. She then spat at me

"Stay out of my way mudblood."

I sighed.  No clue who she is but shes just another bully. Fred and a girl with curly dark hair and blue eyes. Her friends stood near her as she helped me up. They all looked at me with sympathy. She them smiled at me then she introduced herself 

"Wow. Looks like Hailey has it out for you this year. Anyway I am Susan Black. Whats your name?"

Black? As in my Dad Sirius Black. I then muttered back

"Nice to meet you Susan. I am Arianna Dust."

She gave me a funny look them replied 

"I know what your thinking. Yes my dad is Sirius Black. I'm a only child and I live with my mum. I believe my dads innocent. I don't care what other people say not even my mum. My dad left my mum for some other girl while she was pregnant with me but I still love him."

I smiled. So shes my half sister. I wont tell her that until later on. I don't want to tell her in case she gets mad or something. Her friend next to her with long blonde hair and greenish blue eye beamed at me and shouted happily with an Irish accent

"I am Lexie Luna Potter. No I am not related to the famous Harry Potter. Wish I was. Would be great because he is amazing."

I giggled slightly she seemed sweet. Another girl stepped from behind her.She was beautiful like the others. She had perfect features and her chocolate brown, wavy hair framed her face. While smiling the introduced herself

"Hi I am Abby Gardner. I think we met in our first year. I helped you out with a few bullies. We haven't talked since then. Its great to talk again Arianna. I've helped you out a few times because I hate bullies. Like if a bully is planning something and they come up to you I trip them so they run away. "

I smiled. I remembered her. She was so sweet. Susan then added

"We do have another friend. Her names Mary but we have no clue where she has gone so you will meet her later on."

Is this real? Am I really getting friends? I was screaming on the inside but on the outside I looked calm. I walked with Fred to the Great hall. We sat with the others. The only place left was next to Harry but I didn't mind. Harry was a good friend. Then when I looked across the hall I saw that girl that pushed me earlier. She was beautiful but she looked so evil. Her perfect platinum hair hung by her face in loose, wavy curls.  She had a fringe that covered one of her cold, evil grey eyes. She was glaring at me as I sat down next to Harry.I saw here stand up and walk over to our table. I gulped. I kept my head down and just poured my self a drink out. I heard a sickly sweet voice from behind me

"Hiya Harry. You look so handsome today. Like you usually do."

It came from straight behind me. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping she wasn't going to do anything. We all turned around to see she was stood right behind me. She took a sip of a drink she was holding. What did Susan say her name was again. Harry blushed and muttered

"Thanks Hailey. You look good too."

Abby looked furious but also like she was about to cry. I turned around and took a sip of my drink. I felt a cold liquid drench my hair, face and some of my robes. I squealed at how cold it was. I heard a thud on the ground.  I looked up to see the cup Hailey had been holding was on the floor and Harry had jumped up to catch Hailey. Hailey looked like she was about to cry when she looked at me like she was about to cry. She sobbed

" Oh my god. Arianna I am so sorry. I didn't mean to. I am so clumsy."

She rambled on innocently about how sorry she was. I cut her off

"Hailey don't worry about it honestly."

I saw slytherins laughing at me from their table. Tears welled up in my eyes but I blinked them back. Hailey still looked like she was about to cry. Harry gave her a hug. Abby stood up and stormed off with Susan and Lexie following her. Over Harry's shoulder she smirked at me then mouthed

"Watch your back freak."

I sighed and walked away to find Susan, Lexie and Abby. I found them sat outside the great hall doors. Abby was on the floor hugging her knees while sobbing. Lexie, Susan and another girl I hadn't met was comforting her. The other girl had smooth, golden hair with dark chocolate eyes. She looked like she belonged in one of those movies muggles watch. I know what they are because my step dad had a TV and when he would go to bed I would sneak downstairs to watch a movie. They were all so pretty on the TV. I whispered

"Abby whats wrong?"

Abby sobbed harder so Susan answered for me

"Abby likes Harry but our worst enemy in there seems to be winning him over."

I sighed. Abby seemed so upset. The other girl turned to me

"Sorry I don't think I've introduced my self. My name is Mary. Pleased to meet you."

I then replied sweetly 

"Hi Mary my names Arianna."

I helped Abby up and looked at her. Her cheeks were stained with tears, her eyes had gone red and puffy but they were also glistening with tears. I almost shouted

"I've only just met you guys but shes going to regret this. She doesn't deserve Harry you do Abby. So lets get you cleaned up and get you back in there. One day he will realise your the one for him."

Abby smiled through the tears and wiped her eyes. We tidied her up and walked straight back in. Hailey sat looking smug on her table with Draco to her right and Blaise to her left. We sat back in out seats and ignored them. I sat and talked to everyone while catching up. After Dumbledore gave his big beginning of the year speech we all headed up to the dormitories. When we get there we all look for our names. Me, Susan and Ariel was sharing a dorm. We smiled at each other and went in to unpack. Ariel asked Susan to go with her for something but I didn't catch what. Next thing I know there is a girl in my room with dark red, messy hair. I couldn't see her face because of her fringe but she had a small and thin frame like I did. So I asked her

"I'm sorry who are you?"

She growled at me

"You know who I am Arianna!"

I shake my head confused. I asked again

"I am sorry I really don't. Who are you?"

Her head snapped up quickly. The girl stared at me with her bright silver eyes. They creeped me out a little. Her eyes were glued on me and in a way they looked crazy, mental and evil. She cackled

"You really don't remember me do you? I used to be your best friend before you had all this popularity. We went to a muggle school together. We both knew we was special but we didn't know what was special about us but then when we got out letter and came here after a while you forgot about me. I told you I liked Fred Arianna. Now you need to back off so he can be with his one true love."

I groaned and muttered in a low voice

"Why do all the crazy ones come to me?"

Rage filled her face. I then spoke louder

"I don't know who you are. I never had a friend from a muggle school. There was a slightly crazy girl that came here too but after a while she went to Beauxbatons because she didn't take her medication. Her sister was at beauxbatons so that's why she was sent there so her sister could keep an eye on her."

She growled again

"That was me you idiot and how dare you insult me like that! I came back because my parents are convinced my mental health was better but there is nothing wrong with me. I refuse to take my medication because there is nothing wrong with me. Anyway does the name Alice Olivia Moonstone ring a bell to you?"

I groaned. I nodded afterwards. Great she was back. She spoke again but a bit more calmer this time

"Well if you would now go break up with Fred so he can love his true love. Which is me if you was wondering. We are going to get married when we are older. We are then going to have five children. They will be three girls and two boys. They will be called George, Adrian, Elizabeth, Rosie and Ginny. Obviously George and Ginny are names after his siblings and we are all going to be so close."

I growled. I screamed

"How rude of you. How dare you tell me to go and tell me to break up with my boyfriend so you can be with him? Then talk about your fantasized future with him. News flash Alicia or what ever your name is. I love my boyfriend and he loves me we aren't splitting up."

I heard her mumble

"You mean loved? He loves me now."

I screamed again

"You really are crazy aren't you? Get out of my dorm room now!"

She folds her arms and stands there looking smug. She replies

"I'm not leaving until you break up with my sweetie pie."

I lunge for her. She screams loudly as I pull at her hair. We fight on the floor. I was winning until I heard a door open and someone scream. I feel someone pick me up and pull me back. Susan was holding me back and Ariel had Alice against the wall. When I took a look at Alice her red, messy hair had been burned short. When I looked at my hand there was fire. I screamed but then the fire when out and so did the lights in the dorm. They came back on.  I had a lot of Alice's hair on my clothes. I brush it off in disgust then try and go for her again. Sadly Susan grabs hold of me again. Ariel shouts at Alice

"Who are you and what are you doing her attacking Arianna?!"

Alice clears her voice then announces

"I am Alice Olivia Moonstone. Yes I am better that all of you I am from the Moonstone family. I was sent to beauxbatons but I'm now back but Arianna has stolen my sweetie pie from me."

Ariel took a look at me and then mouthed

Is she crazy?

I nodded then mouthed


Ariel screamed in her face

"Get out of her before I hex you into oblivion."

She whimpered. Ariel let her go afterwards she scuttled out of the room. They looked at me and Susan asked 

"What on earth just happened?"

I asked them

"Why do I always end up with the crazy ones?"

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