Divine Chaos

Dallas has been going through some weird changes. He notices that he is fairly angry a lot of the time and is hardly hungry anymore. His eyes change from a bright green to an unsettling grey and he starts getting sick as well. Something is wrong with him but he is not sure what. Not to mention his strange attraction to the new girl.
*More interesting than it sounds. Romance, Shifters, Angels, girls with cancer.*
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-Kate Thorne


2. Chapter Two: Blue

Chapter Two: Blue

                I laid there staring up at the ceiling in wonder. 6am. Not even a wink of sleep. I sighed and kicked my feet over the bed and went to the bathroom and cut on the shower. I stripped down before stepping to the mirror. I placed my finger to the large bruise on my shoulder. Where had it come from? I flinched and looked away from the dark bruise to meet the dark eyes looking back at me. Still no green in sight. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and stepped into the steaming hot shower. I just stood there, letting the hot water run over me, to soothe my muscles. It wasnt long before I was lost in thought once again.
                A knock at the door made me jump and I almost slipped. "Hello?" I called back. No answer. "Mom?" Silence. "Tess?" Still nothing. "Kenna?" When there was no answer I growled and stepped out, cutting off the water. I wrapped a towel around my waist marching toward the door. "Tess, I swear, I'll kill-" I ripped the door out of my way and stared at the empty hallway. "Tess...? Mom? Makenna! This isnt funny...!" I rolled my eyes and shut the door. I walked back to the mirror and braced my hands against the sink. Was I really going crazy? I couldnt be. But a single knock at the door was proving me wrong...
                I slowly made my way to the door. I reached my hand out and gripped the door knob, pulling it open again. I could hear feet padding bare footed across the dark kitchen. They werent awake yet? Well, obviously someone was. But the feet sounded too fast and rythmic for my family. I tip toed down the hallway toward the kitchen. I grabbed my dads old baseball bat that hung on the wall as I went. I stopped at the door of the kitchen and leaned against the wall. It sounded like someone was playing around with the pots and pans. I held up the bat as I took a deep breath, ready to swing. I turned the corner of the kitchen and opened my mouth to yell, but closed it in surprise. The kitchen was empty, not a thing out of place. With deep confusion, I walked fully into the room and took in my surroundings. 6am, the stove clock read.
                That was the time I got up to get in the shower.
                I sighed and put down the bat and glanced at the clock on the wall in hopes to just reset the stove clock and move on with it all. But instead I froze. 6am. How was that even possible? I shook my head to clear it before walking back down the hallway. I flicked off the light of the bathroom and walked back up the stairs and to my room. I closed my door behind me and went back to my room. I jumped back in shock. On my bed sat a small child. The child was obviously a girl, her light, almost white hair cascading down her back. Her feet were an icey colored blue like they were frostbitten, but that could have been the light. Her feet were deffinitly dirty, her toe nails cracked and disgusting. She was facing toward the corner, facing away from me. She was rocking back and forth, murmuring to herself.
                I took a hesitant step forward. "Makenna..?" I said gently. "Makenna, sweetie, its Dallas. Whats wrong? Are you okay?" I sat down beside her. Her whispering got faster. "Did you have a bad dream?" I grabbed her shoulder turning her toward me.
                And screamed. This little girl was clearly not my sister. Her face was bloody yet a blueish pale. Her eyes were the color of dead fish, no pupil or eye in general. Just a dead gray... Dead...? She reached toward me as I jumped away, an odd gurgling sound deep in her throat. Her teeth were a chalky yellow. I stood there gawking frozen in place. A screech left the girls lips, growling just a bit, as she shoved off the bed and lunged toward me. I yelled out in protest as she tackled me, throwing us both to the floor. She continued screeching as her dead fingers dug into my shoulders, opening a small wound. I kicked in an attempt to throw her off. She held on fast and leaned down and bit into my neck. I screamed out at the pain as warmth spilled down around me. I could see the red of my blood o her lips. Finally, I managed to get her off of me.
                I ran for the door, gasping when it came out locked. I could feel her hands running up my back, leaving scrapes and scratches.
                I screamed as I julted awake staring around my dark room in shock. 6am on the dot. I jumped out of bed and went right to the bathroom and pulled my pajamas out of the way and stared into the mirror at the bruise on my shoulder. I flinched feeling the raw scratches on my back. I stared at the dark spot on my neck. I turned on the shower and stepped in trying to clear my thoughts. The cuts on my back stung. Finally I just went numb. I stepped back and looked around. I pulled a towel around my waist, smiling a bit when I heard my Mother and sister laughing from the kitchen. As I walked past the mirror I noticed the dark circles around my eyes.
                With a long sigh, I made my way back to my room to get dressed for the day.

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