I Want

Jaylene Reed is an everyday teenager.She does all the stuff a normal teenager would do, but she has a secret.She tells everyone she hates One Direction, but secretly she loves them.When she meets One Direction one day in the street, she ends up going on a date with Zayn Malik. But when Malik is framed for cheating on Jaylene, will they stay together?Or will bigger things happen? Rated Yellow!


2. Two

At the end of the day, I walked the half an hour walk back to the hotel I was staying in.I was staying in a hotel for a while, until my flat is ready.But the hotel was awesome.My parents are part time actors and my mums a fashion designer, and my dad is a mechanic.They paid for a very expensive hotel, and I had my own indoor swimming pool!When I got home, I decided to cool off in the pool.For May it was quite warm.Really warm...


I was in the swimming pool for about 2 hours, when there was a knock on my door.I got out the pool and got a towel.I went to the door, and someone was holding a package.

"Are you Jaylene Reed?" The man asked.


"Here's a parcel for you.It was waiting downstairs, so I brought it up.Here you go." He handed me a heavy brown parcel.

"Thanks." I shut the door and sat down on the couch.I opened the parcel.Something heavy was wrapped in pink tissue paper.Pink is my favourite colour.I slowly tore off the pink tissue paper, and there was a white mug with pink rosebuds on it.The mug belonged to my grandmother, who died of throat cancer  three years ago.The was a little white card in the box.It said, Jaylene, we decided to give you the mug.We know how much you love and miss her.Hope you enjoy London.Love you honey!

I carefully took the mug over to the mantle piece and sat it in the middle.I put the box and tissue paper in the bin, and then my phone started going crazy.It was Twitter.Niall posted a new tweet: Coming back to London today!Going to hang out with my boys before going back to Ireland!Can't wait to see you Londoners!: Yay! One Direction was coming to London!I secretly  loved One Direction.I didn't tell anyone.I don't know why, I just don't.And if people ask, I just say: "Ugh, 1D?I hate them..."  Obviously I don't mean it.I have loads of One Direction posters of my own, albums, exclusive postcards, calendars, all that stuff.People might find me weird, too obsessed.Oh well! I decided to watch TV.After a while, the couple next door were shouting.Loudly.

"Man, I need a break." I said to myself.I got up, got shoes on, grabbed my bag and walked out the door.I didn't know where I was going to go, but I needed to go somewhere.I decided to go to the pub down the street.I was 18, but the pub only accepted +20.I walked through the door.The bar man said nothing, so I sat on a stool, and ordered a beer. 


5 beers later, I was feeling a little tipsy.But not too much.I walked out of the pub, and started making my way back to the hotel.My phone started going crazy, so I fumbled in my bag for it.I wasn't looking, and I crashed into someone, and fell to the ground.

"Watch where your-.Oh my god, your Zayn Malik!" Zayn laughed at me.

"Yeah, I am.And you are?" He held out his hand, and I grabbed it.He pulled me up with one hand.Man, he's strong!

"I'm Jaylene, but everyone calls me J-Lee." I mumbled.

"You seem tipsy.Are you okay?" His voice was full of concern.

"Uh, yeah.Just a little light headed..." I nearly fainted on the spot. Zayn caught me. 

"Hey, maybe you should come home with me." He grabbed my hand and led me to a long, black limo.I got in, and he followed.Four other boys were in the car.

"Ooh, Zayn picked up a rebound." Harry shouted.

"She's not a rebound.She's a friend." Zayn Malik just called me his friend!Eek!

"Must be some crazed fan..." Louis said.

"Hello, right here!" I shouted.

"Man, she's feisty! I like it!" Harry was next to me, and he put his arm on my thigh.I smacked it away.

"What's your name, beautiful?" Niall said. OMG. Niall Horan just called me beautiful!Eek!

"I'm J-Lee."

"J-Lee. Maybe I should call you J-Sexy." Harry put his hand on my thigh again.

"Fuck off." I smacked it away again.

"Damn, girl! You got some bite!" Zayn laughed.

"Thanks." Harry put his hand on my thigh AGAIN.I smacked it away, "Someone tell this dick to go fuck someone else please?" I half screamed.

"Dick, go fuck someone else please." Louis said.The boys and me laughed.Except Harry.

"Aw, is Hazza fuming?" I poked his dimple.

"Your someone, right?" He asked.

"Yeah...?" I replied, confused.

"Then I can fuck you.Thanks babe!"

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