I Want

Jaylene Reed is an everyday teenager.She does all the stuff a normal teenager would do, but she has a secret.She tells everyone she hates One Direction, but secretly she loves them.When she meets One Direction one day in the street, she ends up going on a date with Zayn Malik. But when Malik is framed for cheating on Jaylene, will they stay together?Or will bigger things happen? Rated Yellow!


3. Three

The limo arrived at the boys house.And it was huge.I guess they had to have a big place, they were One Direction.But they were only staying for a little while.

"Come on, J-Lee." Zayn grabbed my hand, and pulled me into their house.It was HUGE!

"Nice crib." Harry came past me and hit my butt.

"Harry, I mean this in the nicest way, but please, go fuck a pig!" That boy had one dirty mind.

"And if I do, will you let me fuck you?" Harry had a dirty grin on his face.

"Whatever." I walked with Zayn to the kitchen.

"You want something to eat?" He asked.

"I heard someone say eat!Zayn, get me a pizza please." Niall walked into the kitchen.

"Mate, we were just at nando's 20 minutes ago." Zayn passed him a pizza anyway.From Dominos!He scoffed it up.

"So, J-Lee, want any thing to eat?" Zayn asked again.

"I heard the-" Niall started, but Zayn cut him off. "Shut up Niall, you've eaten loads!" I laughed. Zayn turned back to me.

"Got any handover food?" Zayn stared at me.

"You were drinking?How old are you?" 

"18." I mumbled.

"Where did you drink?"

"The Seagull Inn." Zayn looked shocked.

"You have to be +20 to get in there.How the hell-"

"I just walked in, they didn't say anything."

"Cool.Here have pizza.I don't know if its hangover food but, awell." Zayn passed me a dominos pizza.Marghareta, yes!I eat all 12 slices in 2 minutes.

"Damn girl!You hungry!" Liam said.I just laughed.And I yawned.

"You tired?" Zayn asked.I nodded my head.

"Come with me." I followed him upstairs, and took me into a huge room.The bed was HUGE!And looked comfy.

"You can sleep here tonight.We'll drop you off home tomorrow afternoon.Sleep well." Zayn leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Night." I said after him.He walked out the door, and shut it.I ran to the bed and jumped on it.Yup, luxurious! It had purple and white covers, and there was loads and loads of purple pillows.And on the wooden floor was a huge white furry rug! Man, these guys are rich!


Luckily before I went to the pub, I had jogging bottoms and a hoodie on. I would be fine to sleep in that.I pulled back the covers, and jumped in. I put all the pillows around me, and it sure as hell was comfy.So comfy, I fell asleep in about 2 minutes...

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