I Want

Jaylene Reed is an everyday teenager.She does all the stuff a normal teenager would do, but she has a secret.She tells everyone she hates One Direction, but secretly she loves them.When she meets One Direction one day in the street, she ends up going on a date with Zayn Malik. But when Malik is framed for cheating on Jaylene, will they stay together?Or will bigger things happen? Rated Yellow!


9. Nine

We got to the house.I was shaking, 'cause I was so nervous.What if Zayn hates me now?What if he won't talk to me?Come on, Jaylene, think of the pros, not the cons!We walked into the house.

"Hello?" Eleanor shouted.All the boys except Zayn came through to the hallway.The boys immediantly went to their girlfriends.Except Niall.But I didn't care, I had to see Zayn.

"J-lee, you okay?" Louis came over to me and hugged me.

"I-I'll be fine.Where's Zayn?" I quietly asked.

"Upstairs, in his room.We haven't seen him all night." I nodded at Louis and went upstairs.I went to 'our' room, and tried to open it.Locked.I banged on the door.

"Zayn?Please, listen to me.Louis and Harry explained everything.I even met your cousin Hannah, and now I understand. I'm sorry, please give me another chance?" I waited at the door for a few moments.Nothing.I sunk down to the floor, tears flooding my eyes.Suddenly, the door opened, and I fell back. Zayn looked down at me, and sighed.

"Don't apologise, its not your fault." He knelled down beside me, and I sat up. 

"It is my fault.I was stupid for wa-" Zayn cut me off, by kissing me deeply. I found my arms wrapped around his neck.His hands were holding me close to him.

"I knew you couldn't stay mad at each other." Louis said. We broke the kiss, and looked to see everyone watching us.But Holly wasn't there. Zayn and I laughed.

"Come on love birds, were going out.All of us." Liam told us.

"But where's Holly?" I asked. Suddenly, Niall looked sad.

"She left. Were not together any-more." Niall wiped away a tear that was rolling down his cheek. I got up, and gave him a hug.

"I'm so sorry Niall. It'll be okay though, you'll find another princess." Niall hugged me back.


Everyone was ready, and me and Zayn still had no idea where we were going. Louis was driving Eleanor, Zayn and me, and Harry drove everyone else.

"I couldn't help but notice you were wearing the same outfit you wore on our first date." He flashed a cheeky grin. I hugged him tightly, never wanting to let him go.

"Please don't leave again." Zayn whispered.

"I won;t baby." I kissed him passionately.

"Do you guys have to?" Eleanor asked. We just ignored her, and carried on kissing. Zayn's tongue found its way to mine. He was totally in control.

"Break it up, we're here and there's paps." Louis said, chuckling. I realized we were at a bonfire.It was bonfire night anyway.

"Yay, a bonfire!" I said excitedly.

"With fireworks!" Ems came over to my side.

"Awesome!" We all found a good spot to sit and watch the fireworks. Zayn and I cuddled together, nearly everyone making puking sounds. Ems and Harry were making out, of course. I'm surprised she's not pregnant..


The fireworks were so loud and bright. They burst into the sky, thousands of colours. It was beautiful. Near the end they lit a bonfire. Fireworks were still going up in the air.Suddenly, a firework went into the bonfire, and it exploded.Fire and fireworks were flying everywhere. Some came in our direction. Suddenly, everything went black, and I felt in pain...

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