I Want

Jaylene Reed is an everyday teenager.She does all the stuff a normal teenager would do, but she has a secret.She tells everyone she hates One Direction, but secretly she loves them.When she meets One Direction one day in the street, she ends up going on a date with Zayn Malik. But when Malik is framed for cheating on Jaylene, will they stay together?Or will bigger things happen? Rated Yellow!


4. Four

"J-Lee.J-lee.J-LEE!" I jumped at the sudden noise. Zayn was in the room.

"Its 11.00am.Time to get up sleepy head!By the way, Harry went out this morning and kind of had sex with a pig.Now its your turn." I stared at Zayn in shock.

" He won't have.He will be faking just so he can fuck me." I tried to convince myself.But sort of knowing Harry, he'd probably fuck a pig...

"He got a video of it.He actually sat naked on a pig and erm... You know!" Zayn pulled me out of bed and threw me over his shoulder.

"Zayn, put me down!" I screamed.I was laughing though.He ran downstairs, and threw me on the sofa.

"Hello J-Lee.Want to see me fucking a pig?" Harry passed me his phone.I watched the video.He actually done it!

"Yeah, well.I said whatever.That doesn't mean yes.I meant no." I protested.

"Wow, J-Lee protested!" Louis said.I didn't realise but a girl with long, curly brown hair was sitting beside him.

"That's Eleanor, Louis girlfriend." Zayn said.Eleanor said hi to me.I said hi back.

"Come on J-Lee.I need to fuck you now.I can't wait any longer." Harry tried pulling me off the sofa, but I clung to Zayn.

"Come on, babe!It'll be fun! And I won't hurt you..." He had a dirty look in his eye.

"Harry, she's holding onto me for dear life.Maybe wait a few years." Zayn said.Everyone laughed.Harry let me go, and sat down next to me.

"J-Lee, can we talk?" Zayn asked.I nodded, and he grabbed my hand, leading me to the kitchen.

"So, uh, I was wondering.I know we only met last night but, do you wanna maybe, possibly-" I cut him off.  "Just spit it out Zayn."

"Do you want to go out sometime?" He asked.OH.MY.GOSH.Zayn Malik asked me out?I knew my answer right away.

"Yeah!I mean, uh, Yes.Sounds, amazayn!" Uh oh, fangirl moment...

"Ha, so how does tonight sound? You can stay here till tonight, then after we go out, we'll get you home." I get to spend the whole day with One Direction?YESS!I have to text Ems!

"Okay.But I don't have any clothes but this."  I pointed to my ugly bottoms and hoodie.

" I'll get someone to take you to your house to get clothes.Right now, I need to see Paul and Simon." Zayn started walking back to the living room.

"Just, don't make Harry take me.I beg you!" Zayn laughed.

"Niall, can you take J-Lee to her house to get clothes?" Zayn asked Niall.

"Why, is she staying?And why can't I take her?" Harry protested.

"No, but were going out tonight.Me and J-Lee.She's going to stay till tonight, but she needs clothes.And Harry, I know you well.I know what your thinking of doing to her now." Harry looked at me, another dirty look in his eyes.Niall got up.

"Lets go J-Lee." I walked after him out the door.


After a very long walk to my house, we finally got there.I invited Niall in.

"Shit.Do you have Zayn's number?" I asked Niall.

"Yeah.Why, whats wrong?" Niall said, getting out his phone.

"I need to know what were doing tonight, so I know what to wear." Niall passed me his phone.He was already phoning Zayn.I put the phone to my ear.After 3 rings, Zayn answered.

"Sup buddy?" Zayn said through the phone.

"Hey Zayn, its me."

"Oh, hi J-Lee.Whats up?"

"I need to know what were doing tonight, so I know what to wear." I started to hear footsteps through the phone.

"I was going to take you to a fair.You know, ferris wheels, candyfloss, and rollercoasters.Sound fun?" I love fairs!

"Great.Can't wait." I was nearly jumping with excitment.

" Hey, your a poet and you didn't know it. "

"Wha- Ohh," I suddenly got the joke.I said bye to Zayn, and hung up the phone.I handed it back to Niall, and ran upstairs to get changed.I decided to wear my white shorts, and my white and green dip dyed blouse.I also put on light make-up, just some mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and light pink lip stick.The eyeliner really brought out the colour of my sparkling blue eyes.I brushed through my messy, long blonde hair, and left it down.Ready to go!I also grabbed my black handbag, just incase I needed money for tonight.I ran downstairs Niall jumped up.

"You ready to-" He stopped talking when he saw me.

"Wow, J-Lee.You look...amazing..." Niall looked me up and down.

"Thanks, Niall.Come on, lets go!" 

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