I Want

Jaylene Reed is an everyday teenager.She does all the stuff a normal teenager would do, but she has a secret.She tells everyone she hates One Direction, but secretly she loves them.When she meets One Direction one day in the street, she ends up going on a date with Zayn Malik. But when Malik is framed for cheating on Jaylene, will they stay together?Or will bigger things happen? Rated Yellow!


8. Eight

We were sitting in the cafe for nearly half an hour, when Harry and Louis walked in.They ran over to us.

"J-Lee.Listen to us.Zayn wasn't kissing that girl on the lips, he was kissing her on the cheek.And that was his cousin!And his eyes were closed 'cause he was blinking.Please forgive him, go talk to him, hes locked himself in the bathroom crying.You don't know how much he loves you, J-lee." Louis said.

"What if he's lying?" I asked.Suddenly a girl with the exact same brown hair from the girl Zayn kissed walked over to us.

"J-lee, this is Hannah.Zayn's cousin." Harry said. (A.N I don't know if Zayn has a cousin called Hannah.She might be fake :P) Hannah waved at us.

"Listen, J-lee, I'm sorry you thought Zayn was cheating on you with me.He wasn''t he was just kissing me on the cheek because, I'm his cousin, and he was also a little tipsy." Hannah said.I began crying again, upset because I misunderstood Zayn.Why didn't I give him a chance to talk?

"I think we'll stay in a hotel tonight.We'll be back sometime tomorrow, okay?" Perrie said.Louis, Harry, and Hannah nodded, and left.

"How could I?I didn't let him explain.Now I feel bad..." I put my head in my hands.Holly rubbed my back.

"It's nobody's fault, J-lee.Just, give it till tomorrow to talk to him, you both need to recover.So where's your phone?" I handed my phone to Holly.She turned it off, and handed it to Ems, who put it in her bag.

"Hey what are you doing?" I protested.

"J-lee protested." Eleanor said.I gave her a death glare.

"So you won;t secretly talk to Zayn.Okay?Come on, we'll book into a hotel." Holly said.We all got up, and went back to Ems' car.

~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~

I woke up really early.I was eager to get back to the house to talk to Zayn.I jumped in the shower quickly, and got dressed.I decided to wear the outfit I wore on me and Zayn's first date.I blow dryed my hair, which woke up the other girls.

"Wow, J-lee.You look gorgeous.Why so fancy-ish?" Leigh-Anne asked.

"I wore this on Zayn and I's first date." I smiled at the memory.I remember riding the ferris wheel with him, and when we got stuck at the top, him holding my hand, telling me Its okay, your safe with me.Good times...


Once everyone was dressed, we made our way back to the house.I hope Zayn will want to talk to me...

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