The Hardest Thing Ever (1D)

The hardest thing ever is to love someone who doesn't love you back. The hardest thing ever is to love someone back that loves you but you don't love back.

Zayn Malik and Stacey were once in love with each other at the wrong time, especially when Zayn went off to X Factor and developed amnesia, resulting in him forgetting Stacey. The moment she realised she loved him, he forgot her.

A tale of love and commitment.


1. Prologue

I want to thank everyone who inspires me and everyone who reads my stories. You are the best!



                I remember the day Zayn forgot me like it was yesterday. The pain, misery and dishonesty broke me apart like a tornado wrecking someone's house and I felt like running away from it all. But I couldn't cos despite everything, I still had hope that maybe he would remember me. That day was stormy and lightening cascaded almost suddenly like in the blink of an eye. Everyone was panicking and I remember Zayn sitting in the park, drinking lemonade and running a hand through his hair. Girls from school were screaming but he never cared about them, his eyes only averted to me.

       I never knew he felt the same way as me until that day. The storm had vanished as quick as icicles and the girls (mostly blondes) had gone too, bored of Zayn not even noticing them. Birds were chirping and kids were running around, my heart fluttering as I approached Zayn. His hazel eyes shone in the glistening sun and I could tell he was nervous. The thought of us two actually being a couple never occurred to me until that day. I could imagine us holding hands in the park and eating ice cream together yet it will never happen. 

        "Mum's calling you," Maisie, my sister called from the door of my bedroom, startling me in the process. I put a hand on my heart as she walked in, noticing my pictures of Zayn completely disappeared from my yellow painted walls. She frowned and saw the pictures of him scattered all over my bed whilst walking over to me. 

      "Damn, I didn't know you hated him so much,"  Saying the word him disgustingly made my blood boil up. I still cared for Zayn; its just that I don't want to look at his face so many  times a day. I sighed a little before replying.

      "I don't hate him," I said firmly, taken aback by her comment. Her eyes shifted, looking at me constantly whilst twiddling her thumbs. 

      "Can you just go?" I snapped, angry at her. She ran off, probably scared  of me.


                  Did I really love Zayn this much that I longed for him every single day?

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