new girl is trouble

a new girl arrives and lora and cassy are bffs but the new girls buddy is lora and cassy thinks that the new girl jade is taking her bff away so she says to stay away from her and lora hears this and is no longer cassy's friend cassy has an idea to say sorry will it work?


2. Third weel

after period 1 and 2 was finished it was time for break. Cassy and Lora were heading out to the playground , but then Lora spotted jade all alone with no one to help her. " hey jade come join us we are going to the playground." shouted Lora " oh hi Lora how are you and hi Cassy." " i'm fine." said Lora "hi." responded Cassy " can we be bff's Lora." "um actually sh." Cassy almost said " yeah sure that will be awesome."butted in Lora "oh great now i'm the third wheel." whispered cassy

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