new girl is trouble

a new girl arrives and lora and cassy are bffs but the new girls buddy is lora and cassy thinks that the new girl jade is taking her bff away so she says to stay away from her and lora hears this and is no longer cassy's friend cassy has an idea to say sorry will it work?


3. Misunderstanding cassy

"hi Mr Amos." murmured Cassy 

"what happened Cassy why are you upset?"asked Mr Amos

" because Jade has taken Lora away from me." replied Cassy

" Then talk to her."advised Mr Amos

" that actually is a good idea."grinned Cassy

of Cassy went misunderstanding what mr amos said he said to talk to lora not jade.

"hey Lora mr amos is calling you, he said it's urgent!"lied cassy

off lora went believing cassy

" hey listen jade stay away from my best friend or else."threatened cassy

"cassy how dare you lie to me i came back to get jade but i hear you threatening her, i'm never going to talk to you again."cried lora

" wait your misunderstanding me."

wait a minute sir said to  talk to lora not jade oh no what have i done.

but it was too late lora had already left with jade

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