new girl is trouble

a new girl arrives and lora and cassy are bffs but the new girls buddy is lora and cassy thinks that the new girl jade is taking her bff away so she says to stay away from her and lora hears this and is no longer cassy's friend cassy has an idea to say sorry will it work?


1. new arrival

there is only one minute left before the new girl arrives at school, everyone is waiting patiently but eagerly. the door slowly opened and everyone runs to see who it is they see the new girl and all start greeting her and giving her gifts. suddenly from a scared face the new girl's face starts to blush." Alright kids settle down, sorry jade listen up everyone this as you all know is the new girl Jade and Lora (cassy's bff) is going to be her buddy."said Mr Amos politely. " lucky Lora."said the class.

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